SIN EXCUSAS BRO ¿Cómo Empezar a Entrenar Si No Puedes Ir al Gimnasio?

The key is simplicity friends, because
these simple exercises you can take with you Anywhere. Hello warriors, we are exploring the streets
of new york with Mariruskina, but I think It’s time to train, so friends
let’s get creative and let’s find a place on the street where we are going to make a
Hard training, so let’s go with it all! Friends, to do this type of training
it takes a lot of creativity, but with the basic exercises – obviously in the street
you will not find the dumbbells or some equipment specific, we gonna have to find
a bar or a bench and improvise a lot with this. In fact friends, in a place like this it would be
really perfect, – the bar is even better than in gyms or even better than
I had in my house. A few reps in this bar and let’s continue exploring. Let’s go! Friends, only in this place there are so many
bars you could build a gym – crossfit or calisthenics or whatever. With a bar like this my favorite exercises
to do was triceps extensions – and also the dips in the fixed bar -to the chest – this way could be done the dips There are really many exercises, they are
a little different from what you have done with the equipment you have in the gym or maybe
in the house, but there are a lot of possibilities to improvise. Let’s go! Well, we walked one more block and here we have
almost same bars and it really is a perfecto place for training because
it even has the roof up, so when It is raining or snowing you still can train. Now friends I hope you can understand why
Street workout was born in New York – these scaffolding are everywhere and really
Training here is more than perfect. Now friends we are just going by
the park where I trained before – I’m going to show how it is. There are some bars – not many but it was
a place where I trained quite often Especially when it was nice weather. Here friends it was exactly where I learned my
first muscle up, I was afraid to do it, but later when I felt that I gained strength
I just came here one day and I think I did about 10 in a row. It was with bad technique for sure, but
there I overcame my fear and decided to go for more. Here friends with we have invented some
sets – for example this – starting 5 push ups, then moving on to this part doing
some reps here, moving on to here – some reps, to this side
and ending here. So really the possibilities are endless,
you can really use what you see to invent some entertaining sets and thus train with
high efficiency Here friends if we need to adjust the width
of the parallels we were making the dips on this side – so narrower moving on to
this side if we already wanted to make it wider. Friends, and to do other exercises we were
using this trash can so grabbing it this way you can make a variety
of exercises And depending on how much garbage you have
This can be more or less complicated. Let’s go. And the benches are perfect for
triceps exercises – this way all the way down. THis way or triceps extensions here would be
something lower, come on. So folks, even in this little park
There are a lot of things. Also friends when we couldn’t find
scaffolding or a little park like that we were training In a children’s park like that. I’m not going now
to do, because there are some children and I don’t want to scare them but really as you can see there are
enough bars and there are some things that you can invent. So if you want you can and you can even
go and hit there next to the kids with Your super tough routine. The bbqs, burgers, hot dogs, for good protein
after training. hello, can i take one shot to the goals. Friends, we just got to know that park and now
its time to train and really something else – here they use absolutely all the space to make
the workouts, for example even the space like that so are some small stairs and a
bar I saw that people even use that to really train using every corner,
every corner to do workouts and to be fit. Well, folks, by walking a few blocks this
is the place we found – ok, we have a children’s park but as you can see there are
enough bars and enough places You can use to exercise. So let’s put together a routine like in
Old time and let’s give it one. Here we have several levels to do the
explosive push ups, so come on – hands. Obviously as we do not have a bar these are the
push exercises mainly but for the muscle – the muscle friends doesn’t know
if you are pushing or if you are pulling – if the muscle is contracting its working
so our main goal is to make our muscles contract using what we have – obviously
if we go to the scaffolding there it will mainly be pull exercises because they have pull up bar
but they don’t have all these bars to do the push exercises. Let’s see, there is, here you can, no friends, yes
you can likewise, come on triceps extensions – We already found where to do it. This is already feeling – this sound friends
it’s ice cream but now we’re not going yet to eat since we have to end this. A structure that perhaps many would not even stop by
thinking it’s only for children, but I see it with totally other eyes – here
One can have very complete workouts. And if you bring your kettlebells – you can already have
the best training ever, in a small space like that. The key is in simplicity friends, because
these simple exercises you can take with you anywhere – especially if you are
traveling or you don’t have comfort of your gym or you can’t afford your gym – you with these
basic exercises can be fit all your life even going to the parks like that
And doing these things. It is very good to have access to the very
complicated equipment and train there but really the key is not this – the key is to want and
when one wants – there is a way, especially that I was training for a long time only
with this and I really didn’t even imagine that in one day I will have my own bars, but even
with this I would continue training without any trouble. There as you can see there is a
a little different and there they also have a kids park obviously if you want to do
a routine that includes pull exercises it can be adjusted to something different but really
all these ways of training are around We only have to go for it friends. And many exercises do not even need
this park, for example some clap push ups that can be added for example and using
Our own weight can increase the load. And from this a lot of creativity is born, because
for example you arrive and see what you have and from there you can really invent your
own exercises For example now I want to make some dips
– Then I get up here and using this bar I can make the dips this way. So the limits don’t exist – you can
adapt the exercises that already exist and do them using what you have or for example if you want
practice L sit and you use this and you practice Lsit. If you only have the way to do it
in the wide way, but it’s what you have at this time and when you have another way
You already do it there. So friends – I hope you could see clearly
that when you want you can train and you can do it – I gave you a little demonstration,
but really if stayed here longer maybe I could take a note of about 50 or 100 exercises
That could be done here. And to train well for a routine you may need only two or three exercises and with this be fine or you can use 10 and with
this have a very complete training – and for leg friends you already know come to run,
skate or play soccer – all these activities they are going to give you some functional legs
and also give you a good cardiovascular preparation. I hope you enjoyed this video friends made
in the parks of Harlem, New York, see you in the next video and don’t forget that
the best warrior is the educated warrior and subscribed to our channel. See you.

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