Strong arms workout // how to get stronger at home

today you’ll learn an arm workout with
variations that you can do from the comfort of your own home hey there coach
Tyler here from where we show you how to transform your body
from the comfort of your own home which is exactly why we’re in my living room
so here’s what we’re gonna do today I’ve got Mike here with me and so I’m gonna
walk you through two arm exercises using him as my model that you can easily do
in your living room and then show you a 3-minute workout that you can follow
along too and I guarantee your arms will feel fired up by the end and as always
be sure to check in with your personal care provider before trying any new
exercise routine once you’ve done that though come work out with us okay the
two arm exercises we’re doing today are tabletop holds and chair dips before we
do this follow along though let us show you how to do each exercise with perfect
form which will help you get the most out of your workout and help you avoid
injury to start we’re gonna go to the table top hold so feel free to practice along and decide which variation you’re going
to use okay the first variation of the tabletop is called the tabletop hold
great exercise for your core and especially your triceps so to get set up
for this start in a seated position with your legs straight then bring your hands
behind you with your fingertips turn backwards right behind your butt okay so
from there to get your hips up into the right position I want you to dig your
heels into the ground like you’re trying to do a hamstring curl so Mike go
ahead and lift your hips up curl into the ground good you see how much weights
on his heels we really like that bring your hips as high as you possibly can
you may not be able to go as high as Mike so just go as high as you possibly
can now from here try to bring your shoulder blades back and down as much as
possible it’s gonna open your chest like crazy and it’s gonna make those muscles
get stronger which is gonna make your posture better also don’t look down at
your toes keep your head nice and tall and from one perspective here is you
want make sure your knee doesn’t go outside
or inside your toes you want to make sure that knee is going the same exact
direction as your toes from there you’re gonna hold this position and you’re
gonna breathe shallow and try to keep your glutes tight and your core tight
and those shoulders pull back the entire time as you do this now this is too hard
let us show you an easier variation all right this is a more beginner variation
of the tabletop called low chair table top lifts for this one you’re gonna
start in a seated position with your legs straight just like you were on the
floor and then you’re gonna bring your hands behind you with your fingertips
facing backwards again and you’re gonna try to pull that posture back curl your
heels lift your hips and go nice and straight lines so as you can see Mike’s
got a straight line from the knee to the hips to the shoulders all the way
through the top of his head he doesn’t want to crunch his chin like this or
jut his chin forward and you really want to pull the shoulder blades back push
them forward real quick so they can see what’s going wrong like that not good
lift the chest pull the shoulder blades back that is a really good position
right there now since this is a lift and not a hold I want you to come into this
position hold it for just a second come back down tap your butt take a quick
rest and then come back up all right so you’re gonna go in and out of this
position over and over again this way you can exhale as you come through
inhale as you come up exhale as you go down and repeat this rep for the entire
time we’re doing this workout all right let’s go on to the next exercise all
right the second exercise is called the bent knee low chair dip and this
exercise is really really good for your triceps the muscles on the back sides of
your arms and as well as strengthen even your legs and core at the same time okay
so start out with you’re gonna bring your hands right next to your hips but
this time you can have your fingertips facing forward you can bring your feet
out just a little bit more than that so you have plenty of space to come down
and you’re gonna slide your butt out in front and then gonna dip your butt all
the way down as low as you can and come back up by pressing your hands into the
ground now go ahead to another rep at the bottom you don’t want to round your
chest forward so show me that’s bad posture you don’t want to do that you
want to lift your chest as high as you can and when you press up you want to
lean back against your triceps so that you moving activate those muscles
much as possible inhale as you go down exhale as you come up go as deep as you
can comfortably now if you need to get a little more range of motion you can
always take your feet a little bit wider and do a wider stance version of this as
well otherwise inhale as you go down exhale as you come up and repeat this
exercise during the workout now this is too hard I’m gonna show you a slightly
easier variation next all right this more beginner variation this exercise is
called the wide stance half low chair dip so what makes this different is you’re
gonna take your feet out quite a bit wider so a real nice wide stance you’re
gonna bring your hands next to your hips just like you were before bring your
hips forward and then you’re only gonna go half way down and you’re gonna keep
your knees out nice and wide so don’t let your knees cave in show me like
a knee cave where your knees come in don’t do that that’s terrible for the
inside of your knee it’s gonna hurt them so press your knees out the whole time
that’s gonna help use your glute muscles a little bit more to support you as you
do this now again go down as deep as you can
but you only have to go about halfway down if you can’t do that you all you
have to do is a little tiny bit of the elbows up and down but otherwise
everything else is the same keep the chest open keep the shoulder blades back
press backwards at the top position inhale as you go down exhale as you come
up and repeat that during the entire workout all right now that you know the
exercises all you have to do is decide which variation you want to do and then
you’ll do 20 seconds of work with a 10 second rest in between exercises for
three rounds you’ll rotate between one of the tabletop variations and one of the
chair dip variations so let’s get ready to work your arms with us in three two one
and go whoo thanks Mike for working out with us
today let us know in the comments below which variation you chose and if you
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