A Mercedes collided with a van at an intersection in a terrifying moment that left web users divided over who is responsible for the accident. A video posted on Tik Tok shows the Mercedes driving down a village road in Ockham, Surrey.

However, the car does not seem to slow down when approaching a crossroads.

A van appears at the junction and continues to drive down the main road, before the two vehicles collide in a dramatic moment caught on video.

Debris is seen flying through the air as both vehicles are damaged and the Mercedes appears to skid down the road.

Watching the video, some social media users have criticized the lack of clear road markings at the junction.

After the video was uploaded to Tik Tok yesterday one commentator said: “For non-Brits, the Merc is coming off a side street.

“Therefore, it is required to stop at the line and look, and the van is on the main road.”

Others said that “the van had the right of way” and that the Mercedes was “at fault.”

But one viewer wrote: “Van’s fault for not checking before entering the junction.”

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Another added: “I thought I would make it.”

But several pointed out that the Mercedes should have stopped to give way.

The Highway Code says: “You MUST stop behind the line at an intersection with a ‘Stop’ sign and a solid white line across the road.

“Wait for a safe space in traffic before moving.”

Surrey Police have since told MailOnline that the incident occurred in October.

They said that although they were informed of the collision, officers did not attend because no one was injured.

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