Terrell Owens Interview: LA Fitness VIP Reception

[Intro Music Playing] Well, I was invited by a friend, and obviously I think everybody
knows that I’m kind of associated with fitness and so uh… You know, I heard this is a new
venue here, so I’m here to support. Um, what I’m trying to get into uh…I need to do a little
bit more of the yoga and things of that nature so uh… I wanna try to start stretching out a little bit more. Typically,
athletes, uh, we don’t stretch as much as we should, so I definitely want to do a little bit more of that. I’d probably call this my home. Uh, hopefully. So, um
yeah, any time that I can get into the gym and away from my normal routine of doing things,
I definitely enjoy doing that, and uh… So, uh, definitely. I’m looking forward to being here. [Outro Music Playing]

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