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  1. If you’re too weak to do these, what do you recommend to do to get to have that muscle power to do it? Weights? Which ones?

  2. Hey Chris, I follow a lot of your guidance and observe many of your techniques. You are a real inspiration. I am 67 years old and do calisthenics at least 4 sessions a week. I have lost 50 lbs and I have never felt better. I can't do all the exercises as well as you (naturally!) but I can do most of them better than many guys a third my age. Thanks buddy and have a great Christmas 2018.

  3. WOW I liked the exercises, in my opinion how best calisthenics exercises for shoulders is the handstand push-ups and the pseudo push-ups. These are also my favorite exercises.

  4. Chris your changing my life man I struggled with addiction a lot but every time I hit the bar it’s a whole new experience and you have motivated me a lot I’ve been watching your videos for quiet a while now much love from ny keep doing your thing

  5. Why did you cover such a nice body in ink ?…I think your a fine looking man…you don't need to prove anything to anyone x

  6. Biceps – Hefesto

    Back – L-sit Pull up

    Lati – Front Lever raises

    Chest – Explosive push ups

    Triceps – Advanced bench dips

    Shoulders – Handstand push ups

    Abdomen – Toes to bar

    Legs – Pistol squats

    10 reps each

  7. Hey Chris I just found out that I have peroneal tendonitis and i want to train calisthenics can you suggest what kind of excercise I can do? Thanks you sir

  8. That lean back tricep dip seems to have caused me to injure my traps. Gonna have to watch my form on that one and maybe it was difficult as I couldn't get on the same level as the bench for my feet.

  9. Great vid. Only thing is knees can pass the toes squatting. It’s a natural movement. If you squat correctly and knee passes toes then it’s all good.

  10. Hi everybody, im 15. Im born in Bosnia, and i don't know if im too young to start train calisthenics, or i just should start right now. I need an advice

  11. What kind of wrist straps are those called . Are those the ones used for deadlifts, cause using those restrict blood flow. I got weak small wrist. Thanks


    Biceps: Behinde The Back A.P.U
    Back: L-Sit Pull Ups
    Lat: Inverded Row Pull Ups
    Chest: Archer Push Ups
    Triceps: Skull Crushers (Love Them)
    Shoulders: Handstand Push Ups Against The WALL
    Abs: Crusifix
    Legs: Jumping Squat

  13. I was motivated for a second, then I forgot my main reason for clicking and now I'm just here to admire how gorgeous Chris is. Halp me. ._.

  14. Please Chris, how i do to define Anterior serratus muscle?

    I really want to define this region. You are the Best!

  15. Im new here, is ThenX short for Calisthenics? Thenics and ThenX sounds the same but cooler but idk im probably wrong😂

  16. When u do the L sit ups it looks fake because of how hard it looks like but u make it seem so easy👍🏼

  17. Hey Chris plz brother can you do video for big triceps and chest both ? Exercise in pull up bar for triceps?

  18. During the L sit pull-up I find it hard to relax my scapula at the very bottom without having my legs fall. Should I just keep the scapula engaged the whole time or what?

  19. What about calves, hamstrings, and glutes?
    The pistol squat puts more stress on the quads.
    Add knordic curls, calve raises, and glute Bridges.
    The last two can be done with one leg.

  20. Chris, I’ve just discovered this type of training. I’m 54 years old, some if my joints hurt from 30+ years of weight training and running but your workouts push my body. I’ve used your apps (Thenx and Heria) and slowly am trying to get better. Thanks for the help. Mark C.

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