Sherri Qualls-ified: 2016 Open

I’m Sherri Qualls. I’m a fifth-grade teacher for almost 25 years. I’m a mom. I’m an active grandmother. And I’m an avid skier. Therefore I’m an avid CrossFitter, to keep me in shape What do you see? South Carolina? What else do you see? I would take some classes, like at a club, but I never really got a workout-workout, because if it was a step class, I’m uncoordinated, if it was any class that had dancing, I had five left feet. But I never thought I was unfit until I realized I couldn’t jump rope, I couldn’t chase after a three-year-old grandson, and all of a sudden I realized, I lost a lot of the mobility that I had, I lost a lot of the stamina that I had, just, it wasn’t there anymore. There was a point where when I was climbing up–I could go upstairs, but to come downstairs I would literally have to hold onto the railings, and kind of use it as a walker-crutch. It got that bad. In fact, it got so we were actually looking for a one-story house, and so I was like, “I need to do something.” My daughter moved to San Diego, and I wanted to go visit her, and so I went over spring break and she said, “Well wear clothes you can workout in,” and I said, “Oh yeah, we can go for walks and do things like that,” and I think she chuckled. I’m not really sure. And I knew that she was a trainer and that she worked at a CrossFit gym, and she was training, but that’s all I knew. I didn’t know what that involved. I could see other people working out, and I go, “Well, that’s for those young kids. That’s not for me.” But it gradually also became for me. We did 40-something with the kettlebell on this side, and then 40-something on this side, and we did kettlebells this way and then we had to do push-ups, which I couldn’t do, but I could do them on my knees, so I could do them. I remember just crawling when it was done, and just saying, “Are you serious? Is this what you do?” or something to that effect, but the end result: I really liked it and I said, “I think I want to do this.” My daughter found a gym for me She goes, “You need to join CrossFit Milpitas. That’s where you need to go. It’s a really good gym. You need to go there.” So I went, and I remember going in, and doing the in-take, and Coach Vito was the person who did it. Sherri contacted us, straightforward. I’m pretty sure Jenny gave her the heads-up to come find a CrossFit gym, and I was lucky enough to be the coach that gave her her private intro, her introduction to CrossFit. Like, he said to row, and that was okay. I could do that. And then he said, “Well, I need you to do a wall squat,” and I go, “No.” And he goes, “Well I need you to do it,” and I go, “No. I don’t do them.” I said, “They hurt. They hurt my knees.” A couple of modifications here and there, and she gets the work that she needs to get done. I’ve competed in the Open, by force, one time, and halfway by force the second time, but last year and this year, I signed up on my own and my goal is just to, you know, come out feeling stronger. You know? That’s it for me, and that I did it. Okay, I’ll be honest, it is really cool when you go to the Leaderboard, and your name is kind of at the top for at least 15 minutes (laughs), until all the younger ones in your age group post theirs. She’s in here working hard on a dai–all the time. It’s pretty amazing what she does, where she’s come from. Just little things, like getting the kipping move. That was fun. You know? Just things like, “Oh my gosh. I just did that.” Learned how to jump rope again. Could not jump rope. Working on double-unders. When the first double-under came, I probably could have done another one, but I was so excited I was screaming. “I did one! I did one!” For personal satisfaction, that was when I could run after my grandson in a park. The second thing I noticed was I could come downstairs. And that was huge, because it had gotten really really bad. My knee’s still–I have good days and I have bad days, but I can walk up and down stairs like a normal human person.

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  1. hmmm, referring to kettlebell swings as "kettlebells this way" and putting your hands out in front makes me think she missed a few WODs over the past four years. Or its a mostly fabricated story.

  2. Way cool. Love CF and what it has done for so many people. Even after 2 years, I am still chubby, can't jump rope to save my life, but I am so much stronger and more coordinated than I was in my 20's.

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