Run India week four: Taking time to reflect on the journey

It’s so hard here. We’re around people being unwell all the
time. It’s incredibly visible and all of a sudden
your team starts to get quite unwell because we’re living in those conditions. There are so many factors at play that influence
the run and then influence my state to be able to do the run. If I have what I think Owen has… it’s
a mosquito-borne disease… that has no treatment and no vaccine for it. Can’t take any day for granted here. My only thoughts are to like, be grateful
for each day I’ve gotten through it, to never think that I’m definitely going to
make it and to do just my best to keep moving forward and keep myself healthy. Just done a 1,000 kilometres. Very very happy. We had a community visit. So it really feels like what this project
is all about… like running and also connecting with community… So we’ve just come in to Mohsin’s home. He is one of ten siblings. He used to work as a book binder and now he
goes to school. His favourite subject is Hindi and he’s
now showing me his book bag now. Is this your home? Quite lucky to be able to come in here and
see this. Heading to Rishikesh today… You know, being a bit of a yogi, this is a
really exciting place for me to be. We are heading towards the foothills of the
Himalayas. So we are at the holy river Ganga. It’s amazing! It’s so different from anything we’ve
seen so far. This is a part of India that so many people
think of when you don’t live in India and it holds such significance for those who are
also in India particularly for Hindus. Feel incredibly rejuvenated with being here
and it’s also great to just take that moment to stop running for a second and like see
where we are and like connect with it. It’s an amazing moment.

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