STOP Postpartum Back Pain And Aches (4 BAD HABITS TO STOP)

Can’t lift your baby out of her crib without
wincing and low back pain? Keep watching because I’m going to show you
four bad habits that you’re doing every day that’s creating that low back pain, and I’m
going to show you how to turn those bad habits into good habits. For the best fitness and nutrition advice
for strong models like you, keep watching. Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell below
so you never miss a video from me every Tuesday. By the end of this video you’ll learn that
your low back pain is a symptom of your poor postural habits as well as your weak glutes. Yeah. I’m talking the weak backside muscles, baby. As a personal trainer specializing in moms
in pregnancy and postpartum, 70% of the moms that I’ve trained have all dealt with low
back pain usually because of the way that they hold their kids, the way that they pick
things up, the way that they walk around with heavy things, not to mention they’re weak
glute muscles. So let’s dive in and get you on your way to
feeling pain-free and start to use your butt muscles instead of your back muscles. Bad habit number one, you’ve heard the phrase
lift with your legs. That’s what we need to start doing. Instead of lifting with our backs. Instead of rounding your back like this and
putting all that weight into your lower back, here’s how we’re going to start to use our
butt and our legs to do the work instead. We’re going to squat down properly and grab
a hold of our child or the heavy item and then we’re going to exhale as we push through
our heels and come back up to standing. Bad habit number two, holding and carrying
kids with your hips and your belly. Stop holding your babies, heavy items, laundry
baskets with your hips and your belly. Instead start holding these heavy items with
your arms. You see the way that this mom is holding her
baby with her belly and thrusting her hips out in front of her? Yeah. That’s compensating to the smooshed muscles
and vertebrate in her low back causing her back pain. And this is why you need strong arms because
those babies are only getting heavier. So when you’re holding your babies, make sure
that you have good postural alignment. So that means making sure that your legs are
straight and not on a diagonal. That means making sure that your hips are
in line with your ribs and that means dropping your ribs and making sure your ribs aren’t
thrusted out in front of you. I get into all this postural stuff in more
detail in one of my recent videos. That video is all about postpartum body changes
and getting your booty back. So click the description box below to get
more detail on how to fix your posture step by step. Moms, let me know in the comments below. What kind of postures or activities are you
doing on a daily basis that you know are contributing to your low back pain? All right, poor habit number three, stop tucking
your butt under and stop clenching your butt muscles all the time. This kind of goes hand in hand with posture. So it’s not only that we are picking up, lifting
and carrying in poor alignment, a lot of times we just have this poor poster that we’ve taken
from pregnancy and we still have that in postpartum. And you’ll know that you’re a butt tucker
if your butt is really flat or if you take a look at your bum and it looks like you have
a wedgie all the time. It’s not very cute, but it’s easier said than
done to say to somebody, “Oh, just stop clenching your pop muscles because the muscles are just
always, always tight.” So here’s how you can get rid of that. You can do two things. You can start to self massage yourself with
a foam roller, and I have a video demonstrating how to do that in the description box below,
so make sure to check that out and learn how to foam roll your clenched butt muscles. One of my favorite ways, and a little bit
more intense than using foam roller is to take a tennis ball and to do some self massage
against a wall. Just like I’m doing here, I’m just rolling
back and forth. You can do in a circular motion, you can do
figure eight. You can even just push your body weight into
that ball as you see fit and just let that muscle release happen. Now this isn’t going to happen just one time
foam rolling or one time using a tennis ball. It’s going to take some time. So I recommend every couple of days, maybe
just before bed. If you’re watching some Netflix or some TV,
you can do these muscle release strategies as you’re hanging out. And our last bad habit, number four is you’re
not strengthening your glutes. You are not actually making an effort to make
your butt muscles stronger. And as you know, you need strong back muscles
to lift up, to pick up, to carry properly. One of those of those ways to do this without
exercise is to walk up the stairs properly. Yeah. Stop running up the steps and stop using just
the balls of your feet because that’s just placing more strain on your knees. I want you to place as much of your foot that
you can on your step. And every time you step, I want you to visualize
and try and put that weight into your heel. And if you put the weight into your heel,
that’s going to transfer it to your glute muscles, your butt. And that is going to be driving muscle that
propels you up and forward. So yeah, it’s going to be walking up the stairs
really slowly. But this is one way, one simple way that you
can start to activate and use your glutes instead of your knees. Moms, It’s not about how big your booty is,
it’s about how strong your muscles are. So if you know that you have weak glute muscles
or you know you have low back pain, make sure to start adding some strength exercises to
your workout routine, even if you don’t have a workout routine now, I highly recommend
checking out a couple of my videos where I focus all on glutes. Glute strike. I have a 20 minute Orange Theory inspired
HIIT video as well as my butt lift bridge workout and that’s only 15 minutes. I’ll put those videos in the description box
below so make sure to check those videos out so you can get working on your glute strength. So now you know the four bad habits to break
and how breaking them is going to help you get rid of your low back pain. But what about really going to the next level
and honing in on other body pain, aches that you have going on? Maybe it’s not even aches and pains. Maybe you really want to work on your body
composition and just feeling confident in yourself again. And what better way to do that with me as
your personal trainer, I put together personalized workout plans for you and your body as it
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  2. Loving your videos babe! I have really been learning alot for my clients.. I havent had a baby so sometimes its hard to know exactly what they are dealing with! You have really been helping me empathize with them!

  3. Such a great video. I'm not a mom yet but I can definitely apply all these principles to improving my posture :). Love your presentation style! New subscriber here! I use the same body mechanics at the hospital to help move my patients.

  4. Great tips. I was in a car accident last year and have a lot of back pain. I will be implementing these.

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