Super 16 | Acadiana Running Back Dillan Monette

20:16 Acadiana football is 132 games but for the second straight year now one player on the team has ever played in the Superdome as the Rams last title came in 2014 Andrew clay shows us how disappointing playoff exits are fueling our next super 16 athlete running back Dillon Monette 3124 Zachary 4342 Hahnville 26:14 Zachary for kidding of football those the numbers the final scores two playoff losses that have haunted the Rams that past three seasons they taught me that you can’t always win and this year but my senior year last year we have to win we have to win this year the only four year starter for Acadiana dillema net has been a spark plug for the veer machine offense it often provides fireworks well we knew he’s been big good football player I mean he’s got good feet he’s a good athlete he can really run so the first time we saw him we knew he had a chance to be really good do you think I’m working on is making making people miss ability things of that nature so I can become a more exciting player when it enters the season just seven hundred yards shy of the school Russian record will have a chance not only to leave the program on top of the record books but on top of all of class 5a you know when you’re working extremely hard we you know we expect another really good year you know I mean he’s he’s been a guy that’s been playing for us now for four years you know he played as a freshman sophomore and junior and he understands the whole system and he’s worked extremely hard he’s he’s bigger and faster than he’s ever been so we expect good things out of it next year both Minette and teammate Jeremiah Brooks will play football at army reporting in Scott Andrew clay kaytis eSports

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