Solving Problems With a Warning Label

Toxic corruption targeting you people. That’s enough, that’s all I need. Now, I think that a label on the can warning it solves a lot of these problems. I think there’s going to be people that—because they see it enough times—will stop and think that maybe this did play a role in my grandma’s diabetes. Maybe this isn’t something I should be giving my kids. What about the Marlboro and the Jack Daniels, right? They’ve got a different kind of relationship with our children than it might’ve once had, right? The corruption—it’s going to be hard for them to give money when it says it on it. You know, is there a Jack Daniels driving school? Well then why in the ‘F’ is there an “exercise is medicine” run by Coca-Cola, how are they giving certs in exercise? That’s soda pop, guys. The label on the can makes it hard to take money from them. You see that? It won’t be the same anymore. And in terms of targeting you, it’s already costly, it’s already made a difference. It already has.

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  1. Everyone knows soda is bad. It is a personal decision to drink it or not. How about putting warning labels on meat since it is connected to many more health problems than soda. Oh wait you wouldn't want that because your business is built off of telling people to eat meat. This revenge smear campaign is getting really old. If you had gone after soda companies because you genuinely cared instead of doing it only after they tried to effect your certification requirements I would have much more respect for what you are doing.

  2. Hi guys!! hope that label gets on the cans soon!! it could be nice to see in one of the videos a can with the desired label, so we can start seeing it as a reality, and start sharing that image!! Thanks Greg and CF for fighting against them!

  3. It took a long time for warning labels to be put on Cigarettes. It is gonna take 10-15 years for warning labels on Soda and 25-50 years for warning labels on Processed and Red Meat. If you want to live a longer and healthier life then don't put hazardous stuff in your body~

  4. Sugar is death…except before you die you have years of pain and misery. Sugar is now in about 90% of all the foods in the supermarket. The only way to avoid it is to shop like my grandmother did. Buy fresh food and cook it yourself. The sugar companies need to be called out. If a nutritionist giving a class in the Adult School at a community college says "No Sugar" then the sugar industry won't care a bit. If Crossfit with all its world -wide members who are rabidly healthy, and noisy, start saying "No Sugar" then they are threatened and they will devise strategies to discredit their detractors. In 2008 Coach Glassman was advocating "…and no sugar". The Sugar Industry did not feel the threat then. 2015 is a different year, and the Sugar Industry is starting their tactics. This is exactly the same lead-up that we went through with big-tobacco. It's time.

  5. Link of Picture of CrossFit HQ serving BEER + DONUTS at a Seminar!?!?!?

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