The BEST 🏋 Fitness Equipment On The 🌎 Planet

staying in shape is something that
everyone inevitably deals with whether it’s after college II gained a few
pounds or you got in a really good relationship and now all you’re doing is
eating and hanging out together or if you’re just getting a little bit older
and your body’s starting to fade one way or another you’ve got to pay attention
to being in shape and I’m going to share with you the most powerful piece of
fitness equipment ever known to man and it’s right here and I’m going to show
you how it works now how this piece of equipment works is
pretty simple you stand on it and then it emits a vibration that causes you to
get into better shape no matter what type of shape that is now there are
other pieces of equipment that you do stand on and in a vibrate and they cause
you to contract the muscles like a thousand times a second or something
like that this piece of equipment is slightly
different this piece of equipment is simply just a scale now over the years
I’ve helped over 2,000 individual people reach their fitness goals in one of the
biggest issues or the biggest thing standing in their way of being in shape
is actually stepping on the scale but the thing is that we avoid stepping on
the scale because we get depressed that we see a number that were not proud of
we see a number that makes us feel bad about ourselves that isn’t the right way
to use the scale a lot of times the reason that we don’t have whatever it is
that we want in life whether it is being in shape or having a relationship or the
job that you want or whatever is merely because you’re not being mindful and
you’re not measuring and measurement is a way to be mindful to see if you are
actually getting the things that you want in order to use this piece of
equipment the right way you’re going to need a couple of things a marker and
some sticky notes and on the sticky note the first thing you’re going to write
down is that your desired weight what you want to weigh so for me 172 pounds next I want you to write the
three things that are holding you back from weighing that way now for me when I
struggle with my fitness goals it’s because I don’t wake up in the morning
so waking up in the morning the next thing is I love to eat late night eating
late night okay and the third thing is drinking too much
during the week you go out you meet with a friend you go out on a date you should
split a bottle of wine you’re not getting wasted every day of
the week but those calories add up and by the time you get to Friday where
you’re going out with your friends or spending time with your loved ones and
having drinks you’ve already had three or four bottles of wine during the week
so drinking too much so the next part is really important it’s your why why do
you want to be this weight why do you want to be in shape maybe it’s because
your health is suffering and you want to live long maybe it’s something a little
bit more vain that you want to look good in a bathing suit or you want to be
sexier to the opposite sex it doesn’t matter what it is and you know what
don’t be shy to be vain in your goals in your fitness goals it’s okay to want to
look good it’s okay to want to turn heads it’s okay to want to be admired by
it by other people now that isn’t the only driver there’s you want to be
healthy so you can see your kids grow up and and your grandkids you want to you
want to avoid certain diseases that you’re predisposed to like diabetes or
cancer or heart disease whatever it is I want you to write three reasons why you
want to be in shape so the first one for me is so I can live a long life whenever
I’m thinking about getting in shape I’m always planning to serve my 80 year
old self I to be old but feel young that’s my first
one my second one is I want to look good I
want to be the type of guy that wears jeans and a t-shirt and it’d be
appropriate in any scenario because when you’re in great shape you can wear
anything you want and pass it off and pass it off so that’s always a great
feeling that you don’t need fashion in order to make yourself look good you can
be in basic as possible and still look fantastic
and my third one is I want to be an example for other people as a life coach
and a former personal trainer it’s important that I live a lifestyle that
others can follow and get that same result it’s my purpose to help others
achieve their goal so this one’s really important to me so on this piece of
paper you write down the reasons the things that are stopping me from being
in that great shape and I connect it to the reasons why I want to be in that
great shape so I want to wake up early in the morning because my 80 year old
self will appreciate it I want to not eat late at night because I want to look
good in a swimsuit and I want to not drink during the weekdays because I want
to be a great example for other people now you’ve got your desired weight the
three things that are stopping you and the three reasons why you want to get in
shape and you’re going to place that on your scale right underneath where you
see the number you then have your goals now what this does is is every single
morning when you wake up you step on that scale and you give yourself a
reminder of where you’re at where you want to be what’s standing in your way
and why you should not let those who stand in your way
and this brings a mindfulness to your goals to your current status to the the
pitfalls that you are likely to fall into and
at the passionate reasons why the more you pay attention to something the more
it progresses the more that it grows and this is this is goes to anything in life
that of which gets attention thrives and that of which gets ignored dies now
stepping on the scale for a lot of people is a very emotional thing but you
can’t ever make any progress until you know where you’re at so when you use a
scale the typical way just step on it see the number feel depressed that’s
going to cause you to not want to step on the scale anymore but when you take a
look at the big picture and use the scale merely as part of the tool to keep
you focused to keep you mindful on being the person that you want to be doing the
things that you need to do in order to have the things that you want which is
great health a good looking body and energy vitality and longevity so when
you step on the scale every day look at you look where you’re at look where you
want to be acknowledge that you struggle in certain areas and then give yourself
a reason why you need to wake up in the morning why you need to say no to that
drink why you need to stop eating late at night and this is going to update
your compass pointed directly towards the actions and the behaviors in the
mindfulness that you need to have in order to be in the best shape of your
life you can sign up for the gym you can hire a personal trainer you can read all
the fitness books that you want but without being mindful with where you’re
at and where you want to be it makes it almost impossible for you to achieve a
goal so before you even put on those running shoes buy that gym membership or
start that new program use the most important and powerful tool there is to
losing weight and getting in shape which is the scale and be sure to do it the
right way now there are thousands it’s that infinite number of tools and
strategies and concepts in order to hold yourself accountable get the most out of
your workout in to a clean diet that really optimizes your
body so what are some of the things that you guys use in order to stay in shape
because everyone has you know everyone has their own unique tricks and I love
hearing from you guys and hearing all the tips that you guys implement and
then maybe I can implement those in my life so I can be healthy for the long
term look good in a bathing suit and be a good example to others so until next
time this is Spencer Burnett with the invincible Academy and I’m out

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