Skin the Cat Progression

The way this one goes, the idea is that once you make it to that pass-through position when you extend out, your feet can find the ground. Okay, on your set-up position you should be close to sitting on the ground. Alright? So the way this goes, you know, so I’m all the way down, close to sitting. I’m gonna do my ball up. Okay? I’m gonna do my pass-through, find my feet gently. Just don’t disengage. and come back through. Okay? You’re gonna have spotters there to help if you need help getting back through. If that feels comfortable, what you can do is you can then start to test your range of motion in your shoulders, so the way this goes, you’re gonna do your ball up, you pass-through, find your feet, and then from here you can kind of just feel where your end range is, come up, stay engaged, and back through. Okay? Do this with a spotter if they need help back through. You can grab them at the ankle or the shin. You can also help give them a little bump at the abs. Get them up into that ball up position, and then feed your hands from there. Yeah, think about what we were talking about earlier with the active tissue. Make sure everything stays active while you work through that. Just keep your toes pointed and not let your feet go flat. It’s hard to stay.

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  1. I like what I like. I like this exercise. I don't know why people need to be instructed on how to do it. Little kids do this on their own during recess. Why is it named this? Call it "Shoulder Mobility"!

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