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a beloved Eddie here muscle tech and bodybuilding calm a fleet today I’m gonna run you through my arm workout so during this arm workout is going to be super set between biceps and triceps I’m gonna be completely different than what you’re normally used to we’re gonna start off lifting heavy on biceps at the beginning of the workout lifting lighter on triceps and then towards the end of the workout we’re gonna be lifting heavier on triceps and lighter on biceps alright so let’s get started with this workout for the first superset we’re gonna be doing barbell bicep curls with rope push downs during barbell curls make sure that you’re keeping your back straight and you’re squeezing throughout the whole range of motion [Applause] now moving on to the rope push downs will be going for four sets of around twelve to fifteen rest make sure that your going slow and controlled for the curls we’re going to be going up and weight and each set we’re going to be doing the four sets we’re gonna start off with 12 10 8 8 and on the last set we’re into a drop set [Music] [Applause] [Music] so as I said we’re gonna be going with lighter weight here because we’re gonna be pre exhausting the muscle [Music] moving on to the second superset we have EZ bar preacher curls with cable overhead extensions for the preacher curls we’re going to be doing four sets of 10 reps when you’re doing the perch of curls make sure you’re going all the way down getting that full stretch and going up pausing for a second squeezing and then straight back down for the cable overhead extension or me doing four sets of 15 reps but at the end of those reps we’re gonna be doing intro set stretching what that is you’re going to go all 15 reps then you’re gonna hold it the stretch for 30 seconds after the 30 seconds is up drop the weight go for as many reps as you can stretch again and then drop the wave one more time stretch another 30 seconds and then that is the end of the set [Music] [Music] moving on to the third superset we have incline bench dumbbell curls with EZ bar skull Crusher’s for the incline bench dumbbell curls you just raise the bench up to about 45 degrees we’re gonna be doing four sets of around 12 reps [Music] so now we’re moving on to where we’re going to be using more weight for triceps so we’re gonna be going heavier and lowering the reps we’re gonna start off with four sets of ten eight eight and eight and on the last set we’re into a drop set for the incline bench dumbbell curls on the fourth and final set what we just got done doing on triceps we’re gonna do on biceps now so we’re gonna do three sets of 12 reps the fourth set we’re gonna do the intro set stretching [Music] [Music] so when you’re doing the triceps school crushers make sure that you’re not locking out at the top too many people go up and just lock out you want to keep tension in your triceps the whole time on the fourth set when we do the drop set just drop the weight by 20% and then hit failure on every single set after that [Applause] [Music] [Music] moving on to the fourth superset we have dumbbell hammer curls superset with dumbbell overhead extensions for the hammer curls we’re gonna be doing four sets of twelve ten ten ten on the last set we’re gonna be doing that drop set again [Music] the dumbbell overhead extensions we’re gonna be doing four sets of ten reps during this movement I like to have an upright bench just to keep my back completely flat and you’re able to focus on all triceps you’re going back stretching back and then going up don’t lock out at the top [Music] when we’re doing the dumbbell hammer curls try to do both arms at the same time now if you hit failure before you get to those 10 or reps go to alternating you’re able to squeeze that a little bit more reps [Music] moving on to the fifth superset this is going to be different we’re gonna be incorporating blood flow restrictions we’re gonna be doing high cable curls with tricep extensions doing four sets of 15 reps on both exercises so for blood flow restrictions there are bands made just for this purpose but if you don’t have those you can just use any kind of bands so what you do you get your band as high up as you can and you want the tightness around a six or seven out of the ten [Music] [Applause] [Music] so when you’re doing the blood flow restriction you can’t use the amount of weight that you would normally be using on a normal set you have to literally drop the weight in half so something that you would normally do pour around like 30 reps use that for those 15 reps and you’re really going for the pump here [Music] we’re gonna finish it off this workout with a giant set we’re doing three sets of 12 reps on every exercise we’re going to start off with the easy bar overhang curls with dumbbell kickbacks and then we’re gonna finish off the workout with close grip push-ups but the curls make sure you’re doing good form keep your back straight keep tension and your biceps the whole time [Music] so for the dumbbell kickbacks use a weight that you can get those 12 reps on and that you’re squeezing and the back of that movement and pause for a split second for the close grip push-ups make sure you’re not locking out at the top go down squeeze go up squeeze really hard at the top but don’t lock out for the close grip push-ups make sure that your elbows are tucked to your sides so that you’re engaging your triceps and not your chest [Music] I like to incorporate this workout every two weeks one workout I will do where I’m not super setting biceps and triceps and then this workout is great because it ties them in together if you have any questions for me you can reach me on my Instagram and my youtube channel for more free articles and videos like this from other muscle tech athletes visit if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe

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  2. Brother, I have been doing gym for two months, I have light fat on my stomach and my body height is 5 feet 4 and weighing 65 kg. I wish I will reduce my body fat and try to increase a little bit, and make a cutin in the body, but my brother is busy for 2 months Even after the weight of my body did not diminish but weight was released due to various muscles being grown. Now I am very worried how can I fix my body? What should I be out of work if you told me I would have been very good

  3. The word "overtraining " springs to mind.
    Hey lets do a few more exercises then we will have covered almost every arm combination. Then sit back and wonder why your arms dont grow.

  4. Hows about talking about the biomechanics and the anatomy to help people understand what and why they do these exercises, instead of just goint "aaaaaaaaaaaaaah" duribg your reps

  5. I hope every natural lifter knows that this is way too much volume for them to handle and will be counterproductive if they do this.

  6. See 6:25 minutes, actually i don’t know that robber belt's name, can you say the blue color robber's name?

  7. It is a fatal mistake to Train de antagonists… so your Video is a fatal qualitiy… a man Hof prefers this…..Bit you are an American 😂🤣 and People like you and Trump make a mit of mistakes try to change the world 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😜😘 Greatz from Germany

  8. این داره جلو بازو هالتر 200کیلو میزنه یا چشا من اشتباه میبینه؟هر طرف 100تاس😐😐😐

  9. I did this complete workout and it took me two straight hours and my arms were soar for the next five days….. It was a blast and now i have made it my regular arms workout….. Really thanks to you Man…. U owe my respect

  10. may you pls tell me about exercise,suppose we are doing biceps and triceps and there is necessary set we should do after one another

  11. why is every damn workout vid show the person as the only one in the damn gym??   or at least the free weight area??

  12. ..aaand this requires a minimum one week rest period, and the inability to train chest/back/shoulders due to overtrained arms (unless you're a juicehead like said performer)

  13. 3:10 for the incline bitch dumbell curls, you just raise the bitch up to about 45°… yeah my bitch didn't like that

  14. I tried this one today for the first time and my arms were crying. tho. I still had to skip one set as I wasn't able to fit everything within my usual 90 mins time window.

  15. You're NOT keeping your back straight. Now, should I listen to the greats like Arnold? Or a nobody like you? 🙂

  16. ايش تعني العدة ٨،٨،٨،١٢، او احيانا ٨،١٠،١٠،١٢ ، هل لكل عدة بعينها تاثير مختلف على العضلة؟؟

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