Tabata Workout | 4 Minutes Fat Burn CrossFit | Tabata Songs Music

hi guys my name is Anand – dedica decanted see Tabata training protocol 20 and 10 20 seconds of intense workouts and 10 seconds to the rest only five minutes high intensive full-body workouts and only four exercise maximum rate and maximum concentration I ready let’s go [Music] three two [Music] next cycle 2 3 2 1 [Applause] [Music] next cycle three three two one [Music] next cycle four three two one four of eight [Music] Wow [Music] three two next psychopath [Music] cycle 5 event [Music] next cycle six three two one go like all six of eight [Music] three two one music next cycle seven three two [Music] next cycle [Music] sighs finished yes I know it’s great I feel this rush of endorphins really yes I know this very crazy feeling the other great thank you for watching and I’m very glad to see here and subscribe to my channel and you can’t miss the most of interesting bye bye

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