Sensational Dance Crew Get Tyra Banks GOLDEN BUZZER on America’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

English Hello. Hi And who are you? We are Zurcaroh Okay. What do you do? We do acrobatics and gymnastics. Right We are not professional. We take people whatever if they have skills or not They are able to enjoy us. Ah. And why did you decide to come on America’s Got Talent. Why is that? Because This is the biggest stage in the world. Where we can show our skills and our talents That’s the reason Ok. Well listen, best of luck guys. Thankyou I am collecting my breath and I just uh I need some oxygen right now I’m like freaking out right now This is so crazy but you know what I have to do

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  1. Пересмотрев тысячи видео!в не сомнения,что это лучшее что я видел!

  2. Ualllllll incrível eu que sou do Brasil amei amei Parabéns são muiiiito bons incrível 👏👏👏👏👐👐👐😱😱😍😍😍😍

  3. I have watched this many times and yes everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to question their professionalism, if they were professional, they would not need to be on AGT for any reason, think about it

  4. Go with some s**. I'm done with the way they just trapeze without the chords. Go f** some s*** up in Vegas. F*** everything up in Vegas in fact just going to tear that b** apart.

  5. Вот это работа!!! От мала до велика,все одинаково работают. Прекрасный номер!!! Молодцы ребята!

  6. why didn't i do this when i was younger???
    lol, i'm sitting here wondering why my parents did not put me in some acrobatic class -_-

  7. I wish I could do that but when I worked at the circus I did a handstand but the guy was holding my head with one hand in the air

  8. Everyone of you are absolutely spectacular, and hats off to the trainer of showing these great people tremendous potential at a young age and being from 🇨🇦, I was hoping you would win America's got Talent. Love you all, Wow, you Rock 😀

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