Strength exercises with elastic bands on BOSU Ball for tennis players | TRAINING 2/6

Hi guys! This is Gaby, the tennis pro from
here in sunny Barcelona. Today what we are going to do are exercises
to improve your balance and stability and also upper and lower body strength,
perfect for tennis players and players of other racquet sports. Today we are going to use the following equipment. First of all, the Bosu Ball. As a tennis coach I always say that it’s
very important to practice your core balance and stability and Bosu Ball is perfect for
that. It’s inflated rubber dome on top of a rigid
platform and it forces you to maintain the center of gravity low always when you do any
exercise. Apart from Bosu Ball we are going to use elastic
bands. So first, I have small loop elastic bands. They have different colors so every strap
is of different color to represent the tension. Another elastic band is this blue long elastic
band. They also come in colors for improved difficulty
so you can gradually improve your workout. So the blue one is probably quite strong. And the last one is the red resistance band
with cushion foam handles. The red one is probably the medium one. They are perfect for stretching, physical
therapy, pilates but also for muscle strengthening, for elasticity and power and that’s what
we’re going to use it for today. All those exercises you can do without Bosu
Ball but I always say that a good tennis player has a good balance and stability and Bosu
Ball helps work on that so I would reccommend to do them on a Bosu Ball. So let’s get started with the upper body
workout! So these were all exercises that are tennis-specific
for upper body strengthening with elastic bands and on Bosu Ball, and now we are going
to do the lower body workout. Let’s get started! All right! So we did the upper body and lower body strengthening
today. We were using different types of elastic bands
and a Bosu Ball for balance and stability. The next one is going to be about coordination
and tennis-specific shots so don’t miss this one. And if you liked this video and you picked
up some ideas for your own exercise and you go to a park and do them, take a picture and
tag us on Instagram so we can check them out. See you next time!

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