Share Your LA Fitness Testimonial Today!

Hey everybody, my name’s Andrew, and I’m here to tell you how
easy it is to share your stories, your successes, your accomplishments, your achievements, nay, your triumphs with the rest of the LA Fitness world. It’s as simple as doing what I’m doing right now: recording your
gorgeous self on a webcam and uploading it to our site. “But where do I go?” “Where do I go?” you ask? Simple. Just jump on
our LA Fitness Facebook page and click on the testimonials tab. Don’t know where the tab is? I really couldn’t blame you, I
don’t think anyone knows how to use the new Facebook yet. So I’m gonna show you where it is. Bam! Right there. Testimonials tab. Circling…circling…and clicking. And all you gotta do is hit “submit video”, record
it, upload it, and boom! Done deal. Now the whole world knows about your awesome
abs. So what’s awesome about you?

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