The Armadillo Drill

This is like one of my favorite things to teach. It’s called the armadillo drill. So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to start in that tucked variation we started with. The only difference is now we’re going to try to keep our elbows in contact with our knees. Just make sure you’re not pulling on your neck here. Your hands are just kind of floating by your face. Okay? Alright. So go ahead and lay on your back. Tuck position. Knees are in by your chest. Okay, you can just relax onto your low back here, and then bend your elbows. Keep them in contact with your knees. Stay nice and tight. Okay? I’m his partner. I’m just gonna pull and press down on his feet. If he stays active you get that reaction. And then we can lower back down. And sometimes slower is harder, so we go nice and slow. (laughing) He’s staying nice and tight. And back down. Try and get your elbows to your knees a little bit higher. And go. Stay strong. Shane’s rocking it. And relax. Fantastic. Just like that. Good job, man. Alright, so the idea here is to keep active tissue even during transitional movement. So keep that hollow position locked in nice and tight. Let your partner give feedback at the feet, okay?

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  1. I like these videos, but can y'all explain at least in the description what they are supposed to teach us and what movements they will help us with?

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