Sunrise Yoga at LA Fitness

[music playing] I showed up for the sunrise yoga class today. It was
great. It was a great way to start my day. What I like about Yoga is the stretching and just
the overall balance that I feel after class. In the morning, it’s great, though, to get up
early and just to be with other yogis. I’ve been doing yoga and Pilates pretty much off and on for about ten
years. The moves are pretty much the same in all classes so- And there’s beginning and advanced versions of every single move,
so you can kind of tailor it to yourself regardless of the instructor or the other people in the class. You know, I think that you can do it any time of day. I mean,
it’s great in the mornings because you get a great start to your day and I feel really good, um, but in the evenings I leave class, you know,
nine o’ clock at night and I feel like I’m ready for bed, and it’s- it’s been a good day. Um…when I’m done with Yoga, it’s kind of like
an elation. You’re just kind of like…airy…happy… Just like, “Oh great!” Great way to start your day. [laughs] I love how I feel when I walk out. It’s hard going
there sometimes after a long day at work, but I always- I always appreciate it and love it when I walk out.
I feel relaxed, I feel just calm, I feel like… …so much better than I did before I walked in. [music swells] [music fades]

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  1. can U tell me which level of yoga class @ your clubs ? for new, begin , intermediate or advance ? And how long does a yoga class take ? 1 hour ? I just can see start time at your schedule, not end time …

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