TFW Home Workout 0323

hey guys coach wall the company from the
dojo here today and super excited to bring you this workout I want to share a
quick message with you today and this message ultimately has to do with
maintaining kind of your vision or the right I guess perspective on the
circumstance and what kind of measures we need to do to keep moving forward and
the story is about a donkey and a merchant they go in and on the far
journey one day to bring some salt back to the city where the merchants had his
store and as they’re coming back the donkey is loaded up with salt it’s
really heavy and they get to a river now the merchant knew that there’s this
one area on the river where you could cross safely generally it was a little
more shallow and he was pretty sure they wouldn’t lose any salt or anything like
that if they went that direction and so he was trying to get the donkey to
follow him on this board that went through the river and as they were doing
that the donkey slips and he falls into the water and as the donkey gets out of
the deep water he realizes that his load had been lightened his Lord had been
like and but they went on and they took what they had left and went back to the
store and unloaded and a few days later the merchant needed to go get water so
they went back to on the far journey again loaded the donkey up with salt and
this time when they got to the river the donkey started to remember the last
time the last time that he kind of slipped off into the water and when he
got out as though it seemed lighter and so he thought he would continue that
process so he kind of falls into the water they lose some salt in the water
and gets out and sure enough it’s later they continue on back to the store once
again and unload what they had now a few days later they went back on
this part journey again so here the donkey sinking here we go
again there’s a third time in a row except this time the merchants he said
you know what I’m gonna teach that donkey what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
buy a bunch of sponges so he bought two big buckets full of sponges and threw
him over the donkey’s back now the donkey this time of course is thinking
hmm man this is really light to begin with but you know what maybe like I can
make it even lighter if I jump in the water again this time when he jumps in
the water of course the sponges take on water and when he gets out it’s even
harder than it was before so guys sometimes in these situations
what we want to take from this story or parable if you will is that under
different circumstances sometimes it requires different measures and we’re
certainly in different circumstances right now so I hope that you continue to
take different measures in terms of trying to maintain your health and your
fitness just because you can’t be here at dojo at the moment this is being
filmed during our code 19 quarantine and just because you can’t be here doesn’t
mean you can’t do some great workouts at home so please try to keep that going
and we’re going to get started with our workouts real soon today we have a
warm-up which will be 20 seconds on 10 seconds off we’re going to go through it
a couple of rounds and we’ve got about five I suggest six different exercises
I’m story on that and then we’ve got three different time
circuits that we’re going to do today alright so first thing we’re going to do
is we’re going to get a little music going here all right and what we’re
going to work with we’re going to start off with a few arm circles first kinda tight small circles I’m just
trying to give quick repeats here for about 20 seconds
and we’re going right into the next side to side like you step it up over a
stool may be a hurdle on the ground get those glutes you hips loose enough for
me move it side to side three the job next we’re going to go to a Strider
lunch three
– good job next we go to a new location okay follow with me the SWAT and rotate
let’s go both sides this time squat turn and back up bring that spine nice way to work with me you’re gonna go
to Superman keep position with your arms out to the
side straight up now we’re gonna roll over onto your back
for a few dead bucks so we’re up in the 9090 position right here barn straight
up tuck your tummy toward the floor opposite leg double activation exercise where gear stay with me now reach back bring through other side and
back good back on your feet okay this time we’re going backwards with arm
circles and a little bigger movements bigger movements going
nice work guys stay with warm or kick it in one big service three
go back to those hip circles again one more time for me pick up the tempo a
little bit this time make sweeps with your knees got sweeping through side to
side get good loose that they had that exercise nutrition
class back in college 35 years ago good work okay keep going
couple more one and two good job next we’ve got that Strider lunge
stepping straight out and back out nice work stay with nice nice work more poop one more each side
big step weight to the heel foot nice work okay next we’re gonna go squat with
that rotation through mid back so hands drop to the floor
reach and reach and come back up tall for me back down
reach reach back up top
and we’re down down reach reach
and back up down reach reach and back to the top good work next we’re
going to go through our Superman Superman on the ground yeah to position
with your hands great job yeah
so let’s go to 1990 right here through good let’s get to more each side babe reach reach reach alright guys that are you feeling warm I
hope you are we’re gonna be getting into the next section of our workout I’m
gonna go ahead and demonstrate each one I’ll turn the music off for just a
second here I’m gonna try it to the music ah here we go okay so for next one
we have four activities alright and it’s gonna be 30 seconds on 10 seconds off
we’re gonna go marching hip bridge so we’re down here up in a bridge trying to
march side-to-side really important that you keep your your hips up keep them up
nice those glutes nice and tight the whole time
okay all right our next one then is hip ups so from right here we’re trying to
drive those feet straight up to the ceiling a good alternative would be a
reverse crunch so we’re right here and coming back like so all right so
that’s a good alternative on that one then we’re going plank shoulder tap and
if you have a bad shoulder and you can’t do that one give you toe touches here so
toe touch would be this okay and our plank shoulder tap we’re here in a good
plank position tapping out side to side okay tap inside the side and then our
last one of course is our seal jacks our pants together feet together and open
and close for 30 seconds alright so we’re gonna go ahead and get started
here in just a moment it’s the music on grab a check of water at warriors are you ready we got four
rounds on this one okay thirty on ten off four rounds starting with our
marching hip bridge keep those hips up tight looking good
guys looking good warriors kick those knees toward your nose big left side to
side you go great good our next one is like feet straight up to the ceiling
and three remember your reversing crunch is our
alternative bursts crunch which is this guy right
here just coming back maybe a couple versions like this here or reach out and
pull back eight more seconds the job okay our next one is the plank
shoulder tap link still in town in three two and go side to side
those hips down tap outside side you got Oh keep those abs tight hips as still as
you can ten more seconds and bring excellent coming to your feet
dance together feet together from steel gas in three got this guy’s five four three two one and break go
back to the board for Archie Ridge on your back grab that can thrust into
the ground hips up and large side side here we go get some reps guys keep those
hips up looks locked in tight we got yeah get a drink anytime you need it short
break get some water Matt let’s work let’s keep working four
three two one good job reverse crunch we’re machine guys we are warriors we
got this work it breathe in three two one and
great new job blanks filled attacks our next blank shoulder taps in four three
two one here we go nice work we got it we got it stay with me five four three two one
back to your feet what’s next guys do you remember tell you seal Jack’s ready whoo 30 seconds good long time police
kill jack seen it here we go eight more seconds you got it
stay with me a break nice job back to the floor round three
Monty bridge we got guys here we go ready hips up
drop we go quick sweet you gotta need that drink get it and get
back to it yeah ten more seconds ten more excellent job – one hand brake turn second breather we
got our hip ups if ups next three two one drive those heels ceiling
you got it nice work we got
together stay together stronger together and the brown three these are steel
jacks dance together and feet together ready
and go good job go through those reps now nobody knows how you look like a warrior right
hey this is our last one last set best set back to the ground one more time
with Marcy rich okay right pick up that tempo let’s get some reps
guys whoo boy 874 3 then second for either we get reverse
crunches or cup ups first Roger I’ll go reverse crunch with you this
time guys here we go here it is little variation here
whichever one feels better for you and your lower back you want to get some
good lower ab work here hip ups focus a little more on the upper abdominals this
one a little more on the lower abs great and three excellent job okay thanks for
going to our plate shoulder tap in three two and
Tapan Adela oops I decide hips down abs tight you got this right ten more seconds three
one good job back seal Jax whoo that’s it best 7 3 2 1 go
that’s it big brown people want to come this time see with no problem you guys hey great work we’re going to
take a two-minute break get a drink and come back two minute breather right here
so make sure you wipe that sweat off your brow hydrate a little bit and we’ll
come right back for our next round be back in just a minute hey guys I’m back we’re gonna reset our
timer alright and and remind you to be watching our feed
this week as we bring out more content more material to you on nutrition and so
forth and we’re hoping to be launching another new program to you this week as
well which I’ll you know disclose more details on that tomorrow okay so next we
have a 30 tenth circuit it’s also going to be four rounds we have five
activities first one is gonna be butt kickers so right here just trying to get
those heels to your butt okay if you can’t do that because of a knee or foot
we can do have a speed squat right there as well okay so butt kickers or speed
squats then we got burst flutter kicks now this one it’s kind of a kicker on
your glutes a little bit like a Superman except that we’re doing is we’re trying
to pump side to side like you’re in the water and you’re swimming okay so we’re
trying to work from those hips they’re on the reverse flutter kick then we got
calf raises or rebounders rebound moves like this it’s almost like a slowpoke oh
ha all right so we call those rebounders and/or give you a calf raise next one is
the lateral reach for abs so we’re down here and we’re tapping then heel side to
side and then our final one is an alternating leg be up we’re up here and
working through those V ups trying to get all the way up and begin second I’ll
turn that would be more of a toe touch but alternating legs right there okay so
either one of those can work just fine okay so we’re gonna get the music on
we’re going to go with our second round here around me again this is still 30 on you brick good job after those we got our
lateral I’m sorry alternating like the UPS so lying on your back and go
alternating every other trying to touch it – we got do it you’re gonna have
amazing – one round one complete all right back to your feet
going back to butt kickers right here those lower abs tight and be flight
ready five four seconds three two one in bring
back to your feet next we’re going with our cap rates or rebounders and three you wanna pick it up people will go hot
we can go with that quick rebound rate people like cardio in there let’s kick
that heart rate up a little guys got it whoo five four three two one
we got next we go lateral reaches on the ground
OOP side to side then we look straight up here we go shoulders looking straight up straight
up for me we got this no problem nice work
stay with me warriors five four three two one
break alternating legs feet up or Chuck is next remember a toe touch starts like
this interrupts you already fantastic or 3 2 1
Oh next job beautiful back on your feet for butt kicks butt kickers
let’s get that temple going got a little more this time you got it here we go
there you go kick it them up nice work that’s it guys
stay with me guys this is Round three remember lobes arms should be straight
ahead straight ahead for me kick through those heels to your butt why they call
bucking curse here we go three two hopefully I’m sorry we got 10 more
seconds my bad here we go and five four three two one and break
good job next we’re going putter kicks more we got those quadrupeds right so
either this back here we’re down low kicking them out they coach and break each other that doesn’t mean I
haven’t been working out just speeds up doubling down guys good work
all right next one we got our cap range or rebounders and go remember our max in
trying to get a little more kick on your heart rate let’s reach up his hip all
wear you down rebound come on you got 10 more seconds come on stay with me
we got reaches the problem guys so he knows how to deal
with this time it’s a warrior here we go
last set best set here we go flick kickers ready take it out we got nice nice job bring
your arms take your nose feet heels to your butt
that’s reps halfway there come on stay with we got very nice come on finish
five four three two one yes we’ve got those flutter kicks for
quadrupeds a floating kicks for hogs man ready finish strong finish we got right here back to your feet good job
good job max it’s our rebounders or tap race okay so ready three two one on the
hop or just give me a nice calf race right here boom arm action here we go
stay with me guys quick movements with your arms you got it pump it up you can
operate up towards the counter come on OOP we got we got no problem
ten more seconds stay with booth bond to these glasses right off my head
come on we got it three two one and free next you got our lateral
reaches one more time we’re going side to side with your bladder
ready and go almost there guys can’t believe how fast
it’s going today good stuff snake you’re gonna have this
workout done and be able to sleep guilt-free tonight No ten more seconds
actually seconds before who their last one right here last set
best set all came like the uppercut touch
ready ready and go we got your guys ten more seconds and bring beautiful job yeah it’s a
beautiful job on round two we got one more to go I want you to go ahead and
grab chicken water right here while we get set up for our next round quick
trick water Oh two-minute breather – doing amazing I have to get myself a
little water giving me a good workout today so our next one remains for rounds
and turn this down so you can hear me a little better all right so it’s four rounds this one’s
only 20 seconds on 20 seconds down and ten seconds off so our first one is a
speed skater and with this one we’re going side to side kind of kicking that
out just like this here notice my back foot does not go past this leg okay so
I’m not twisting the knee you want to protect your knees alright so be careful
with that next one is going to be squat just up tempo if you really want to
challenge yourself to next level you could you jump squats okay then we’ve
got that little lunch so we’re up to the side here and here side to side kind of
kicking it out a little sprinter arm action would be even better
right there okay so we got our lateral lunge and then the last one is there a
crossover Jack hands park beat apart boom side to side okay so it’s gonna be
20 on 10 off we’re gonna do four sets this is gonna be the end of our workout
right here this particular round are you with me warriors I know you are you got
this hi Lucilla how loose up right you’re with me here we go so first
one we’re get some music kick and the first one just back up it’s gonna be
speed skaters okay speed skaters there we go and get our tunes back right
okay here we go first one we got this no problem big kick out side
to side put some power into that hit those movements as big as you can okay
nice work three two one okay next one is our squat course B squat in five four
three two one and go make sure your feet are nice and wide
you can reach with those arms humph that upper body whoo you got 5 4 3
2 one X is our lateral lunge
lateral lunge so remember in back to Center
okay ready and go good sprinter arm will forward reach with the opposite hand
drive elbow back on the back side arm doing great
ten more seconds keep it going this many reps as you can keep your weight to the
heel of your foot stare and break and cross sex or next cross jacks feet apart
hands apart ready and go finish strong guys don’t for the rice
you got this kick it out stay with who we are gonna
finish our nice handbrake good job going back at the top of the
order we’re going to speed skaters next take your step to sign and we’re kicking
it out in three two one go we got three next one is our squat we’re a squat jump
in five four three two you know John there you go nice work stay with me – five four three
– chance they’re back to our lateral lunch
I don’t know lunch just dumping it out to the side okay
opposite hand forward ready go it’s more small brain to me come on you
got can’t break good ten-second breather
here our next one is our cross-checks it’s barbecue part and three two one go you got it you’re sidestepping these
pick up that tempo with the upper body make those are important make more guys
nice job you got 10 more seconds we got
five four three two one nice job two down two to go guys
go back to speed skaters whoo one more set speed skaters three two and go we’re
getting so close warriors man that water’s gonna taste good when we’re done
huh keep going good work nice you see with feet take booth every
next one is our squat or squat jump squat squat jump in three two one and go
nice clean squat up-tempo just fine or go with that splotch on go get come on
kick them out nice work we got eight seconds come on
more to break lateral lunges next round three lateral lunge out of four rounds
guys and three two one go stepping in step it out we got it
lots of reps let’s come out of this better then when
we enter you guys stay with me let’s come out stronger let’s come out better
we got this no problem come on a couple more seconds stay with
one more and break good job whoo now to lunch to cross checks and around
three going across Jackson five four three two wah here we go yeah whoo let’s
go to sweat get that stress out of your back get it up three two one break
beautiful job guys we’ve got one more round to go kicking it off with speed
skaters one more time four three two one and go
that’s it quick lateral roots push it off
you got it get some more that’s it ten more seconds come stay with me
having sex who and who squats or Squatch on this next slide or squat jump three
two one go here we go squat jumps finish strong
here’s with me I know you got this kick it woo
ten more seconds come on nice that’s it five four three two one
Hey second to last one right here madam uh lunch my lunch in four three two go
OOP finishing strong guys finish you got it I know you’re with me
no problem almost three two one good and crossed over Jax to finish last set that
set ready and go whoo kick it up kick those reps finish strong
fifteen more seconds guys calm work it to the end
don’t let up now come on ten more whoo keep going three two one way to the
end sharp guys super proud of you this week we’ve thought fought through a lot
of adversity there’s gonna be a little more to come I’ll tell you this right
now we got this pile loose up have a good

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