Running Through Hell – Motivational Video

All things of value come with a cost And this cost, it’s essential, because without it there’s no triumph There’s no victory It’s what separates out those who really want something; the determined Why do triathletes compete? Why do rowers, row? Runners, run? At a competitive level, it certainly isn’t because it feels good physically Y’Know, it’s quite the opposite They endure a lot of rough situations A lot of painful training Because of a tiny light at the end of the tunnel And that light is how you build upon your self-worth It’s how you define what you’re capable of. And success cannot come to be without adversity How you handle yourself in those adverse situations, that is what defines a person That is how you build your legacy. There will come a time when it hurts, when you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it And consciously avoid quitting, and turning to an easier approach Remember, anyone can run downhill; not many people can run up And the interesting thing is that, that trophy is usually at the top Be careful how you conceptualize the word hell, because hell implies that the suffering will never end. That it’s the ultimate pain. 3 things; 1, you can always be worse off than you are 2, suffering is temporary and 3, when you wake up tomorrow, having giving up will be far more painful than anything else you could have done Everything in life is temporary There’s a quote that got me through many tough times in my life And it’s that pain is temporary but quitting is forever Oh and how true that is I can still remember the times in my life where I know I had more to give That stays with you, But how bad your 2k test hurt, how bad you wanted to sleep before a final exam The pain in your body during the final stretch of a race, that all dissipates, that becomes pretty meaningless looking back It’s the results that matter, it’s the results you remember Because when the hurt is over, right the struggles gone; you either did something great or you didn’t. That’s when things fall into place The hell you experienced was simply a vehicle taking you to your destination So being that you only live once, that you’re fortunate enough to have an oppurtunity to do something significant Why not make it hurt? Rise above what’s uncomfortable and see the big picture. Ride it out! Because when all is said and done, The guy who gives more when it hurts, gets more when its over

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  1. "Pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever." This helped me set a PR in my conference XC race destroying my old time by 30 seconds. I ran a 16:47 three mile to become 9th in my conference. Thank you for your inspiring videos!

  2. The fire licks the walls, the searing heat singes my skin. It burns, oh it burns but you think that's going to stop me. I'll stop when the damn fires of perdition freezes over!!!! I'll walk through hell no matter no matter how much it burns!

  3. I'm starting track this year and it's my first official sport. Practice can get really tough and I remember this video and I fight through it. Thanks so much for making this! This is very inspiring and motivational. I'm also planning to watch it before a meet or competition! Thank you!! 😁❤️

  4. My friend once asked me how I got there. I said one step at a time. And if it sounds like there's more to it, remember that the top of the podium where the guy who takes one step higher goes.

  5. Thank you so much for these videos they have helped me so much and of course training will be hard but suffering with the thought of you quitting will always be worse and through my running training these videos have kept me going

  6. The main thing I like about running is that even if I have no motivation or energy to do anything else I can still run and feel really good about it. I can't say that about anything else.

  7. 1.25 the girl running lifting the guy, is that a real marathon clip (if yes do share the link). In a process of changing a lot of things.
    Love your videos.
    Thank you 🙂

  8. My Daddy once told me.. "Always strive to be the leader cause no one ever remembers the followers"

  9. can anyone write down the 1st thing from 3 things which are meant in 2:00 ? Thx 😉
    "You can always be…." ?

  10. If motivational videos had oscars this would win hands down! Still my fav now and Ive watched it more times than I can remember………

  11. put your money on a kid with a dream. its not how hard you get hit, its how hard you can get hit and keep going.

  12. this video has entirely changed my mindset. I have watched this so many times, it really is resonating with me. This video got me in the mindset to PR in my 200m, I'm so thankful

  13. "Pain is temporary but quitting is forever." Wow! Just wow! This is the quote for my next race! Bring it on!

  14. does anyone have any advice for back pains becuase I was really getting Better at running until my back started hurting.

  15. "You either did something great or you didn't" I'm going to remember that. I just joined the cross country team and I'm having problems seeing the point of it and why I joined at all, and I think this summed it up. I'm tired of giving up, of quitting because I think I can't do it, before I've really tried. I'm tired of being that person.

  16. i am 12 i am very fit however i used to be 130 pounds now i have am 121 pounds i am 161cm tall and i only have a body fat percentage of 15. And i did all of that thanks to running (i am a competitive runner)

  17. Had my physical fitness test for the Irish army reserve last week and during the last 400 metres of the 2.4km run the part from 2.06 to 2.12 kept running through my head. Finished it in 9 minutes and 50 seconds. Thank you for the motivation.

  18. eddie, my friend, let me tell you something if Einstein was built for dinging the theory of relativity your voice is built for this very incredible work you are doing. congrats!!! for being blessed with such a majestic voice.Period.

  19. Ran a 1:36 in the half marathon today (women 50-54). This video was so inspiring to me the night before the race. "do something great today" Thank you!

  20. the quote "pain is temporary, but quitting is forever" is not the quote. the actual quote is "pain is temporary, but pride is forever".

  21. Today I Learned

    1. All things of value come with a cost
    2. There is no success without adversity, and how you handle yourself at those times is what defines you
    3. Consciously avoid quitting. Anyone can run downhill, it takes more to go uphill – where the trophy is

  22. I listen to this before every workout. Lifting, running, riding, and swimming. I am that person who loses interest after a few months. But, this keeps me hype. Keeps my eye on the prize. So many excellent quotes in this video.

  23. ive grinded for my sport but never thought I could make it big, but I know I can try harder but never thought I’ve needed it and that even if I tried harder I’d never make it big but I’ve been searching for motivational videos to help me and I watch this and it’s as if my minds rewinded. I’m going to push myself harder

  24. He is wrong, though. It does feel good to play hockey at a competative level. I would ever have trained 7 days a week if it did not feel fucking incredible.

  25. People want something…When i was a Kid I wanted to eat at Denny's or Red Lobster. Did i need to eat there?? No

  26. Did my younger brother and sister needed food to eat?YES. I did what i had to do to get them Food!!!!Hope u guys understand what is the diffrence between wanting and needing

  27. I am going to organise a corporate cup for my firm, how can I inspire my collegues to run ? ANy motivational stories ? E.g Ronnie O'Sullivan ?

  28. Does anyone else think it’s easier to run uphill lol running down I have to hold myself back so I don’t fall and crack my head open 😂

  29. I love “Pain is temporary, but quitting is forever.” Oh gosh I love that. It pushed me through my last run and I’m so proud I’m starting to be stronger.

  30. Everytime im during my summer training and I feel like I want to quit. Like I can’t give anymore left in me. I just play this video. Very inspirational and very motivational

  31. Just ran my first Ultra Marathon this weekend. 52KM – it was hell and the last 4 miles I wanted to quite 5 times. But what he says is true, pain is temporary. The shame of me having quite my first ultra even though I told everyone I'd do it would have followed and haunted me.

  32. I run 10 km non stop daily morning after loosing 18 kg fat yes the hell you experience is just a vehicle taking you to your destination

  33. Because of this ,I put on my running shoes , went out and beat my personal best 5km time with the sun pouring death rays on me . So proud

  34. Imma run the 800m race I run it in 4 minutes it's really slow ik that but I can break my record before running the 800m I will listen to this and break my record I believe i can do it with the help of God. I'm a beginner that's why im so slow never ran in my whole entire life.i ran it in 3:50 (:

  35. "Giving up is far more painful than anything else you could have done."
    Well there is one thing that is more painful. Its becoming the slave of your excuses, its giving up before it even started. I started with half a mile, now i'm training for my first half marathon. I always thought my body was "too short" or "too chubby" to run. Don't listen to this bullshit in your head. A bad workout is 1000 times better than no workout. Now go for it.

  36. Going for my second work out of the day: a 3 mile run while my friends party I’m tired of settling when I could be doing something meaningful and productive with my spare time! Running is my therapy!

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