Tabata Pull-ups w/ Jake Marconi- CrossFit Athlete

(Laughter) Jake Marconi we’re here at Full Range
CrossFit in Providence Rhode Island we’re going to do a Tabata of chest
to bar pull-ups. 20 seconds to work 10 seconds to rest 8 rounds for 4 minutes.
The goal is to accumulate as many chest to bar pullups as we can. Hoping to get over a hundred. Welcome to Tabata. Here we go in 5 4 3 2 1 GO! Round three. I woke up. (laughter) Wow I think I got like 20. 19. Did 15 for a few sets. Got like a few sets of 12 and 13. So… hopefully we’ll go back, watch, it will be over a hundred. We’ll check it out. Yeah. How are those hands doing? Fine. Victory Grips. These are the three finger leather Victory Grips. From Victory Grips. They’ve got like four finger options. They’ve got a bunch of different materials. This one is my favorite for sure though. I’ve had these for like a year and a half. And they’re fine. Woo.

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  1. Being a fan of crossfit I can see how this style of pull ups can fit in workouts. But not as effective for those wanting proper body shape

  2. i love this! Two of my favorite guys together..Jake Marconi and Rocky!! Great endurance and strength! Always inspiring Jake!

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