Sport-fx in Crossfit Personal Trainer & Athlete FERNANDO GIMENEZ

Hi, I’m Fernando Giménez Pando, from Vigo, Spain. Coach and athlete of CTS Crossfit. My sporting achievements have been to compete in the “Masters 40”, tenth in the Open at national level. Eigth in the “Masters 35” category, in community Games, in Vila do Conde, being in eighth position
and first in the Spanish Throwdow category “Masters 40”, national competition. In squats isometry, the tests I have performed, from last week to this one, I have acquired 50% more. In shoulder static isometry I have reached 20% more than the test last week. In shoulder raises isometry I gained 10%. In the push-up test I made 50 push-ups in the first test and in the second I made 55. In the Crossfit Fran test, I have done in the first a time of 4:28 min. And in a second test I have reached a 3:49 min. On a mental level, I feel stronger and I notice something, I do not know 100% what it is, but I notice something. But as a coach, I have 14 athletes of different ages and it’s curious that two people who are women of different ages, they had a brand that they had not been overcome for a long time, more than for the issue of force because of a
mental blockage that they could have then this week After performing the tests, one has gained 7 KG of improvement in her RM mark and the other athlete has gained an improvement of 5 KG in its brand and being a movement of quite complex snatch that is technically difficult, and apart, The greater the difficulty they have with this type of movement. Then it is true that since August, date of my penultimate competition
I have done an RM of 85 KG in snatch and it’s been 4 months having a hard time to reach that weight without reaching it, and just last week in coincidence with the other two girls I have reached my RM againof that 85 KG. For me it is a quite significant fact at the moment of evaluating this … this type of test, well Fran is a typical test, that yes with a lot of time of work, months looking for this goal of improvement, can be reached quite well, but it is true that from one week to another is quite impossible. For that reason … everything that help improving performance, improve the mental levels of blockages or situations, so I think this can help them favorably advancing in their achievements. Sport-fx, the innovative and natural tool for high performance!

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