Starting video on exercise by Dr. Kamal Kishore Chakraborty

Hello everyone. I am Dr. Kamal Kishore Chakraborty. I am starting a Youtube channel. This is my first video. I want to tell you what i am going to do in my videos. I am a doctor and exercising is my hobby and passion. Perhaps there are few doctors who have started a gym or workout with passion. Whatever I know about exercise and about the mechanics of the human body, how a muscle works, which exercise hits which muscle and how, what are the rules to follow, how to move a muscle, I will touch on these matters. One thing I want to clarify at the beginning, I will never encourage the usage of harmful substances. How to be healthy and strong without using such things is what I will dwell upon. Self-confidence and self-belief, evident in our posture, words, actions will make others respect us. One who does exercise oozes confidence and determination. To build a body, you need sacrifice and sincerity. Summarizing what we need to do, what we need to inculcate, what we need to refuse, what exercises to do and what not to do, is what my channel is all about. Very few channels made by doctors on what, why and how to exercise. I will speak on all types of exercises, what to do in specific ailments If you like my videos then please subcribe to my channel and like it. If you dislike the video, then do not watch. A big thanks to everyone who have watched and please never stop exercising.

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