Skateboarder Living in a VW Syncro in Los Angeles

Don’t be scared to go after something
that’s different from what the world says is okay. Whatever you want to do, whatever
your dream is, pursue it as hard you can and don’t give up. You’re going to find a
million ways to fail but that one time you figure out the way to do it right
it’s worth failing a million times. Hey, today’s video is on Justin Burbage. He’s a professional skateboarder and also a van dweller but before we get to that I get a lot of
questions about camera gear and what kind of camera gear I use. And since today’s video is sponsored by B and H I figured it’s a great time to talk about it. I
shoot on a Canon 70d with a Sigma 18 to 35 Art Lens. That being said the gear you
shoot with isn’t nearly as important as understanding the art of storytelling
and composition so first invest your time in learning those skills and then
invest in lenses and then lastly in camera bodies. Check out my full list of
camera gear in the description down below as well as filmmaking resources
that I frequently use. Enjoy today’s episode. My name is Justin Burbage. I’m
a professional skateboarder and social influence and I live in my van, Maggie. I decided to join van life last year 2016 in May. I was living in a spot for a
couple years right on the beach it was a decent price for living on the beach and
all of a sudden the price went up about double and I realized every time I paid
rent I was basically paying for a ticket to
fly around the world. I decided to do to join van life. I love it. Every day is an adventure. You wake up wherever you want to be. You can wake up in the beach, on the beach, in the mountains, everywhere is your home, and
every day’s a journey. For me I travel a lot but when I’m back in California I
still like to be on an adventure and that’s what van life is all about. It’s treating me beautifully. What’s up, everybody? Justin Burbage. This is my van, Maggie. It is a Volkswagen 1989 Westfalia
synchro four-wheel drive baby. The pop top is aftermarket it was actually taken from a country homes camper. Welcome to my crib, let’s take a look inside. So this is my living room door. It’s very open. Actually the cool thing about this is
there’s a screen here as well so you can be chilling inside and still get fresh
air and keep unwanted bugs out, closes. It’s got a nice tint actually it’s very hard
to see in here. This is my closet. I’ve got everything hung up on a little
rack here. I’ve got jackets. It’s cold in California. I’ve got my water supply thanks to this cool eco-friendly actually the most eco friendly in the world
and they’re bottled in Hawaii. Got nice Christmas lighting here, got cabinets, refrigerator that works off of propane, stove that also works off of propane. I
have a sink here, doubles as my dresser. Sink works off of a pump. It’s in here. It’s a pretty big water tank. It’s a 6 gallon, holds a lot of water. And then you got gloves here for activities. Never know when you’ll need gloves…workouts, mountain biking, car breaks down. And then these little suckers here double for great hanging
capabilities. If you’ve gone surfing hang your towel on here hang your swimsuits
on here and the floor is plastic so you just sweep everything out. Water. It’s fine.
We have a couple of cigarette lighter plugins here you can plug anything with
a USB cable into there. I don’t have a solar panel. My auxiliary battery gets
charged by the alternator. Some problems that I’ve run into is running the auxiliary
battery and then it switches to my car battery and then the thing dies so
definitely want to invest in some some solar companies. So hey, solar
companies. Here’s my just some house stuff Ziploc bags are such a
lifesaver in a van, honestly. It’s the best car compartment – is that a word
compartmentalizing? It’s the best containers to hold all of your stuff…Ziplock bags.
Got toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, bath scrubbies, very essential. Oh I shower by the way at LA Fitness and in the summer I shower here at the beach.
It’s an amazing place. It’s hot, sunny, you just roll outside you scrub-a-dub-dub
looks good in the sunlight. Here’s my second floor. Great standing room up here especially on hot days when the door’s closed. Everything else is closed you pop these little zippers open and it ventilates
the whole thing keeps the cool air keeps all the air circulating it’s amazing and
then this actually slides out this way and it turns into my bed. I set my
tempurpedic mattress up there with my pillows my blankets and yes this is a
teddy bear. Believe it or not his name is Teddy so judge me if you will but hey.
This also folds down into a bed you can actually fit two people down here
comfortably and you can actually stretch out. I’m about 5’11 just shy of the big one
and I sleep really well here. I’ll sleep down here sometimes most of the
time I actually sleep up top and it’s pretty chill you would think it’s really
bad in LA but because the bus isn’t so long I really honestly take up one
parking spot so it’s pretty nice to pop this thing up. Most of the time they get
a little gnarly on you, the parking enforcement, if you’re in an RV, but this is
just short enough that you can still pop this sucker up so. Honestly can I show
you what I do, how I watch Netflix? This is really lazy. Are you ready? This is really bad. I’m the most like American you get so you go onto Netflix right you take this
clamp and this here bungee cord and you take this clamp and wallah you don’t
have to hold your phone you just watch Netflix it’s amazing. Check it out
everybody. This thing right here is the best thing for summertime. It just shoots cold air called ice bazooka. If you want to
get real creative I got these reflective panels to block out the sunlight this is
getting real lazy guys and pop this right here and it reflects all the
cold air while you can watch Netflix so you got like a refrigerator and you
got Netflix man. It’s like a movie theater, it’s awesome. Got my ukulele. It’s great to jam on this thing. Daily jam sessions are a must
have especially at night, you know at the beach? You gotta have a ukulele. Take a look in
the back I’ve got a suitcase full of clothing. Got some blankets, extra
skateboards, and guitar equipment and I got a bag full of wet suits actually.
Never know if your friends going to need a wetsuit so bring a bag of wetsuits
and then randomly enough I’ve got, no these aren’t mine, these are
these are little souvenirs I bought from London for my nieces and nephews so I’m not into stuffed animals guys, I just have a teddy bear it’s cool. Up in the front
seat you can hook up your phone and talk on the phone via bluetooth. You can play
mp3, it’s got a CD player and my lovely hula dancer. Her name is Marielle I had a
friend comment, “you should name it Marielle” and I was like “okay” and a palm tree a coconut tree for aesthetics. Wherever you go you got the beach with you doesn’t
matter if you’re driving through the city you always got a little scent of the beach. And that’s my
house guys! There isn’t a certain way to live life. Everybody is born with different talents. Whether you believe in God whether you don’t believe in God
we’re all different and I think these things are gifted to you special. My
biggest fear in life was not going to school and not having a real job and not
having stability. You give up your dream of living every day to its fullest for
stability. My message to everybody is don’t be scared to go after something
that’s different from what the world says is okay. To have a happy life or a
stable job whatever you want to do whatever your dream is do it pursue it
as hard as you can and don’t give up. You’re going to find a million ways to
fail but that one time you figure out the way to do it right it’s worth
failing a million times. Welcome to the Vanlife!

100 Replies to “Skateboarder Living in a VW Syncro in Los Angeles”

  1. Great to be independently wealthy or have family that help u out when you want to live like a no mad. I think every interview should cover the basics like: how do u afford; vehicle up keep; food; medical/dental bills, etc.

  2. The simplicity of your van is inspiring! I love it in comparison with so many complicated and overengineered vans that we see on you tube videos. Good luck!

  3. I live in a self converted Ford e150 econoline van with solar, full sized bed, tv, stove, fridge etc. And a 7'0 surfboard too 🀘🀘

  4. I'd love to live in that van in la but sadly i live in holland πŸ™ i still wanna go buy a van to live in in the future

  5. This lazy brother is cool πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. As a Californian I can easily vouch for this guy that he is a legit Californian skater bum and it feels so right

  7. How can they afford to go about there day? Like what jobs do they have. I’m wondering because I really wanna live this life

  8. You have such a great spirit! Brought tears to my eyes, thank you for your inspiration! πŸ™πŸ€—βœŒοΈ

  9. Sick man. We live in a van as well. Where do you keep your surfboards you talk about wetsuits so I think surfboards ??????

  10. most eco-friendly in the world, and bottled in hawaii… well i hate to break it to you, when they bottle in plastic, they ain't eco-friendly.

  11. you have the best van from that year made by VW, nice reliable car, but pray to the god that your syncro 4×4 and transmission doesn't break πŸ™‚ they are not cheap πŸ™‚ but anyway, you made a nice living van

  12. I wanna live in a cute RV in los angeles in an rv park or in santa cruz, live that iconic LA lifestyle, chill, and save money then move to another state and buy land, thats my dream, and its affordable, la is nice but its too expensive to rent an apartment or have a traditional house

  13. What a cool good fun teddy… lol. Cool dude cool van happy days brother. Ya need a sign 'if the van is rockn dont bother knockn'! Live it up

  14. Guys I live in LA all of Venice is nothing but van dwellers lol idk y people love coming here yeah its cool but after a month you get bored

  15. Dude!!! What a awesome philosophy! You live life on your own terms, and thats awesome! I have been rocking my 1980 Westfalia for 40 years this month, and wouldn't trade it for anything! Your setup is so chill. Opposite coasts, but following the same dream. Thanks for such a awesome vid!!

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