Whenever we think of cardio, most of us immediately think of: jogging, aerobics or jumping on the elliptical and pretending you’re a gliding superhero. Only recently have we started shifting our mindset to other options. By and large, one of the most popular alternative cardio is “High Intensity Interval Training” aka “HIIT” And at this point of the debate, it is very clear that “HIIT” should and will have a mainstay in the discussion of being an effective fitness strategy alongside your traditional cardio. And I can sit here and discuss all of the research showcasing the benefits of HIIT for not only weight and fat loss, but also performance but…errr you know what? Let’s point out some. Like the study that found HIIT inducing similar fat loss as Steady State cardio even though HIIT took a third of the time to complete or the study that found HIIT to improve VO2 Max, a measurement of cardiovascular and aerobic fitness better than actual aerobic exercise. Another study showed that two hours of HIIT per week is just as good for half marathon training as five hours per week of endurance cardio. The research goes on and on and on. Not only is HIIT as good as traditional cardio, research suggests that it can be better and require much less time commitment. Now let’s look at exactly what is HIIT. As the name suggest, HIIT consist of intervals of high intensity. Between each intense interval is either a less intense interval or rest. Since you’re going close to max effort, your intense intervals should be anywhere between ten to sixty seconds and your recovery interval should fall into a similar range or just a bit longer. And the reason for this in the science. During these high intensity intervals, you’re actually using the anaerobic energy pathway which burns glucose. During and after the intense bouts, your body develops metabolites from the anaerobic process like Pyruvate and Lactate, that will be shuttled along with Oxygen and Fat to replenish energy. In essence, you’re burning a bunch of glucose during the intense activity and burning fat during recovery. And then there’s a little thing called “EPOC” short for “Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.” After HIIT workouts, your body continues to take in more oxygen, thus burn more calories in order to restore the body and muscles back to its pre-exercise state. In fact, the elevated EPOC is hypothesised to be the main reason HIIT workouts only have to last a fraction of the time as traditional cardio to achieve similar weight loss, since you’re still burning calories after the workout. A basic example of HIIT is twenty rounds of thirty seconds near-max effort sprinting paired with thirty seconds of walking in between. That’s only ten minutes total excluding any warmups and cooldowns. There’s also the “Tabata Protocol” which is an even shorter workout lasting four minutes for eight rounds of twenty seconds high intensity intervals and ten seconds breaks. And don’t limit yourself to just sprints. You can also do other metabolicly demanding exercises like rowing, battle ropes and kettle bell swings. Of course, based on your fitness level, you can also adjust the duration of your intervals. The more fit you are, the longer your work intervals can be and/or shorter you can rest. But there is a caveat to HIIT. As with any intense workouts, whether its lifting heavy weights or sprinting, in order for your body to adapt to the training stimulus, you need adequate recovery. If you do consider doing HIITs, make sure you get at least a whole day of rest before going at it again. Better yet, you can do a lighter workout like traditional cardio, between your HIIT sessions to maximise your results. In today’s hectic lifestyles, it’s tough to find time just to yourself let alone find time to exercise. But, pretty much all of us have some fitness or health goal, especially weight loss. So, instead of spending time doing hours and hours of cardio, consider doing High Intensity Interval Training. Or better yet, do both. In the end, you’re saving time while you’re trying to look “fine.” Like, Dislike, Share, do your thing. Subscribe if you want more and finally, thank you to all my Patreon supporters keeping PictureFit affloat. Come support PictureFit at if you would like to see more of these videos more frequently. Thanks for watching.

90 Replies to “The BEST CARDIO Workout For FAT LOSS – (HIIT)”

  1. Hey guys, if you want some good HIIT exercises, I suggest you check out YouTube Millionaire Hoy. He has some awesome HIIT workouts!
    Link to his channel:

  2. I make my own hiit routine, for losing fat at my belly, it's simple af.
    Do a low plank:1min-1min30sec-2min-1min30sec-1min, rest 5 to 15 seconds in between, it's tiring

  3. I recently switched my way of working out. the way I do it is i do 4 or 5 different work outs in one set with 45 second rest in between before doing those work outs again. would that be consider hiit?

  4. Does this count as HIIt? I run 6 min of 8.5 km/h, then walk 2 mins of 3 km/h and repeat it 5 times.

  5. At least 24hrs of rest? Try telling that to all those CrossFitters that overtrain every single day.

  6. i do hiit 6 times a week and i'm on a vegan diet. bearing in mind – one night a week i eat AFTER 8pm… i knoww woahhh but honestly guys i CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH how important and effective HIIT is – ESPECIALLY if you do it first thing in the morning without having eaten anything 🙂 i've lost over 7 pounds in a couple of DAYS just doing this. bearing in mind i have been drinking TONS of water, vegetables and fruit, oats + healthy fats and fibre!

  7. why is it always "weight loss" being people's goals? please don't forget about many other who have difficulty gaining weight; maybe you could talk about them too.

  8. I'm very ignorant to all of this, but will lifting weights during the 24 hour rest from HIIT interfere with the recovery process? or is it okay? or can I incorporate heavy lifting into the HIIT?

  9. Start with 30 seconds sprints and 30 second breaks. Easiest way to do HIIT.

    Do 30 second sprints 10 times everyday and you'll shred fat. I swear to you. Then take 30 second walks. Essentially this whole process should take 10 minutes – 12 minutes (assuming you need a little more time for breaks).

  10. Is there any other kinds of cardio that is as good as HIIT? I want to do it but it's not good for my heart as I've had heart surgery when I was little.

  11. would a sport like basketball or soccer be considered hiit, I mean your are basically sprinting at full speed followed by intervals of jogging or walking

  12. I want to gain weight, but in the same time i want to do HIIT training cause i've heard that it increases Testosterone.. So 15 mins daily or every other day would affect my gains?

  13. Love your videos but your math doesn't add up if it is 20 rounds with 30 second running and 30 second walking/resting doesn't that mean a total of 20 min. Unless you were only referring to only the intense running in which case I apologize. Regardless keep up the good work.

  14. This video really helped me.. I got tired of being heavy so I have started exercise and have been doing h.i.i.t. and this really helps me do it right

  15. Guys I'm 13 and did 3 days of cardio before trying hiit. It didn't feel that bad. Can someone help me? Am I doing something wrong?

  16. Is it better to do HIIT on an elliptical or a treadmill? I've been using ellipticals because I can up the resistance to like 20 and get a leg workout in at the same time.

  17. HIIT is really tough on the body; depending on what you do and how you do it, you could really hurt your knees, shoulders, back, etc. I'd put it in the same group as crossfit. I don't think that it should be used by newbies without someone experienced by their side.

  18. Man 20 rounds of 30s near max effort sprint with 30s rest in between???!!!! Boy Chuck Norris would die after 5 rounds WHO THE HELL CAN EVEN DO DAT

  19. Do HIIT 4 or 5 times a week already. Fucking hate it but my god it makes your endurance go up so fast. Everyday comes with improvements

  20. I’ve been doing HIIT exercises for 38 days straight now. Losing 8 pounds in 5 weeks. I have increased my endurance when running. I’m not dead yet.

  21. Please make video about "7 minutes workout"
    A lot of people said it's a very good exercise, but I want to know what do you think about it

    Thank you 🙏

  22. Give a diet plan of 2000 calories for muscle building, with 70-80 grams of protein as ur channel recommends,…..80 gram protein = 320 calories,,,,,sobis it a good decision to have those 1700 cal. from carbs and fats???

  23. So can I not exercise in between HIIT sessions? Or would I be able to weight lift for the day until the next day of HIIT? Thanks

  24. after a HIIT day, can we go for a strength push day the day after? as an alternative instead of being a full 24hrs rest day?

  25. When I think of cardio, the first thing that comes to mind is jumping rope. Mostly because supposedly boxers do it for cardio, and the image of jumping rope as 'boxer cardio' has been popularized by media. Or something.

  26. i can see my cat's gut. Also, does cardio make you skinny and lose gains? Does sugar cause heart disease, or hypotension, or hypertension?

  27. The machines I use at the gym, the treadmill, the rowing machine and the cycling machine, all have settings where the resistance and speed go up and down and I was wondering if anyone could help me: does this count as HIIT or should I be doing it differently? It will usually go really high for a couple mins and then 5 mins of more low state cardio.

  28. I typically run my local track , i fast walk one lap followed by jogging one lap for about 30 mins every other day. I feel great !! I do about 20-25 mins of weight training before aswell

  29. I just came across your channel and I have to say it is the best fitness and exercise. I was watching some of the older videos I love your drawings in your videos better than now since it’s all computerized now. The graphics were cool. They still are but whoever was drawing the videos from 2016 or so is very good at it 👍🏼

  30. Example if I workout my arms during Monday using weights and use HIIT during Tuesday, is it gonna disturb my arms muscle synthesis ?

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