movie creator sound of freedomTim Ballard, has laughed off accusations linking his film to QAnon conspiracy theorists.

sound of freedom is a new action film that tells the true story of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) founder Ballard as he quit his job as a special agent for Homeland Security to fight the global sex trafficking of children.

The film, which stars actor Jim Caviezel as Ballard, scored a surprise box office win on its opening day, topping Indiana Jones and the dial of fate to get to first place.

Based on and produced by Ballard, his OUR organization was the subject of a 2020 Vice News investigation that accused them of misrepresenting the truth of their missions. The report at the time made links to the success of OUR with the help of the rise of QAnon conspiracy theorists.

Tim Ballard Premiere Sound of Freedom
Tim Ballard attends the “Sound of Freedom” premiere on June 28, 2023 in Vineyard, Utah. He discussed the reported links between his film and QAnon conspiracy theorists on Fox News.
Fred Hayes/Getty Images

Speaking in fox and friends on Fox News, Ballard said this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“There has been some criticism in the mainstream media suggesting that there is some sort of connection between your film and QAnon. Can you explain that?” asked host Steve Doocy.

Ballard laughed, saying: “I can’t explain it and neither can they. On every show I’ve seen, they like to say QAnon, they don’t make any connection to the real story.”

Fox News then brings up a series of headlines establishing links between sound of freedom and QAnon. The Guardian called sound of freedom a “QAnon-adjacent thriller”, the washington post call the film a “blockbuster whose star embraces QAnon,” while Rolling Stone call it a “brainworm parent superhero movie: QAnon-tinged thriller.”

Ballard admits that the timing of the events was played with to make the narrative work, but otherwise the saved kids and “bad guys” are real.

“Where was the QAnon doctrine thrown in the movie and in the script? I have no idea because this is really what it sounds like. This is what happened. I was there, and several others were there to confirm it, so this is just another agenda,” he said.

He added: “Who would want to interfere with pedophiles and human traffickers? That’s the biggest question in all of this. Why would you want to lie to push an agenda whose goal is to keep children in captivity? It’s kind of sick.” “

Mel Gibson was recently linked to OUR after a rumor spread online suggesting he was producing a four-part documentary series centering on an international child sex trafficking ring. His representatives confirmed to news week that these reports were false, but Ballard had been open in the past about his ties to Gibson and the help he provided.

Gibson promoted the film in a video which has been used on various social networking sites. As part of the promotional push, he talks about the serious problem of human trafficking and how sound of freedom is doing an important job of raising awareness on the issue.

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