Sarah Loogman – Podcast – Mental Toughness and Crossfit

hey guys so this is Sarah Sarah was part of the Invictus team that just finished six at the games and then she came to see us here in Vienna and so well let’s pick up a little bit where where we met anything so when what did we meet the first time last year 2016 regionals 2016 year member you come to say hi like hey I don’t know you but hi yeah and you were what was I like first a second the original first day I think I think it was the first day you were doing good – yeah I think I first night after that after there but that’s not what you I mean you came into original so so people know like you grew up you are doing Crossfit in a very small city right you grew up in a small city yeah in Norco how many people I grew up in California with 750 people Wow that’s basically that’s less people than they are members of Invictus so you could feed your entire your town at Invictus and so you had a CrossFit so that town as a CrossFit no no that’s where I grew up but then I moved to reading for school which is two hours south of there which is still pretty small I don’t know the population is but it’s still like a relatively no yeah relatively small town and there’s a few CrossFit gyms there I mean they’re small towns in our College across the gyms yeah even but the gym that I earn that training out of for regionals wasn’t the one I started that you’re there more Starbucks and CrossFit gyms in Redding that’s probably true this equal equal across yeah that’s like crazy it is CrossFit so you see you you train at a pretty legit gym but I know you told me you came to regionals without really expectations right yeah my only goal was to not get that last place when you finish in the open that’s yeah um I think I was like in the top maybe like 20 something I don’t remember yeah and so you show up at Regionals they won you finishing ninth how did that feel I was really surprised it was like exciting but was really surprised because I just I just wanted to like basically you’ll participate so okay so they too came about but I did a horrible I don’t remember you as good in a mood on day two hours you know part of it she was and I mean I was really bad at hydrating I probably still kind of him but I was really dehydrated there was a bunch of signs that morning listen to I think between that and the stress of like the pressure of the situation I remember like I fell asleep like in the warm-up area before the first of it in the morning that first event was like that double one would like the pistol squats and stuff when I practiced it I’d done significantly better than when I actually did it I just felt horrible during that workout and then also you practice oh and so add the gym it was better oh man both times I did at the gym I did better I didn’t even finish it I did it there and then you finished at the gym yeah oh yeah so there was a big deal yeah and then the second workout was that deadlifts GHD workout oh the hundred years isn’t wrong yeah and I cramps super bad on the salt runner – I mean eyes like thought my legs we’re gonna break him so bad like Bosman came out and almost took me off the floor yeah did too did not go well no yeah and then day three but they need to goodness yeah and then once the expectation because I thought bump me down to like I don’t know maybe like twenty fifth or something it dropped way down and then I was like okay well I’ll just have fun and then you know did really well so you ended up in 15 yeah remember which was way better than I expected then we talked a little bit I remember and then I check because I know you were I saw you well right oh right and then you had an interesting life of hiking the mountains and well I saw yeah but I thought was really cool that’s why cuz I saw you we’re riding and so we started talking because I wanted to help you and from there you came to see us at Gretz in what was that last October alright and you spend all you went to Belfast and then we went to grad and you came with me to Paris so we ended up staying like what two three weeks oh yeah and so that so that you could study the system see what strong fit was like and to see if I was a squishy as I looked on the bubble just cuz I remember when you saw me first and so it was cool because then since then you were able to use the system yeah you wrote a few blogs about it what’s pretty cool Argan yeah and then we talked and then you decided to move to Invictus to be part of the team and that season so that was cool cuz you do really good in the open this year yeah right I think I was fourth or fifth laughter yeah in California I think I’m I’ve been cáceres Sigmund’s ended up getting moved so I don’t know if that bucking up to fifth or fourth I don’t know one of their workout to finish eighth in the world right I think so yeah yeah you did really good region one came about and then you went team so obviously you guys crushed it that’s regional should I finish first outside of that and then from there you guys still qualify for the games and that’s when you see like the training got harder for you like like mentally kind of beat you up a little bit yeah I wouldn’t say physically it did but mentally I was not in the same place that I was yeah through the open into regionals so yeah so tough play so lots of stress right all that stuff so you get to the games and then you guys perform extremely well no one expected feels place for like the first two days yeah I mean we we kind of knew that wasn’t necessarily like maybe not necessarily I’m not going to last but we knew that there were still a lot of work to be done so we never were like stuck in that place and we were still really happy with when you’re sick that’s great like points away from fifth yeah and the money we’re like four points out a fourth place so I mean we never that close between 1215 so to know that you know it could have just been like a few bucks here a few reps there like we had the possibility be like cool top four top five and then that was really awesome for us to know that we had that potential really was a great experience yes okay cool so then that’s why I wanted to talk to you because then you came here and basically like you still had a rough time though mentally I think like all the training so I talked a lot about you know the connection between the nervous system and the the tock chains and how they both influence each other but I know when you came here so you came here to Vienna to be part of the summit and all that stuff so let’s talk about that first so how did I go you’re like the same yeah turning we’re gonna get to that but the summit was cool right yeah like me everyone that’s involved and just like we connected me obviously soon as the games that was number one priority and pretty all-encompassing so I had you know I’ve lost track of a lot of other connections and responsibilities so getting hooked back into that and meeting like-minded people and all that was really cool writing again yeah yeah and you uh yes you’ve been here for a week fish some time training yeah it’s been a lot of training and everything so far Vienna has been I mean I know it’s not exactly what you expected to be but it’s been a been a good time training and everything yeah it was good to have you back and everything but so you came in and everything and we started training right so that’s important because people need to see all about how a lot of my workouts why it’s like the last five six weeks training yeah yeah business which is basically did not go no right so you did one set with the girls training and everything and then I saw you leaving and going in the back I was like okay what’s wrong come on you can tell me exactly so at this stage I think we is safe to see you basically hated training right oh yeah but that was interesting part because I knew it wasn’t it wasn’t physically I think you were afraid you were losing it physically as well which I knew wasn’t the truth were so so people know like we did one set with a girl not understanding why I was having that reaction not like you because I knew like I was wanting to get back to it but when I was in that environment suddenly I hated it yeah and so okay but that was a very good was a very important thing for me because I believe like the stress leading up to to the games basically overall ordered your your sympathetic nervous system all that stuff but then we add to that a lot of training and external talk which to me is linked to the sympathetic training system if we add everything together I was all external talk all sympathetic all the time and I think he crushed the arch basically so physically and mentally and so I think when I saw that for me the very important part was to rebuild the internal talk a sympathetic nervous system and so we shifted your training to up that so that means I made you do heavy carries single modalities right to see if you could basically rebuild that side of the arch so that we could rebuild the entire thing really but so what was interesting is keeping you in internal talks to the Carrey’s and keeping me to a single modality so again that’s a bit more complex of a system but the idea was to get you more to all the main training which is motor on i.t so that could we build outside and the first sign that I that I saw was right is I made you spin that sled for 200 meters you ended up kind of cramping on the ground right but mentally you were fine check if you’re crying on it sister we’re rolling on the floor a lot so I was like now she’s good okay you feel now and so yeah so you push as hard physically as you could but mentally did not break you so I thought it was a very important step because is to show you it’s not what you do it’s how you do it cuz I like the intensity I’ve always really enjoyed that but it was like every time I got even close to that I would just freak out and so once we did that I mean that sled push was the first like intense thing I’ve done in a while I mean that whole session was the first session like full session I think I truly enjoyed and felt good about and productive about in a while yeah and for me was kind of an aha it was a moment of clarity as the alcoholics like to say it’s cuz like the workout you didn’t like was basically a triplet with the girls kind of on their time pressure on everything in tune is exactly what works for women is because women are built for external talk again that’s a bit more complex but for me women are built all external talk and do better and their time constraint because it keeps them focused and everything we’re talking yeah toward the sympathetic and everything like tactic tactic everything organized I’ve seen the way you write on the whiteboard so I know you like that side of things and that’s usually what you but I knew you’ve been going that way so much you actually collapsed the arch yeah so that I really showed me how important the arch concept is because then from there I took you on the other side which is single modalities more goal-oriented I just asked you to go as heavy as you could to rebuild the past empathic motor other men training and that work really well so it was it was kind of great because it was a it was an eye-opening moment since then that’s basically what would make a great it’s really powerful actually see that and feel it and I mean I feel like my case is a like pretty extreme example but it really allows it to like really show so yeah it’s important for me because I’ve started the template just for women I’m starting to really go to weld completely differentiating the training for men and training for women and this week has been great because I had had you had Jackie I had Robin had Jesse had Wendy and everything and we really split the training between men and women to see what would make the biggest effects on everything and it was it was great to see how well the women responded to the like the running club to do really based on what I think is a very important talk yeah and so but it was great to see that I could bring you back the other way by switching the the training so basically the same exercises but Donna’s certain way that we could we could influence you another part of your nervous system they like talking about it too was important of like why we’re doing it yeah I think as an athlete sometimes in it and sometimes I get is important or just like hey this is what you’re gonna do go do it you know don’t ask questions but then in this case just given like the situation for you to explain like this is why we’re doing it this way and here’s like how your mental approach needs to be – it really helps so that during the workout I could actually like focus on that Jill yeah that’s yeah that’s in the fitness industry it’s not all it’s funny like we all I don’t know feel these questions we all disagree on how to go at this but to me it’s impulsive at least personally I can’t do anything with other why and the how before the word and but I feel in a lot of time with Tweedy athletes as just people I just need to do what I really should do as you told but a little bit like you have a job go do it and they almost asking you to separate you as a person for you as an athlete enters go to go get the work done but that’s its to me it’s a very Western final Western black you know post industrialization look at you know factory worker kind of yeah and I personally I highly disagree with that I think athletes do better I don’t want them to question themselves but at some time I want them to understand why they do something so it’s it’s an approach I don’t see often in this industry actually Jackie was talking about that like she’s been told almost an entire career what to do but never how and she’s reaching a point where it’s really bothering her please to understand why and how she’s doing something likes like when they say bracing like brace like you’re getting punched not everybody knows what that means yeah so yeah it’s but to me my approach always been I mean you know this from the start it’s always been to explain again and again explain a lot as to why and how you should do things but that’s so far I’m very happy about how you been reacting to this so I don’t think we’re gonna start CrossFit quite yet but we’re gonna keep people in that side and I think the very important part for me is I want to see you back at the game as an individual but the healthy way I think there is no need to think we have to sacrifice health to make it to the games sacrifices have to be made for sure but I don’t think it’s your like sanity not your sanity not your mental health not your physical health are you gonna get banged up of course but that’s any activity but not like actual like physical health and the mental health is far more we have tendency to gloss over that like Instagram never talks about it Instagram never a stress you get right as an athlete it’s supposed to be like you know be tough and like you know give inspiring quotes or whatever which is important and I do feel like there’s a lot of these funny quotes in Facebook I think it’s like the reason I understand that like the reason why I want to give that inspiration is because I’ve been through the stuff that makes me understand those like principles yeah but it’d be cool to have also yeah to have that I mean this is blogs and blogs will do but to have people understand what it takes to make it at that level and and the stress on you yeah and all that stuff I think it’s very important the goal to get to the games I definitely wasn’t expecting it to look anything like it did yeah but the experience was great but do the demands you know don’t to get that’s quite people miss because they see the games everybody’s having fun yes that’s true but no one actually yeah I’m gonna work the demons yeah it’s it’s it’s crazy so I still think like so we’re gonna push you just as hum but I do believe there are ways with the the new system we have to make sure the nervous system does not crash that I think has to be the main priority and then we’ll see when I have full confidence you’ll go back to the games it’s a matter of you deciding when you want to do that alright so you know what we’ll make a blog at the games when you’re there was a full rock book be like when exactly okay thank you you

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  1. Thank you for this material.

    Now you mention in this podcast that female tend to do good at ET, but when the balance if of(arch not centered) the performance goes down.

    The sport of weightlifting is very much ET. Logic should be just as much IT as ET for weightlifters.

    Now, you say that men favour IT and female favour ET.

    How would we program male and female athletes in weightlifting based on this since its an ET sport? Still 50-50 for both sexes?

    I would assume that the female lifters respond good to/perform ET well so its easy to overdo this phase and the female lifter should then probably add in just as much IT to be able to push the ET further. So 50-50 IT-ET total tonage would work for female lifters.

    Now for the male lifer that do less good in ET, would it be wise to do more IT than ET ? That is so for a sport like weightlifting the total tonage of IT work (weekly, monthly, daily) should be higher than the ET work for the male lifter?

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