SAP International Women’s Day

I will teach my son and daughter how to
embrace different voices because they create a beautiful harmony. I will be a role model for female in the high-tech industry. I will go to museums every Sunday and support the Arts. I will go to my grave fighting for pay equity. I will ensure that my voice and the voices of those who look like me are represented at the polls in 2018. I will serve my local community and broader environment by doing beach cleanups with my family. I will bring joy to my office and make my colleagues smile. I will foster an environment where breastfeeding mothers are welcome in the office. I will ride my bike for 80 miles from city to shore to help find a cure for MS. I will raise my daughter to be a force of nature and my son to be an advocate for all the women in his life. I will make a conscious effort to only use recyclable products in an effort to contribute to a sustainable environment. I will dedicate my time and voting power to end gun violence to make our schools and community safer. I will help other women succeed by leading the Business Women’s Network in Prague, Czech Republic. I will shop for brands that break gender stereotypes and empower women. I will participate in this year’s charity run for the National Center of Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg, Germany. I will volunteer with political candidates that advocate for equal access to health care, education, and
overall equal rights. I will spread more love and positivity to everyone that I encounter every single day . I will make a difference for the next generation of female leaders. I will work for the education of children. I will build houses for those who can’t afford them. I will raise my daughter to raise her
voice. I will not postpone joy. I will commit to preserving open space. I will challenge the status quo. I will lean in and speak up. We will rise above our limits. Watch me.

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