Solidcore AKA “Pilates on crack”

(upbeat music) – Hey, it’s Lizzy Fay, and today I’m gonna show you Solidcore. Come on in, check it out. Solidcore is one of the hottest workouts in the country right now, and they’re opening several
locations right here in Chicago. We’ve got Allison to tell us all about it. – Yeah, so Solidcore is
a 50-minute low impact, high intensity workout that we use springs to control the resistance with. So we break down those
slow twitch muscle fibers so that the next day they
come back 10 times stronger. – [Lizzy] Love it. This is like pilates type of machines. – Yeah, a lot of people refer to this class as pilates on crack. So this machine right here is
called Sweatlana in Solidcore. All of the resistance is created by using these springs here. So it is tailorable to
every single person. – So it’s just like the basic moves, like the lunges, the planks. – Yeah, so what Solidcore is based off of lunges, squats, and planks. The whole point of these classes is to go super slow in the movements, and then between the movements,
you go really quickly, so that’s what gets our heart rates up, that’s what makes us high
intensity, low impact, so it’s super safe, super
accessible for almost anyone. – Woo, I already feel the burn. – Totally, your right glute is
gonna be your primary muscle that would work right here, so as you press through that right heel, you’re going to start to
shake through that right leg. That’s an indication you’ve
hit that second stage of muscle failure, so that– – That was quick. – Yes, totally, so, yeah, it’s very unlikely that you will
go through a whole class without breaking, so we
encourage breaks in here just so you can come
back 10 times stronger. We will never tell you that
you’re going too slow in here. It just doesn’t exist, so the slower you go, the more beneficial it’s gonna be for you. Yeah, you’ll probably start to feel those lower abs come into play here. – And I feel this, like every
time I’ve done this class, the next day, I’m just super sore. – Totally. – But it’s like the
addictive like I need more. – Oh yeah, you’e gonna leave
wanting to come back for more. It’s super challenging,
you will never walk out of here without a challenge. – Ooh, well that is an amazing wourkout. Thank you, Allison.
– Thank you so much. – Be sure to check out
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