Testing The “Evil Russian” Push-Up Program

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and you’ll be keeping us in business! When I say Russia what do you think of? Kamchatka Vodka for a vodka as smooth as its name. Did you make up a vodka? Kamchatka’s the cheap stuff,>>Jason: Really?
– It’s named for the Kamchatka Peninsula. Why do you know this? Because I went to college, a**hole. What do you mean? [ synthetic robot voice ]
The modern rogue is going to pump you up. All right, so no lie, you’ve been getting fit lately right? I- I wouldn’t say fit, I’ve lost some weight. How much, what- what are you doing? Right now I’ve lost about 18 pounds,>>Brian: Right on.
– From just avoiding carbs, sugar and dairy, and it’s AWFUL. Ah- Oh wait, oh, living your life now? I thought you were gonna say how great it was to be healthy, not so much. No, it sucks man. – All right,
>>Jason: But my clothes fit! Okay, good. But here’s the important thing, there are two steps, one is you got to lose the weight, but then you gotta build up muscle mass, you have to do sculpting or whatever, right? You can go to the gym and get a trainer, you can actually do stuff or, you can cheat and get big results in two weeks. I want to cheat, I want to cheat! Okay, well it’s not entirely cheating. So like 15 years ago, somebody gave me an article from like a men’s health magazine about Pavel “The Evil Russian” Tsatsouline. And this insane two-week push-up program. It’s called The “Evil Russian” hit the deck Program. Now the thing is it didn’t actually make you stronger, but it would add one to two inches on your chest, and it would bulk out your arms by doing just an insane amount of push-ups. This sounds awful, but if it’s a shortcut, I want it. In two weeks you will look fundamentally different. How does it work? How is it a shortcut? Well it’s short in that it’s only two weeks long, and you’re actually not allowed to do any other upper body workouts during this time, so if you are doing bicep curls and all that, you press pause on all of that while you do this program. At the end of it, you will inflate your chest a good one or two inches, but the weird part is that you’re going to have to stop, drop, and do push-ups no matter where you are at timed intervals for that two week time period. So high potential for embarrassment. Yeah- yes, but you if you’re the kind of person that could get over looking like a goofball in public, this is gonna really work. – So if you’re Brian Brushwood basically.
– Or Jason Murphy! – Ok, That’s true.
– ‘Cause you’re in it, right? That’s true, I’m in. So you start on day one, doing a 100 percent test, you do your maximum push-ups, how many push-ups can you do? Probably like at least two. No no, seriously do you know? I have no idea! So that first max you get, that is your baseline, and you’re gonna do a percentage of that baseline every hour on the hour for the rest of the day. So on day one, you max out, let’s say it’s 50 push-ups, then you’re gonna do 30% of that every hour for the rest of the day. Okay, what about when I’m sleeping? You wanna stop about an hour before you go to bed, because otherwise you’re just gonna be working out, and it’s gonna keep you up. Tuesday, you’re gonna spend all day every hour doing 50% of your max, so it’s probably like 25 push-ups no matter where you are. Wednesday, it’s 60% of your max every 45 minutes. Thursday, it’s 25% of your max every hour, so there’s heavy days and then there’s easier days.
>>Jason: Sure. Friday, it starts to get intense, 45% your max every 30 minutes. Saturday, it’s 40% every 60 minutes. Sunday is kinda like a day off, it’s only 20% every 90 minutes, which- which feels silly, it’s like you’re probably drop and do, you know, 7 push-ups or whatever.
>>Jason: Right. Week two you’re gonna set a new baseline. You’re gonna find that your max is much much higher than it was the first time. Then after that it gets really intense, 35% every 45 minutes followed by 55% every 20 minutes, 30% every 15 minutes. You’re gonna do a thousand push-ups in a day. Thursday, it goes to 65% every hour, 35% every 45 (minutes), 45% every 60 (minutes), and then finally you have an easy day and 25% every two hours. And then following, you do one more test and you’ll probably double the amount of push-ups you can do. So it’s only two weeks. Only two weeks, right? You can do this! You wanna start right now, don’t you? Yeah, a little bit, you can do your max. – All right.
– Well here, before we even start, let’s actually take measurements, so we can know how well this is working. Yeah, so with you relaxed, I would say 39, and then bicep, let me see bicep. And, bicep is, just under 13 inches.
– Okay. – Don’t laugh!
– Now, do me, do me. We’re just two bros measuring chest. Yep, that’s- that’s- that’s all this is, don’t make it weird. Okay, relaxing it is 38 and a half. All right, then bicep. It is 11. All right, so let’s- let’s see your max, how many can you do? Remember that a proper push-up, you’re gonna go all the way down to 90 degree angle and you’re gonna go all the way up. Don’t worry about doing those super slow tantric push-ups, you know, just do like regular, regular push-ups.
– Tantric? Okay. Tantric? What kind of exercises is this? – Ok.
– There you go, ready and go. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Push the max, flex the envelope. 18, 19, 20, 21. Wow! Wait- wait, is that it? You’re- you’re not at failure. Am I doing more? I think that’s it, I think it’s good.>>Brian: Uh, 21? 21.
>>Jason: I think we’re good, 21? – And you should go all the way to failure, to where it’s like you’re trying but you can’t quite. I get to failure pretty easily actually. You’re like an advanced achiever when it comes to hitting failure. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, And 20, we’re good. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, – Alright, that’s it That’s impressive, sir. All right, how did it feel? It was pretty miserable, I’m not gonna lie. I kinda wanna die right now and I’m not even sure that my arms are attached. The good news is that when you stop and drop and do push-ups, you’re only going to be working out for 30 seconds at a time, so it’s like even when the buzzer goes off, you like, ugh, it here we go. One two three and you’re over just like that. That’s good because a lot of the thing about working out that i don’t like is the time commitment. On the one hand, it’s a massive time commitment, because you’re committing to all day every day, but on the other hand, each time it’s very very quick and easy. – Yeah.
– So your max was 21, That means on day one, you’re gonna do 30% of that. All you have to do is stop every hour and do six push-ups, you could do that, right? Yeah! For me, it’s 13 and a half push-ups, so I’ll do like 13 or 14, right? So, here’s what I found. You can do some kind of lap timer that just buzzes every hour or every 45 minutes or whatever, I worry that it’ll buzz and if you don’t do it right that minute, if you’re on a phone call or whatever, you forget instantly, so what I- – Oh, sure.
– So what I do is I actually set individual alarms for the rest of the day. I go to bed at like 7 PM, I’ll stop at like 6. – Okay, alright, that’s good, but that means you gotta start early, right? Oh, right.
No, I gotta get about 15 to 16 hours of sleep a day. So, I guess from here on out it’s just commitment. Are you committing? Are we gonna pinky promise? Are we gonna be accountability buddies? I know how serious pinky promises are to you.
– I know, I don’t mess around. – Two weeks bro, two weeks, all right.
– Okay! ♪♪>>Jason: Everything hurts.>>Brian: Go time. ♪♪>>Jason: Yeah, do it. It’s time. ♪♪ [ counting to himself ] ♪♪ Ah! It’s fine, it’s good. Good. Feels good! All right, two weeks in, number one, did you do it? – I did it!
– You were diligent? I was good about it, yeah. How hard was it? At first, I thought I’m never talking to you again, but then it became really tolerable and the pain stopped. It becomes more of an inconvenience, like you wake up and you’re perpetually sore, you know you worked out the day before.
– Yes. But every time the buzzer goes, it’s like, ugh, alright 30 seconds and then you’re done, but it’s not like you’re dying. Maybe some of the tough days by the end of the day, it’s just like, I’m like eight, nine, and that’s enough. I’m done.
– For me, the first couple of days were the worst, because everything hurt. The second week was way better than the first! So this is my problem, my second week, I missed a couple of days because remember I warned you about getting sick? Some of my kids were sick and just dropping wherever I was in the house, which meant I was rolling around in their germs. So for a good two days I missed out, but I did see a big increase from first week to second week. Has- has your lady noticed anything? She says she did, I don’t know if that’s true or not. – We’ll get the measurements, we’ll find out. I damn well better see results! All right, so your original max was? 21.
– And then the beginning of week two was? 33. Holy cow! So 50% increase like that, – Yeah.
– If you were gonna bet, how many do you think you could do? It’s gonna be pushing it, I think i can do 50. This is the big test, this is your graduation gift. Take two, I think I can do 30. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30, 35, 36, 37, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, keep going! Keep going! Keep going!>>Jason: 50!>>Brian: Dude! Dude! From 21 to 50, come on, get up, get up, if you can lift your arms, you got double high-fives waiting on you. Come on, you got this. Boom! – I did…
– You did 40- – 45. Yes.
– And then week two I did 65. – Nice! It’s tough because I know I really slacked off that second week, so I’ll be happy if I get past that 65. Okay,
– All right, here we go. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 60, 75,>>Brian: Eugh! -Eight! Nine! 80! Oh, Jesus! Holy ****! Herculean, sir. Oh my god.
>>Jason: Well done.>>Brian: (out of breath)
All right, oh my god. Dude! Nicely done. Where were you hurting the most? When I first started, it’s always in my abs, I never expect it in the abs. Right, yeah. But certainly in the pecs but- but also like my triceps, and you could feel stuff really does kind of fill out on you- on your bicep as well. Most of my pain when i was doing it was on my forearms. – Oh No kidding!
– Yeah. All that typing wasn’t strong enough. Right. And my- my stomach and the abs too. I kept thinking, “Did I give myself a hernia?” Yeah, did I break something?
– Yeah. I kept thinking that a lot. Okay, well- so all right. Obviously it works in terms of number of push-ups, but let’s take measurements. [ synthetic robot voice ]
Subject: Jason Murphy Chest size: No change. Bicep size: three-quarters inch increase. Push-up maximum: 138% increase. Subject: Brian Brushwood Chest size: 1 inch increase Bicep size: 1 inch increase. Push-up maximum: 78% increase. All right, so you’d give it a thumbs up or no? I think it’s effective.
– Yeah. And at the very least, I have more stamina and now I can actually make the bed without getting winded All right, right on, man. Well good job. Thanks, Evil Russian!
– Yeah! How much do you know about your actual family history? Oh, there are mysteries, my dad was a scientist and he put me in this thing and the planet was blown- No, that’s Superman, you’re thinking of Kal-El. That’s the problem is you have myths and legends, for example, the Brushwood name, I was told came from an English tribe of bandits called “The Brush Woodsman,” and the family legend was they were just like Robin Hood, only they robbed from the rich and the poor and they kept it. That’s all I know, I’ve heard- I’ve heard that we’re like Heinz 57 blend of all different cultures but I don’t know, and thanks to our friends over at ancestry.com, we’re gonna get to actually find out! I have always wanted to do this, because Irish. – Yeah, yeah, sure. But, let’s get some more details. So this program is international and it’s available in over 30 market. Yeah, people are taking their results and they’re posting them on twitter using the hashtag my ancestry and the best part is, they can get 10% off and support us by going to ancestry.com/rogue they’ll get a DNA kit just like we did. Yeah, it’s super easy. [ restaurant ambience ]
Now we have to gather the DNA. I’ve been saving my spit for like a day. – Have you? Haha.
– Yeah, in my esophagus David Blaine style. You’re sitting there, you got like chipmunk cheeks. [ imitating fish sound ] It’s going to be like in “Big Trouble in Little China” Look at that. Oh, god. This is the only cap, there is only one cap I got. Yup, uh and, screw on the enclosed cap->>BOTH: Tightly. To release the solution. Oh, there we go. Oh, here it is. All right. All right. Dude. This is legit, man,
we’re about to get real science insights. It’s all prepaid and ready to go. Just drop that in. All right, if we’re placing bets, what do you think your results are going to say you’re from? Ireland.
– Yeah, just pure Irish? Just like pure Irish. See, everything I’ve heard has been- I’ve heard that there’s, uh Norwegian in me, I’ve heard that there’s Canadian and Indian, all over the map. I cannot wait to see what a patchwork quilt of different genetic material. I’m basically like a chimera of all of the world. – That’s what I want to believe.
– You’re- you’re a replicant. – Yes, all right. We’ll find out.
– Blade Runner’s are gonna come. Go to ancestry.com/rogue Get 10% off. ♪♪

100 Replies to “Testing The “Evil Russian” Push-Up Program”

  1. I can actually vouch for this insanely stupid workout. My entire dorm did this in college and it was probably the most cut I’ve ever been.

  2. Would be interesting to do a few sets of pushups a couple of times a week for a month, then do this routine, then go back to a month of normal working out. Then you could see the longevity of effect. I am skeptical that the benefits you saw were based on a low starting base and doing an after measurement with a 'pump'.

  3. I'm on the first day of the second week right now and it's working so far. Went from a max of 5 to a max of 12. I'll update with results at the end of the two weeks. 😄

  4. I remember I was taking a fitness test.
    I have an extremely good pain tolerance and shook off breaking my leg in a work incident.
    They told me to do my max.
    I did 51 pushups and the muscles in my arm tore.
    I was in recovery for 2 months and I never did a pushup since.

  5. I just keep yelling "PICK YOUR DAMN HEAD UP AND STRAIGHTEN YOUR BACK" at the screen. Maybe that's my inner brown round?

  6. I know youve made a comment about these kind of comments but its bad education to inform people that is proper push up form, you need to have your chest touch the ground and have your arms flair diagonay from your body definitely not as wide as shown in the video, you could injure yourself especially doing a program as intensive as this one.

  7. I created an app after watching this video. Easier then setting up alarm clock I think. You can try it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.garagedevelopment.povil.evilrussianpush_upprogram

  8. I’m gonna be nice because you guys clearly aren’t gym rats but your form was awful. Try tucking your elbows in, and going all the way down and touching your chest to the ground. I don’t think either of you could do 10 that way. I suggest trying this method again but doing them that way even if it means your doing 3 pushups every hour or something you will 100% see better results. Cheers fellas

  9. Hey guys, if you’re going to teach something, pls try to do it the right way. Form is just absolutely horrible. Not only that you’re going to injure yourself but you’ll include some of your viewers who don’t know any better in the process. Food for thought guys. Have a great one!;)

  10. This training is for muscle endurance, not muscle gain, so no surprise when there weren't much change in measurements. I might try this tho, because I really do lack in muscle endurance.

  11. Hey I'm about to try this Brian I will keep everyone posted on my results . Today is February 17, 2019 And by March 3, 2019 should be back on here to tell you the difference my chest size is 40 and my biceps is 14 1/2 inch . I'll keep everyone updated I promise .

  12. It isn't about moving the body differently. The form from reps 60-80 are bad. The spine is not straight and everything looks sloppy. You are more likely to do damage like that. When your form breaks you stop. Doing more incorrectly is pointless and possibly harmful.

  13. Damn this video is old, but back in 2017's Summer I tried this and It was hardcore, First time i tried i started doing botched pushups because it became so tiring, so i quit, later in August 2017 I finally did it and it worked very well.

  14. I have a real great work out, play your favorite game and whenever you lose/die or something no matter how tense the situation is, drop down and do either 5/10/15 depending on how you feel, needless to say I’m basically always hugging the floor.

  15. Kamchatka водка? No no no. Grey goose is the only водка for me and on special occasion you break out the beluga 👌👌👌

  16. You guys took measurements after doing push-up.
    If you took measurements before and after your first 100% test, you would have seen a difference.
    So the "gains" are misleading.
    You should do this again, but take your measurements before and after every 100% test.

  17. On the second day of actually attempting this, my arms are killing and my family thinks I’m insane.. will update

  18. Flashbacks of drill sergeants in basic when I was doing my pt test just saying “1…1…1…1…1…” lol but at least they are trying. I know this an old video I am just working my way through their library.

  19. If you only care about amount of push ups, 100% twice a week has worked realy well for me, i went up 11 since last week.

  20. I would love to try the Ancestry thing, but in today's world of using VPNs and pushing the importance of privacy I really don't feel comfortable literally sending a DNA sample to some foreign company.

  21. Hoi, I have a question. You can repeat the pushup program as much as you want, yes? Like, from week three, can you just essentially start from the week one schedule?

  22. Ive done a few 50 + mile hikes in scouts, that last a week or more, if you make past the first day or two. It would get easy.

  23. Shorter guys tend to build muscle faster because they have shittier 'lever' type stoofs going on with their arms than tall guys.

  24. advice never join the army you both will die we did 100 before we were allowed in the mess hall for breakfast after running a mile.

  25. How the feck do you do thousands of push ups, put on 2" of chest bulk out yer arms and not get stronger? Ps elbows by the sides girls those wide arm bitch ups are useless.

  26. Did the program, It wasn't easy when i was on a bus trip for 4 h and needed to do my push ups… But i did it xD

  27. How the heck do you do this when you have a job? I can't tell my boss every 15 minutes "sorry I gotta stop and do some push ups". xD

  28. having ur elbows flared out can cause serious shoulder injuries!!! you have to keep those elbows close to ur chest

  29. Ha your measureing your chest and actually working for improvement! Losers! I get to just hate myself and eat potatoe chips bingeing Netflix! HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW

  30. Dude this is so true. Ahhh the nostalgia😄
    In 7th grade me and this dude used to arm wrestle pretty much every day and we started to get really competitive. I did as many pushups as I could every day after school and my arms definitely grew at least an inch in just 2 weeks. I started getting bigger biceps until I just quit 😐
    All that work just to quit when my friend defeated me 😐

    Edit: when I started I could only do like 15. Then I went up to 100 in a row after a couple weeks.
    I think volume is really important.

  31. Measurements are strange, I am really athletic at 6'6" my arms around are 12". But i prefer high strength small profile and focus fast twitch muscle exercises

  32. Uh….what was this? No chest ever touching the floor, and their arms and shoulder out wide like that with maybe a quarter to half range of motion? Who showed them what a standard push-up is?

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