Summer Body & Confidence Motivation | 20 Week Freeletics Bootcamp Transformation!

Hi everyone, I’m Leandro, I’m from Fortaleza and am thirty-one years old. All my life I was a thin person. My weight was never an issue. But after I started studying and working, I had no time to exercise. This led me to gain over 20kg. At this point, I traveled to visit my family and friends and all of them would make fun of me, calling me “fat”. I felt sad and sort of traumatized: I started feeling ashamed to take my shirt off, at the beach or anywhere else. Knowing that one year later I would visit them again, I promised myself that I would change. No one would ever call me “fat” again. Week 0: 85Kg My experience with Freeletics was hard at the beginning, which I think happens to pretty much everyone. When you are sedentary, you are not used to practicing high-intensity exercises that require a lot from your body. I felt stressed, felt powerless, felt insecure. I felt that it was not for me. Week 3: 76Kg I had a goal in my mind. I wanted to change. I wanted to show people that I would get this victory. Week 6: 70Kg Week 0: 85Kg Week 3: 76Kg Week 6: 70Kg After I started training, all my friends and family noticed how fast my body was changing and asked what I was doing. The process wasn’t easy at all, but I pushed and pushed. In the end I lost 15kg. After being bullied, I was uncomfortable, I was ashamed of my body. I was ashamed to go to the beach and take my shirt off. Now, this has totally changed.

58 Replies to “Summer Body & Confidence Motivation | 20 Week Freeletics Bootcamp Transformation!”

  1. Congratulations Le!

    I'm proud of you! Sensational video!

    You are my friend forever and your achievement made me very happy !

    Love you bro! Hug Trozobinha!

  2. Parabéns bela história! Belo caminho que fizeste!
    Também estou nessa luta e depois de um ano começo a ver os resultados .
    Grande abraço

  3. At one point the echo of his voice reminds me of goku. Then his final form looks like an MMA fighter. I guess the video editor must have goku as the film theme..?

  4. I'm being bullied by friends and family right now. I feel terrible. I've started with Freeletics two times and gave up. I'm 1,88m and 95kg and I want to change my body, your video gave me motivation to do it again – for real, this time!
    Congratulations on your transformation!

  5. Paranbens para voce e que voce sempre supere tudo em sua vida em nome DE JESUS CRISTO, tambem sou praticante do freelectis

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