Sam Dancer Reviews and Talks about Qtown Crossfit Becoming an Affiliate of Driven Nutrition

People like
us do things like these. These are the products we take, this is how we post
about it on social media, these are the recipes that we make. And it just becomes a part of what you do. I haven’t really had
any success in retail. I’ve had people even willing to pay me to sell their products and I
don’t even have to take it. I can just sell their product, and I just I never liked that. It wasn’t a good feeling to me. And hearing Driven talk
about like kinda how easy this is going to be and how well organized and how to successfully
sell supplements in a gym. And, how to talk about them and how to instruct people to take stuff and what
they didn’t need to take. So, no one’s ever walked
me through that before. – I’ve seen people take off
from work to come to a tasting. Like, they get excited about it. – Uh huh. – That doesn’t happen if
you wait until the day of, and say hey, we’re doing a sampling today or like just automatically throw it– – Yeah, we got really lucky with the timing of all this. We have our Friday night lights, which is a really special
community event for us. I mean, we’ll have one-to-one
member, like nonmember here. I reached out to Driven
for a number of reasons. I was on this Facebook
affiliate owners group post a while back, and people
are all just like, hey man, what’s working well for you in retail? And, who are you working with? And it was just like Driven,
Driven, Driven, Driven, Driven. And, it was seriously like
eight out of 10 people were saying Driven. In our space, there’s other names that– – Are bigger. – Are bigger, and come to mind. – They market a lot more. – I wasn’t expecting to see
Driven be the most repeated, like suggested people to work with when it comes to doing retail. Just the proximity, they’re
a local Midwest brand and a lot of my friends
are from Springfield and I just keep getting like, the universe just keeps
pulling me into Driven and I haven’t answered
the door in a long time and I’m finally just
kinda answering the door, and it’s been an exciting
kind of onboarding process. I think the ego gets in the way sometimes when it comes to retail and selling. Like, maybe you just feel
like you should be able to do that and you should
know how to do that or maybe you think you do know. But, I love getting this structure too, this whole process. And, it makes me feel like we are truly going to know what we are doing. My experience in the past 24 hours is a little uncommon for me. I’m a pretty like chaotic,
disorganized person, and the past 24 hours have been very regimented and organized. I was hanging out with
Brenton, a friend of mine who works for Driven. And, I was just like dude I think I wanna start selling CBD to my members. I wanna start offering
supplementation to my members. And I’ve heard so many
other affiliate owners talk so well about Driven that, I was like I just, I have to do this. And so he sent me a little
link in a text message, said hey man, pick a time
slot for you to get on a call with the owner Jason and myself and we’ll answer any questions you have and we’ll get you started. Scheduled my call, was on the phone for maybe like 45 minutes with you guys, and next thing you know, I’m
ordering a sample bundle. Like, I really am kind of embarrassed that I haven’t provided
this for my members, and just as a business owner, I’m running a business
and I’m missing out, and an amazing service to
my members and my clients. This one thing keeps playing
over and over in my head is, that all of my members are, they’re buying supplementation,
they’re getting protein, they’re getting aminos,
they’re getting pre-workouts, they’re getting post workouts, they’re getting post
workout carbs somewhere. They’re just not getting it from me. Five years we’ve neglected this, and longer than that six years. We’ve neglected this and
never capitalized on it, and never provided our members
with any real information other than like yeah man, here’s a list. Here’s a list of what I take. Go get it. Now we can say come get
it, instead of go get it. What should I do? What should I get? You know, already got that
taken care of for you. I don’t like normally
being like spoon-fed stuff, I kind of like, you know
I’m the typical manly man. Like, I don’t like to read the directions and you know, but that’s
usually my ego that gets me into that mess and so all ego aside, it was really nice to just
have it all explained to me and be told this is what
you need to do next. And after you do that like I had just like a little
checklist, a couple steps that I needed to do and now we’re here. And I have product up on my table and I’m gonna be sampling
it to my members tomorrow.

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