100 Replies to “Sideswiped – Ep 2 “Baby Steps””

  1. As we call that in spanish: the guy lasted shorter than a cat's sneeze…hahahah! And we don´t care about 'airs.

  2. Se invertesse os papeis estaria certo. Homens sempre se arrastando por mulheres e elas nem ai. Talvez nos eua seja diferente.

  3. Dude I don't care how much of a gym bro you are if you're going on a date you cannot dress like that 🤦‍♂️

  4. Shame, all the guys on this show are wimps, except for that one old man at the restaurant. He at least had an appetite, if you know what I mean.

  5. see here is my problem with this show. its not very funny. it feels more like a slow pace dry drama than a comedy. the premise of this show is a 30 something woman who dates guys on tinder or something. ok so with that said, she should be the main character and focus of the show and the other characters help develop the main character. we should get little backstory of the other character and the show should never focus on them. yet, the mom does the exact same thing as the main character of the show, a lot of the focus is on her and the men she dates and a lot of the focus is on her sister and her marriage. why? the show isnt about them, its about olivia, not the mom or sister. if they wanted the show to be about the mom and sister as well, it should be titled something else and have a different promise. also the show focus on sex but we never really see any. we hear about it a lot but never really see it. why focus on it, if ur not going to show. also when it comes to sex, the show wants to get very verbally graphic and push the envelop visually. relying on crude sex humor only works, when u actually see sex happen in a show. i feel these r the reasons, it got canceled after one season.

  6. It moves fast enough to keep your attention and its amusing enough. But I wasnt laughing or smiling at all.

  7. Lol, she's so dramatic when he's getting the pound out of his mouth. Why is sad music playing, it's not a big deal lol

  8. I hate when women shave or wax, because if they don't do it all the time you go to enter and it feels like sandpaper

  9. So she can not want a relationship with the guy and just use him physically, but when he does it she has to feel bad about it?

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