A social media video of two dogs guarding their home while their owner is away has sparked laughter across the internet.

The recently viral TikTok post captured the moment two boxers were called to action after hearing someone come to their front door, bark, and jump down the stairs.

As he frantically runs up the stairs, one of the dogs appears to stumble over the railing, before luckily landing on a soft sofa.

To add a comical twist, the moment occurs against the lyrics of the music, “oh no.” The entire saga is filmed on a pet camera, while the house appears to be empty of the dogs’ owner.

“Must protect. No matter the cost,” the video was captioned, mocking the dogs’ enthusiasm for caring for their home.

What do the comments say?

Since it was shared on April 25 by @Jemma_And_Sb, the video that can be seen here, has been viewed more than 3.9 million times and liked by more than 350,000 TikTok users, making it the account’s most popular post to date. More than 2,500 users have expressed their amusement in the comments section.

“Ouch! Watching this hurt lol,” wrote one user, reacting to the hilarious drop.

“The way my jaw hit the ground,” another user added.

Another TikToker commented: “Boxers are crazy.”

“Dogs can fly who knows,” a different user shared.

The TikTok account seems to be dedicated to documenting the daily life and hilarious antics of dogs.

A stock image of a boxer running. A TikTok video showed two boxers frantically running down the stairs, one falling over a railing in the process.
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Why should you adopt a boxer?

Boxers are known for their protective and defensive nature, so the couple in the video went to great lengths to figure out what might be going on on their doorstep.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) writes on its website that the breed is “bright and alert, sometimes silly, but always courageous,” which matches up quite well with what was captured in the TikTok post.

The pet registry adds that their loyal and affectionate nature has long made the breed very popular in the US.

“Boxers are the complete package for dogs,” the AKC adds.

news week reached out to @Jemma_And_Sb via TikTok for comment.

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