Sartorius Stretch for Runners [Ep25]

– Hey team, I want to
quickly show you a stretch for an often forgotten about but really important
thigh muscle: sartorius. (electro-hop instrumental music) Often when we talk about muscles of the front of the thigh, we focus on the quadriceps group, so that’s the three vastus
muscles and rectus femoris. But we shouldn’t forget about sartorius, which attaches superiorly up around this bony point
at the front of the pelvis called the anterior superior iliac spine and passes obliquely down
and inwards across the thigh to attach round the top of
the inside of the tibia, a spot known as the pes
anserinus insertion. The reason why this insertion
point even has a name is because it’s a shared attachment point not only for the sartorius tendon, but also for gracilis, an adductor muscle; semitendinosus, a medial
muscle of the hamstrings. And there’s also a bursa there, think fluid-filled sac when I say bursa, there to help prevent friction. Why am I telling you this? Well, muscles like sartorius,
when they get tight, the bursa can get irritated, causing a painful bursitis, and this isn’t the only injury that can come from tightness in sartorius. Sometimes we can end up with strained sartorius muscles from running itself. Now, compared to muscles like rect fem, which, like sartorius, cross both the hip and the knee, sartorius is much more
oblique in its orientation, passing inwards and
downwards across the thigh, meaning when it contracts, it specifically causes external rotation, flexion, and abduction at the hip. I’ve recently been using
this sartorius stretch, and it hits the spot absolutely perfectly. Let me show you. Okay, so we’ll start
in this 90-90 position. From there, if both the knees
are pointing to the left, then we’ll lean back to the left and support yourselves on the left elbow. Now, this bit’s important. Clench your butt and
push your hips forwards. From this position, you should feel that if your
tight through sartorius, your knee will start
to lift off the ground. Same can be said if you’re tight through muscles like tensor fasciae latae. And if we work to pull the
knee down to the ground, you’ll start to feel a stretch across the front of the thigh. Maintain this stretch for 20 to 60 seconds and of course, repeat on both sides. Let me know how you get on with this. Leave comment and I’ll speak to you soon. Bye now. Hey, thanks for watching. Don’t forget to hit that
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from Kinetic Revolution. Speak to you soon. Bye now. (uptempo electronic music)

48 Replies to “Sartorius Stretch for Runners [Ep25]”

  1. Hi James, great stretch which I haven't come across! Can report that I don't have a tight sartourius or thigh muscles must be from all the foam rolling & Pilates I do. Oh I raced this weekend; vets league Loughton 5 miles 35 mins, 2nd female in my peer beat me by 20 secs 😊

  2. How timely! I was diagnosed with Pes tendinitis a month before my most recent marathon. I wish I knew this back then! Thanks!

  3. That's a great one James. I see this muscle causing a number of issues with my cyclists as it creates adduction and external rotation over the top of the pedal stroke if they are over using to compensate for weak hip flexors. Keep up the good work.

  4. Any advice, stretches etc for pubic Symphysitis James? Haven't run for 5 months and I just want to get back out there!! (Doing glute and adductor work)

  5. Perfect timing! This muscle is one of the reasons I am coming back from injury. I got really mad at me along with the glute muscles. Definitely going to give it a go. Much Thanks for sharing!

  6. My husband and I thank you for posting this. You are a life saver. He'd reduced his running considerably. We'll both be trying this stretch.

  7. Not much online about this muscle. Thanks for the video!

    I need to ask you though – I gym a fair amount, no running (impact = bad), and I seem to get swelling of this muscle. I am no entirely sure if it is from squatting, step ups, deadlifts or leg extensions, but it worries me that sometimes it becomes uncomfortable and needs icing. What could be causing this?

    I will work this stretch into my warm ups, which already include foam rolling, and see what happens. Thanks again! 🙂

  8. Fantastic stretch. It really hits the muscle and I don't have to put any weight on my already injured knees. Good job and thanks.

  9. terrific stretch that is addressing some terrible tightness that I have in the hip. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make this video and share this!

  10. Very helpful video. I have this problem that was misdiagnosed at first and I paid for it, do you have any exercises to strengthen the muscle? The injury reoccurs with any strenuous activity, especially kicking forwards.

  11. This is by far my favourite sartorius stretch video. Combining knowledge, application and great production value this video targets the sartorius muscle unlike any other video I've watched before.

  12. I feel this more on the outside of my thigh on the foot that is being stretched;) What muscle am I hitting? It sort of burns from the greater trochanter down to the middle of the thigh bone.

  13. Is it OK to do this is you are experiencing pain in that area from a strain or should it only be done as maintenance? My chiropractor did a little work with it 3 days ago and told me to "rolling pin" it.

  14. I run cross country and track, and recently hurt my Sartorius during practice. I had a lot of trouble walking and lifting my knee forward and up (in the motion of high knees) so I will be trying this stretch immediately! Thank you!!

  15. Hello James Thank you for this informative video. However, I have a question. Why do I feel a mild pain when I fully stretch the thigh to the inside? I witness that i don't have very tight Sartorius either. I started running few months back.

  16. I would be super concerned about performing this stretch. This position could cause a huge amount of valgus stress on the knee as well as increased lumbar lordosis with rotation…eeek

  17. Excellent stretch and great advice. I would like to know the importance of this muscle when we sit in a cross leg position like in yoga. When I sit down cross legged, my legs male an awkward V pointing upwards. Does this have to be due to tight sartorius, or some other muscle?

  18. I wonder if I strained more than just the sartorius muscle.  I have some tenderness in the inner part of my hip, I assume it's the psoas, as well the anterior superior iliac.  It gets tender going towards my rectus femorus and then goes medial to the vastus medialis.  I'm not sure but I know I wasn't warmed up well at volleyball practice and when I tried to approach for a spike my thighs felt like an intense cramp.  It's been about 2 months but I've been trying to figure out what I did.  I know it's a strain but I was told by our colleges trainer that it's most likely my vertebra possibly pinching a nerve.  They did a bunch of tests to see if it was sciatic and it's not.  But When I also hyperextend my back, I feel tenderness start from posterior pelvic and it goes into the anterior superior iliac area across to my vastus medialis.  It also cramps intensity (or best that I can describe it) if I try to jump to spike.  Using my hips and legs to hinge than straighten and arch depending on how explosive I jump, it will cause my entire thigh to tighten and feel like an intense cramp.  I haven't read anywhere that the intense cramp is caused by the satorius but I have read that the rectus femurs can also cause tenderness in the hip since a lot of muscles originate there and a 2nd degree strain can cause the intense cramping in the thighs.  So I assume that I have injured the sartorius and the rectus femoris.  But I'm curious, what you think?  Also, is it safe to foam roll and stretch a strained muscle group?  I've not been so patient and played at least once a week at about 10% of what I can do and it's been manageable but if I try to play harder I get that intense cramp feeling.  It's gotten better after 3 weeks of not playing volleyball but I feel I might have done more than strain it.  I don't have medical so I can't afford to see a Dr….

  19. I just stumbled upon this video, 2 years after release whilst looking for a help for my running injury. A trust that James and will try this strech hopefully it'll release me from pain in my iliac crest area . Thanks for posting!

  20. Hello I have had pain exactly on my Sartorius area for years. I used to be able to run and now I can barely walk. Have seen over a dozen doctors but no luck.

  21. If you are a "senior" beginner doing resistance exercises, (reverse lunges), it is critical to warm up with this stretch before you start on squats and lunges.

  22. On the other side I didn't feel a thing, but on the other side I had trouble flexing the glutes even for a few seconds, because something on the hip/on the side of the glutes started cramping. Is that sartorius or TFL tightness?

  23. Thank goodness, my research led me here. I couldn't continue running because of sartorius muscle pain. Will try this and I hope it works! Thank you. 🙂

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