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  1. Hey THENX, so I am new to calisthenics and I was wondering how you incorporate legs into your workouts

  2. Please bring the music to spotify too, not everyone is with apple 😉 need those hype workout tunes bro

  3. These are PERFECT exercises! I´ve got the resistance band and parallettes at home, but never even think about these.. THANK YOU!!! I love you 😉

  4. Can you tell me where I can listen to the Songs in the background (like the one at 3.50 super dope!) Thanks

  5. Sir Sunday please upload video in which the workouts for body transformation from skinny to muscular…please please

    I liked this video but I can't practice because I don't have any single equipment but then also I like It but the best I like the videos are using your own bodyweight for workout..

  6. Yo when will those Chino Heria Joggers and Thenx black joggers be in stock for size small? Wearing them will give superhuman strength 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  7. I broke my left wrist 2 months ago and my right wrist 4 weeks ago..How do I strenghten my wrists so I can start training because I am in alot of pain if I try to train

  8. Whoever is making the music choices for these videos has great taste! Excited for the playlist to come out (based on a comment below). Also, what's the name of the song / artist? Is it accessible anywhere else (royalty-free / licensed?)

  9. Gracias por los subtitulos 👏 a darle con todo 💪 saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱

  10. can i training muscle up for 3-4 times per week and training every day with daily workout?! Am i overtraining?? help me pls, tks

  11. Calisthenics is one of my favourite ways of proving people wrong. I'm 14, 64kg, 20% bodyfat, can only do about 6 pull ups in a set and yet I can do 2 muscle ups even though everyone said I needed 20 pull ups to achieve it.

  12. Hello, Chris. I would like to ask about your opinion on my progression and I think that this question is important. When I'm training for example back and biceps do I need to do let's say 4 sets of 6-7 reps pull ups or 4 sets of maximum reps in order to progress with calisthenics. I'm thinking about maxing all my sets plus added weight in my school bag.

  13. 4 rounds

    8 full planche push-ups
    10 full planche leans
    5 tuck to full planche
    8 90* hold + push-ups
    12 tuck planche push-ups

  14. Hey OFFICIALTHENX this may be a odd Requist but can you make a video about what to eat and not to eat and how to lose weight easly co's there are many tips for it but there all different for my self i weight 140 KG or 308 pound. thank you for the help

  15. Putting the bend on the legs is probably good for beginners, but if I want true sense of positioning I prefer to put it around my waist. Only then I can truly sense how much to lean forward and the benefit of the hollow body position to shift the centre of mass.

  16. This video is seriously going to help me out so much! I can't wait to do these tomorrow. Thank you Osvaldo!

  17. Hie Thenx tried to download the App but it will not finish loading after l sign up? Kindly assist. Thank you

  18. hey! Im anurag i can do 40 push ups non stop with perfect form i can also do superman push ups but im unable to pull ups plz advice me😢😢😢

  19. Thanks for the great workout. I did it today and now I got even more respect for the people able to perform the planche, like Osvaldo. I can see there is a lot of triceps power involved, did you build your triceps strength with these exercises or doing dips?

  20. No hate, but Osvaldo doesn't have leggs= all time wearing trousers. So its ezy to make full planche all time you want it.

  21. NICE VIDEO Osvaldo watching OFFICIALTHENX workout from Mauritius island

    it's not so easy but I keep doing my best.

  22. Make a video on how to use ThenX app step by step for skill training. Its really confusing for beginner. please 😢 Intro program has 5/6 exercises but (pullup..) but you didn't give any routine for that.when to do,how many days in week,which exercises to do. this aplicable for Handstand,pullover… also

  23. Thank you for the video!

    Also, i'm very happy with Heria music coming to iTunes. I was waiting a very long time for it 🙂

  24. Great video, Osvaldo! I think it's important for beginners like myself to be able to simulate the full position using bands, just to keep us excited while we're in the "no fun zone" of basic progressions lol.

  25. I think the title is a bit off topic if the title was "Resistance band planche workout " more people would have clicked. Thenx please make a REsistance band Front and back lever workouts

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