Self-Care for Back Pain: Heart Bench Option #3 Restorative

hi guys, it’s Katy. this is option number
three for Heart bench and it’s a restorative version. And restorative yoga
just means you’re getting into a shape, there’s not a lot of stretching. Just a
gentle opening of the body but it’s really to allow your nervous system to
calm down, to relax. And when we get our nervous system from the sympathetic, the
fight and flight mode, and we’re trying to gently let it go to this
parasympathetic mode which is the rest digest and repair mode. This particular
shape is really good for that.As we let our bodies relax, our heart rate will
slow down, our breathing will become easier, and we’ll be able to take deeper
breaths. Our digestion begins to rev up and process the food that we have
consumed throughout the day. So this is something really nice to do before bed,
especially if you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed or you’re having difficulty
sleeping. I recommend doing this about maybe five to ten minutes, maybe even
longer because it’s so restorative it’s so comfy and then just roll off the the
props and gently go into your bed. H hopefully that will help. Okay, so I do
have some yoga props, but you can use a lot of household items – mostly blankets
and pillows. I have a bolster and I have it resting on a yoga block on its lowest
height. But you can use books and this could be a pillow or even two if they’re
really really soft. But you want to have it at an angle so we’re
coming into a heart bench, but you don’t want to be so open in the chest. You just
want to have a nice, relaxed version. I do have two other blocks that I’m going to
use but again you can use some small throw pillows. I’m just going to put
those there for now. And then I have a blanket and then here’s how the setup is
for restorative heart bench. Just like the first one with a blanket, we want to take
our low back right up to the bolster or pillows that you have, keeping the
knees bent. And gently rest down onto a bolster really nice, it’s really nice. And
because this is a gentler version I’m not feeling a huge back bend
especially in my low back where sometimes I have some issues, so I feel
like I can take my legs long right away But I actually want to show you the
version with a supine butterfly or relaxed butterfly, so I’m going to take
my yoga blocks bring the soles of my feet together, gently open allow the
knees to fall to either side and I’m going to rest my knees on the blocks so
their support and there’s not over lengthening and you know in my adductors or
inner thigh muscles. And then I’m just going to take my blanket to have a nice
little, again more support, you kind of feel enveloped. You can even cover your
whole body if you like but I really kind of like it on my mid body, relaxing at my
low belly and my hips. And then I’m just going to let my arms flop where they
want to go. I’m not trying to over accentuate the opening and the chest
muscles or the arms. I just want to relax, take a break and this is it, again just to
recap, you can do this for 5 10 even 15 minutes. Start with maybe a gentle
controlled breath, breathing in and out through the nose, maybe five to ten
cycles and then let your breath soften and become natural and let and in order to come out of it just
bring the soles of the feet together slowly. I like to start on one side just
kind of letting myself right okay now I’ve got a transition and I know I’ve
gotta go walk to my bed oh that’s just so good. Let me know if
you have any questions I

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