Snake Diet 72 Hour Fast | 3 Day Fat Fast Results | 2020 Weight Loss Journey

hi it’s mieka fasting weight loss and I
am on a 90 to 100 pound fasting journey and I’m documenting it here on YouTube
for accountability purposes and to show other people if you’ve struggled your
whole life with weight issues you could conquer your weight and your health
issues and reach your goal my goal is 183.2 or 173.2 I don’t know but for right now we’re keeping it here I’m
42 and I’m 5’8″ and 3/4 pound um height I started the journey on snake diet okay
I love snack diet for fasting weight loss and I have not stuck to that over
the time that I’ve been doing this channel if I did I would know I would
have been to go a long time ago but I go up and down I do all kinds of crazy mess
but I’m enjoying it and I’m getting better and better
now today I’m going to tell you what I’m doing next
I am also gonna tell you first my I did the OMAD outlaw fat fasting because he
suggested um that diet to me I’m just gonna show you what happened what
happened oh my gosh I do so much okay I started at 220.2 on December 6 and
that’s 99.88 kilograms and I went to 219.0 I only lost 1.2 pounds in doing my three days fat
fasting so today starting my new routine it’s gonna be a snake diet routine I am
219.0 or 15.64 stones I don’t
even know what country that is and 99.33 kilograms
that is what I currently am okay and I am doing snake diet routine from today
all the way till December 22nd okay that’s two weeks just because I
like to do different things and when I went to bed last night
Cole Robinson of the snake diet made a video I’m pretty sure he made the video
because Maya who you guys should go follow her journey um did her refeed
she’s doing one meal a week for weight loss okay she’s at snake diet Kim and she
broke her fast with Wendy’s and you know you always have people that want to just
nitpick at everything you do her refeed was amazing and even in her come and one
of her comments I told her that I know I’ve been watching Cole for over a year
way more than a year and he does not care that much about your refeeding he
cares about you fasting properly refeeding and then fasting again that’s
what he cares about okay I thank you if i sat here and had two
Big Macs and therefore de fast had two big macs that afford a fast I bet you’d
be okay with that so anyway his video last night I think
was a response to that topic how to lose weight with fast food so guess what I’m
doing next you guys I am going to do this is a summary what he said he said
you eat too full forget the little meal he said the little 500 Kelly oh man meal
he talked about before he always tweaks it every week he makes a new protocol
you guys I know he is good with all the protocols just do it like I know that’s
what he really thinks okay so basically you eat till full and then you do if you
like him and you’re like trying to maintain or if you’re already rip to the
bone you do the eat till you’re full and then
workout that day and then I don’t know if he said two meals he said a bunch of
different things and then you fast for 48 hours for us that are fat we would do
eat to your full preferably with no sugar and starchy stuff and then we
would do a minimum of 72s so that’s basically what I’m gonna do
I’m gonna do a meal or an eating window um I want to keep it OMAD but like
today is messed up because my client is not getting back to me so I don’t know I
can’t play my day out but I want to do a 72 I’m eating now and I’m gonna do a
72 minimum okay and then I’m gonna do a refeed and I’m gonna put fast food in it
every three days it will probably be something cooked at home but I probably
will buy something fast food just to put it in there to make a statement
because you guys know that’s been watching me for a long time people
didn’t like that I used to get fast food a lot I’ve kind of tamed away with it
especially with the fat fast and I needed to cook my food to make sure I
was getting what I want I am not anti fast food and I never have been on my
channel I am NOT anti anything unless it harms others okay um so that’s what I’m
doing snake died at fast food 72 hour minimum
fasting plus exercise I’m gonna try to do a lot of exercise because I’m
supposed to wake up and be in beast mode although oh I’m gonna show you my meals
you’re gonna see my meals at the end for I didn’t make a video yesterday so
you’re gonna say day two and day three of my fat fasting why I only lost one
point two pounds is because I think I had too many calories my food was on
point I was keto all the way I was low carb
I was probably carnivore I’m not sure but I did perfect um but my calories
might have been higher than it should have been or maybe my body is adjusting
to fat I don’t know but I’m not happy with 1.2 pounds but I did
enjoy my three day fast and it was O MAD every day I’m proud of that because
that’s discipline um I did not do much exercise yesterday I did go swimming for
two hours swimming but really my swimming is walking around in the pool
and walking with the current it’s just playing around in the pool area of the
world for two hours that was good with the OMAD keto that’s beast mode in
my in my um in my book that’s beast mode um so that’s it for today
here’s pictures of what I ate on Saturday and Sunday I kept my meal the
same every single day yesterday’s meal I took out the ground beef because OMAD
outlaw said watch your protein so I took out the
ground beef and I just did four eggs with a tiny bit of cream cheese pepper
jack cheese and that was my meal and I also had sour cream and I had the garlic
chilli sauce you guys if you’re on a weight-loss journey the garlic chilli
sauce has zero calories and zero carbs like that needs to be a staple in your
refrigerator then I made my fat bombs three different ways and I put them on
the plate and I ate those but then I went and got more that’s where my
calories went higher because coconut oil is high in calories but I’m still good
with that I feel like I did it excellent on my three day fat fast now you guys I
am NOT going buck wild because if I do that I’m gonna gain I probably will gain
weight today because I’m gonna eat so full I’m gonna eat I’m gonna be happy
eat him today but it’s gonna be all I had so far was macadamia nuts um yeah so
oh my gosh that’s it stay tuned subscribe like
comment all that good stuff what are you doing um you might want to go watch a
snake diet video he put out last night it was good I liked it because I like to
eat and he just switched up what he’s saying you guys if you follow snake diet
you could do any protocol they all work for fast weight loss or you could do it
oh man for a steady consistent slower weight
loss that’s fine too like just take a plan and do it you guys and go to the
store and get a planner and just man plan and write stuff and track it’s fine
it and it’s good to look back and see stuff everyone that joined my challenge
the four the five people that I talked about yesterday and Wonderland ban you
won the $60 plus I’m gonna put extra 20 cuz I suppose I put twenty so you win
the $80 plus the planner plus the soap and I’m gonna do that you guys I’m gonna
do the other drawing it’s only one person getting left out I wanted us to
make everyone a winner because it’s I’m given four prizes and only five people
completed so everyone’s a winner let’s just make everyone a winner only
you five that I mentioned in the video the other day you know who you are send
me your address okay if you’re in the United States
you’re after if you’re outside of the United States
and you’re one of those five people um send me your PayPal or some of your
PayPal if you have it if my just tell me where you’re at and we’ll figure
something out I could probably still send you some stuff um you guys if I do
group stuff like it really pays off to join because Wunderland bound joined she
has a channel go follow her she joined the November cash world in the
accountability so she’s going to double price that’s awesome um that’s it oh my
gosh thank you for watching all the way till now and here’s the pictures bye here’s Saturday’s OMAD meal on my fat
fast day two – ground beef cheese – egg sour cream and garlic chilli sauce then I
made my fat bombs with peanut butter powder coconut oil macadamia nuts cocoa
powder I did put some sweeteners day 3 I just had four eggs sour cream and garlic
chili sauce and then I made these fat bombs right here here is the dessert I
made different flavors of fat cups balls this has cacao butter coconut oil
walnuts and pecans and swerve this has all the same stuff but it has some cacao
butter no it has peanut butter powder and it has cocoa powder these just have
coconut oil and peanut butter powder and cacao butter these have chia seeds and
other nuts in it and I’m going to taste these I made a big variety

44 Replies to “Snake Diet 72 Hour Fast | 3 Day Fat Fast Results | 2020 Weight Loss Journey”

  1. I watched his videos too yesterday.. & have committed to 3 fasting, one meal & 3 fasting..
    You're fun Mieka! Gonna have to find some garlic chili power..
    Your desserts look wonderful!

  2. Those fatbombs look good! You're right. That garlic chili sauce should be a staple in everyone's home who's trying to lose weight.
    Congratulations to all of the winners!

  3. I love how determined you are! I've been following your journey from your beginning on yt, you look great, your confidence has are on a mission! 💕

  4. That’s wonderful Mieka! When I’ve finished my long fast I’ll be trying to do the same thing 48s for a week to replenish from my 15 days then 72s to lose whatever I have left to lose. I love your re-feed ideas! I think coming off the 100 hr fast also contributed to the lower loss on the fat fast?

  5. I’m on snake juice as well. My week 1 ended and I lost 22 pounds. Today is re feed day and day 1 of week 2. I will be doing the same thing as last week but working out more. I worked out on re feed day. I kept my meal in the window of 1 hour. I kept my carbs to very low. Maybe 10-12. I’m going for 15 pounds this week. Because this will be a short week for me. Let’s do this. You look great.

  6. You're doing good, just keep it going and be consistent with each plan you do.👏👍🥰 I don't think fast food is the enemy, but daily fast food isn't ideal. Some people can do fine on fast food and some can't. For me, I know that I can not do what you or Maya are doing because I wouldn't be successful. That's the key, to find the thing that will cause you success and at the same time not be judgemental of what others are doing. We can be inspired by what someone else is able to accomplish (Ex: The Fasting Fatman}, but at the end of the day another person's success or failure doesn't determine our own.

    I'm still doing ADF, and as of now, I'm very happy with it. My weight loss is consistent and this is something I can stick with because it isn't a diet. I think me and ADF are like Cdub and OMAD.😁

  7. Good work, Mieka! I liked Cole's new video too. I am going to try to do 2 weeks of rolling 48s where I eat until totally full on my refeeds. Thank you so much for making all 5 of us winners for the November Accountability Challenge. I never got accepted to your Facebook group, so don't think I can send a private message there. I suppose I can just put my address in this totally public comment . . . . what could go wrong? ha. Julie Brown 827 Maywood Ave. Holland, MI 49424 Thanks again! I am so excited about getting a prize from this challenge! I really appreciate you!

  8. You did amazing on the fat fast. Boom. You talked me in to go over and check out Cole's video. He makes a lot of sense. You got the 72 hour fast. Easy peasy

  9. Good on you! We need fat for our hormones. 1.2 pounds is good. I don’t like to fast everyday, but my ketones are great and blood sugar low and stable on fat. Please, take a good 0mega 3 supplement since you’re not really eat much fatty fish. B1 …b-complex, d3 and coq10. Game changers for me.

  10. You are the best at longer fasts. This is probably the most effective way for you to get to where you want to be in the time frame. There is plenty of time between refeeds to make sensible refeed choices. If you want to go takeaway food route, you can still eat relatively low carbs. Lots of videos out there on what you can eat and where. Good luck, Mieka. 💗

  11. We got this!!!!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Its crazy they went crazy about my bunless burgers and im fasting my ass off plus im almost down 100 pounds 😂😂😂😂

  12. I always love your positivity and how you workout hard and you try new things🙂💕I always think people should do what makes them feel good and happy🤗

  13. Her refeed chilli with hamburger and no bread was perfect combo!
    She could not even eat it all!
    My fast food refeed would be
    chik-fil-a and their cfa sauce.
    My omad weigh in was 184lb today!
    Fat-bombs looking S0!!

  14. Mieka, thanks again for highlighting my channel. I am getting more views because of you! You are doing great. I can't wait to see how much weight the Fasting Fatman lost on his second fast!🤠

  15. Meeks sweetie, I’m so gonna be joining you with the 3 Day/72’s rolling on. However, until Xmas, I may just go with OMAD b/c it’s what I’ve been doing….I’m just not sure yet about that part. But I’m loving the fact that the Protocol has become more ‘open’ to not counting calories on the refeed day (i.e. to 500) & also, more attention has been given to ‘simplicity’. So, if it’s easier or even more enjoyable sometimes to eat out (i.e. my hubby and I love to do this on the weekends), I hear ya-better to eat at home and most times, we do…but it is good for folks to see that eating out for weight loss (with a low carb emphasis) can be so achievable at a more efficient rate of loss ***IF they are willing to give the fasting protocol a go! ps…I’m such a carnivore that the Wendy’s food Mia was eating, just sort of nailed it down right then and there! Haha! I wish you luck sweetie! ❤️ from Canada. Pps…my only weakness I see with this is that I love craft beer and may try to sneak it into the refeed *sometimes when we go out to a restaurant….but if I see that it is interfering with weight loss, then I will ditch it. 🙂

  16. Congratulations to all the winners ! It is so important to be consistent a quality I'm working on 😁♥️. Make it a great day!

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