In 2016 I made a transformation video over a year, with Freeletics bodyweight. I had gone from 74kg to 59. I will start Freeletics GYM and make a video transformation. I was shocked by the video transformation of the twins, introduced by Freeletics You are many to think that it is a lie. So I decided to test, and we will see for me. Today I look like that : I weigh 66kg and I put all my measurements in the text of the video The big question for me is how long do I make this transformation video? This is where you are concerned. This is where I need you. That’s where you tell me who stole my fucking last cookies ? If I find it, I will destroy it … I put a vote within the video. What do you prefer ? A three-month transformation video? Or a transformation video over a year, as for the first video transformation I had done with Freeletics bodyweight? I need you to guide me by pressing the small button located here I will not let my finger like that very long ^ ^ I just started, and I find it already very hard ^^ BIM! BAAM ! Do you feel my big bar ? We will see ! Don’t hesitate to encourage me in the comments of the video, and in the application Freeletics Do not hesitate to share this video! Don’t hesitate to do a javelin throw! See you soon !=)

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  1. De même pour la vidéo des jumeaux. Assez impressionnante leur transformation, ils m'ont motivé pour commencer la version gym vu que je n'ai pas l'opportunité de pouvoir faire du poids de corps. perso sur 3 mois c'est plus sympa.

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