ShinnyShow Episodes | 17 CrossFit Special with Leanne Brown

Judaism solo violins being counselled I’ve just
been told and I’m fucking over the moon with that hey today I could I could easy to go I
don’t give a fuck more people to say I’m not interested four years ago when I was
struggling with like anxiety depression that would show me a part in everybody so for these people are killing the
cells like a floor violence someone needs to stop it is but in a in a in a
bug I don’t mean to sound bad more we need like a bit of a disaster to kind of
open people’s eyes and that’s a disaster what’s happened to him and I love a girl
it needs to stop ready for all she was definitely the Concord the
Cheshire doll so I won’t say definitely we’re very helpful in cost as well with
something like like a like a big corporate gym is it everyone ignores
each other this is more of a family feel you can set the pace they don’t live in
any bad sense should we use 12 I’m gonna pay you tomorrow like soon as
you suffering psychic Sara afternoon it was a support color wasn’t one of re
these workouts it was so and I had no business salon so I didn’t mean pot last
night the owner of cross itself ceremonies are not really well let’s
punish I can’t do any of the other side yeah don’t forget the whips right so
that’s all get ready now I’m gonna face it guys Oh Jafar call yeah come on I
steal like an idiot there you go musical women didn’t want
big asses and I was like the change not the big ass he’s like now we weren’t
free fall to get the smart the phones that small but not working by its big to
be not all the time same with masses phones assets don’t give me a full count I’ll be
honest resourcing Cyprus we are going to bar chord in all the edge lunges
squatting I’m not gonna show you that a fucking big ass there we do a full show
of it jinusean’s down out to get the gas me on Malaika
my right leg is what we’re going to do you know we’re gonna do some bone
structure everybody’s time Farkle and it said all Billy X as well
I’m I see down there yeah let’s not let’s not giant candy a great message
let’s just do an episode with across people what a good sign
no the message is I obviously what was in the car as well isn’t it and I
obviously when we first talked and we were talking about how people aspiring
to be influences that’s what we’re saying and who has influenced our kids
and the light so I was saying about the people that Guan reality TV I mean I
personally and was looking at like the girls that have coming out of things
like Johnny Shore and stuff like that and they’re having so much surgery in
saying that there feel empowered you know what talk about the surgery of
you your girls are doing that to themselves to change themselves so much
and fit in and and looking aspiring to look like these girls that are on TV
it’s a bad influence you don’t become an influencer because you wanted to you
become an influencer by past experience live the tragedy of some alive I yeah
you’ve gone from it and you’re able to to promote that yes I
could influence but then I’d say verbal people are out there basically giving
bad influence that’s why I didn’t call yourself a fucking influencer
at least be honest about it and call yourself but influence because that’s
what yeah yeah they get in the making money and people ask them to do things
and they’re getting the exposure even more so job see them our kids are
looking at that thinking oh that’s what you have to do to get to get to go make
money or you know it’s kind of the easy way out isn’t it oh my god
all other people out there the general public but you’re blind goodbye always
even anything for last what we doing it that ascitic love island and then well
that search add to that book he’s sad to say the the guy that suckers on the life
that was last week’s news I know what they’re gonna do about it probably
nothing until it happens again but never love a few days of people without you
know what to be honest as well and you focus I’m you know I’m gonna say this
I’m not to say openly an honest life the lads death I got so many messages saying
do you not think you should try and touch upon that and I might know because
I could see what other people were doing he was gaining gratification off of
people by talking about what a lot of done and it wasn’t really concerned and
some of these people don’t even know what the degree I’m not getting into
that kind of stuff for my personal game the guys killed be solved that the poor
vast it must have been a writedown place jealous all I’ve been in over that
places so for the people like what a time gain from on that was obviously in
a shitload of pain he’s bad news he’s not it’s not right what people are
doing and if that can outrun effects on my Sunnah da people around me my life
that I love he’s that no fuck off I can’t be one of them people that I’ve
just kind of ignored it and lobster else hell of a go over it I’d rather be
one of them people saying off after doing wrong it’s not right what you’re
doing people are broadcasting on Instagram or
Facebook I’ll mate they’re doing it helping others John oh yeah buzzes them
fucking things I’m on a channel and you just got you shot
don’t eat the skin no spoon face nice so show me are we about there a call last
night off a personal friend in East struggling
I need his doggies in heroin or crack or booze is his food he’s stronger than
that much to the point where he wants to kill himself
he in decided bulimia I’ve had it for over 20 25 years but I wouldn’t keep in
silent because I need to I needed to stay in shape because of my
self obsession and how I needed to walk in front of other people
I went through a really bad time and I still have oh I still have problems with
E and surimi mates our waffle we can kill myself cause I’m all the way he’s
he’s bad and our kids have got obvious accord
I mean I’ve have a Botox and that died I have the boobs done over see who’s
talking about breast implant illness and okay am i removed now but I was 21 when
I haven’t done and I felt like I mean I was a table dancer when I have done so
what was there or not oh and it was that thing about a of IVA of like it wasn’t
like something of ourselves it still rolls now houses and everything I was an
egg but I had it done and I just think what I look back now and I think that I
did it because of what it felt inadequate I wanted to fit in and
they’re still selling them like it’s okay and the girls my young girls
haven’t done they’ve been linked to cancer
the FDA of come forward and said that the link to cancer it’s a constant
battle with me anything about the body and how are you looking at everything it
was on my talk the other day and I got asked what was the best body part of my
body confidence question what’s the best body fat me and you know what I was like
they couldn’t think of anything to say you know what I said my hair because I
couldn’t think of anything I wasn’t I don’t feel like great in my body at the
minute and when the same you just never like
really appreciate yourself and I thought about I like the face but I thought
other people gonna think I’m forgetting because I think I lost myself
that’s the whole thing you should love yourself you should love yourself 100%
you gives a shit what anyone thinks I should be able to say I like a body part
back it’s really strong hold it constant reminder to make you sent to yourself
and ground yourself and actually think well actually I’ve got legs I can walk
I’ve got a great mind I’ve got a body that works I’ve got family I’ve got
friends and and it’s kind of getting yourself out of that don’t be too hard
on yourself it’s constant battle like just constant
power development my gratitude when you when you start you know the we say a
grateful audits will not relapse a grateful person in life would just be
effort because they’re grateful for what they’ve got yeah I am I think today
people find it hard to be grateful because you can’t set the scene better
than anthems that’s me I’m a social media real time start up this morning
the in CrossFit I trust insulted my gym when I train really I’m Brown it was gay
to put her through them cases but then obviously the deal was at the CrossFit
we go over to row world and I do symbolical I mean yeah I’m not I’m not
good at vehicle and we’re at CrossFit we’ve got a shit like this paint balls
for already comes to stretching and bending them
yeah not good it’s all solid yeah and you know what they undone great in
CrossFit this morning as well proper put in so I’d say she kind of
beat me twice today she put more effort in for the CrossFit
say you know I’m being out of myself burn up fucking smash Tristana one today
yeah in the world of reality she’s lovely she’s just a really nice honest
genuine person and it’s nice out of not have become friends through with both
being on buses of the app company star weapon by the way I’m always attracted
to nice people I think I always have been genuine people
the follicle from that light coming them kind of decent people around

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  1. Great show shinny keep up the good work love your video's bro find they motivate me getting me off my fat fucking arse !!!

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