100 Replies to “Strongman Robert Oberst’s 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet: FUEL”

  1. " if you want your car to run good you put good fuel in it" truer words have never been spoketh sir oberst, some people put the cheapest fuel in their car and think it's gonna run the same as mid or higher grade, same thing applies to your body, great advice

  2. I don't think hes the freak show I think hes dedicated to his craft he also looks like hes the cuddly Teddy bear kind

  3. I wish I was like you Robert, ur so down to earth and positive and ur so dedicated to get stronger and bigger, I wish I could look like that but I’m weak and skinny, so I’ll prolly never look as big as you

  4. 5:15 Lady looking at a 6'8" muscle giant- "You must be a bodybuilder"…

    Woman, don't say ridiculous rhetorical things! I would tell her I eat McDonald's until my body gave up and agreed with me. I'm just saving money today.😒

  5. before I came to China I always thought Chinese tattoos were cool, but now that am here and actually can read some of the characters 😂🤣I even notice that your tattoo artist missed some strokes or got the sentence construction horribly wrong

    not saying his tattoo is shyte but some others I've seen

  6. world records and all the accomplishments aside this dude is a winner for being able to cook his own damn food. am in college and I rarely work out or do anything and yet I don't have time to cook

  7. My guy said it's all good, but in reality he be like, "this motherfucker gonna have me restocking the meat section all day."

  8. Eating 6 meals a day geez and I’m sitting here just tryna gain 30lbs of muscle for my 155lb frame and he’s 400lbs

  9. I wanna see this guy and that sumo wrestler they did one on, both of them eating “chankonabe” (if that’s how you spell it) and just hanging out. They seem like they would have fun together

  10. No offense but I wonder if someone punches him does it even hurt him like i just think of that in the back of my head the whole time

  11. I weigh about 140 150 I eat at least five to six times a day and I drink beer with hot sauce on everything Frank's hot sauce so am I chunk I'm 5.9 1/2 ?

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