Support: Changing the battery on a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

Today, we’re going to show you how to change
the battery on an original Garmin Heart Rate Monitor If you are wearing your heart rate monitor and it won’t connect with your watch or other devices, then it probably needs a new battery You’ll need the heart rate monitor, a CR2032 battery and a coin Begin by locating the battery cover on the
back of the heart rate monitor Use the coin to turn the battery cover counter-clockwise Then, remove the battery cover Use your fingernail, tape or a small magnet
to remove the old battery from the heart rate monitor Then, wait about ten minutes to insert the
new battery, ensuring the plus icon is facing up Now, re-insert the battery cover and use the coin to turn the cover clockwise, paying attention to the “OPEN” and “CLOSE” indicators You may need to re-pair your heart rate monitor
with your device following a battery replacement Consult your device’s manual for instructions And that’s it!
You’re now ready to track your heart rate For more help, go to

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