StairMaster Workout Tips : StairMaster Workout: Deltoid Lateral Raises

Now, we’re going to move on to some lateral
raises with our exercise tubing. So, we’re going to start off by just stepping away.
Oh yeah, I’m getting a workout today on this little Stairmaster. And now, what we’re going
to do is we’re going to take our tubing, put it in our hands, want to relax our shoulders,
bellybutton’s into the spine, my posture is good. Remember, always have good posture.
And then you want to take those arms and you’re going to come on up. Working on that lateral
raise. I can feel it in my deltoids. Oh, yeah. We’re working our delts, just like we did
before, only we did them in the front. We’re doing them to the side, bring them on up.
Slight bend, you want to have a slight bend in those elbows. And if you want, you can
bring one up and then alternate. Again, it depends on what you’re going for. Sometimes,
it takes a little bit more coordination to do one at a time. It takes a little more wind,
a little more cardio, to do two at a time. It all depends on what you’re going for. But
what a great workout you can get on a little Stairmaster like this. Just a few more and
I’ll be as buff as one of those gladiators. Oh, yeah. Remember, keep those elbows soft,
slight bend in them. And there we go. That’s how you do the lateral raise on the Stairmaster.

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