1. Chris hería, it’s a gift to have all this amazing information that you share with us,l really appreciate it.
    You are amazing !
    You the best!
    God bless you!

  2. Thanks so much for your videos. You make them so I understand what you mean, even when I dont speak and understand very much english. Thanks so much🙏

  3. Why can’t I do a push up that way?! I can only do them the traditional wide arm way which I heard tires you out more 🙁

  4. a) I love all Chris' videos- he gives really good advice, is very inspiring, and his cinematography is always on point. b) When he does the hand stand push ups, I always hold my breath, because if a 'normal' human attempted that, they'd fall on their face! c) Is that chest piece a Hatebreed tattoo?!

  5. Dude, appreciate the content. Day 1 for me starts tomorrow & I can’t wait to get it. You’re a good teacher. 💯

  6. Dude I have been smoking for 20 years. I'm 2 weeks smoke free now. Everytime I get a craving I told my self I would exercise. It was great but i felt like I wasn't really doing it effectively. So I YouTubed good work out for beginners And of course your video popped up. Now when I get a craving I'm watching your videos as I do it. Thanks man! You are saving my life.

  7. Should I do this daily? I wanna get into being fit but not body building or trying to get super duper big, just wanna get to your size and stay there tbh but idk if I should do these daily or what and then what kinda diet I should do… if you see this I could use some help 😭

  8. He's absolutely right about starting with low weights and easing up… I got Rhabdomyolysis because I decided to do way more weight than my body was ready for and I did multiple sets up to Max rep.. spent 6 days in the hospital. I'll start with the fundamentals and go from there. Thankfully I found this channel when I was in the hospital last week.

  9. Advice wanted if anyone can help.. I'm tall, and can't find a bar that's high enough for me to hang off without my feet touching the floor, so hanging or doing honest pull ups with a completely straight form isn't possible. (I live in China in a pretty polluted city which limits my abiliy to find outdoor spaces with something suitable, I'm kinda limited to my gym). If I'm keeping my form straight to the knees, but bend them to keep my feet off the floor, is that sub-optimal? I don't have any other ideas as Im stuck for a higher bar.. TIA.

  10. Hey Chris,
    I am a beginner with no muscles at all and I want to challenge myself by doing this 3x a week.
    Do you have any advice on how many reps /sets of Australian pull ups , squats , push ups, L sit pull, and bench dips I should be doing to build up to go on to the next level of these workouts? Also would you recommend that I do it in that order? Do you also have any suggestions on what I should be eating everyday to achieve my goal? Thanks for your time. 😁

  11. Greetings, following your guides, thank you for them. Please when i am able to do this exercise where should i continue ? Thank you in advance.

  12. Bro thank you for teaching me how to do harder stuff. Sometimes I don’t feel like I am getting the right form but I realized that they are just not working for me so thank you for teaching me how do do push ups and other ways to do push ups to gain muscle

  13. Hey Chris, I downloaded your app but cannot find the beginners workout. What am I missing? Best to you and thanks in advance. RC

  14. I cant do pull ups at home so is it okay to use weights for pulling.. I was thinking to exercise for a few months at home to gain some strength and muscles before starting in the gym.. what do you say..(other exercises I can do at home)

  15. Is it a scare on his right shoulder or a tattoo? I'm asking bc I had 2 shoulder surgeries (same shoulder) and now I'm struggling with my workouts and recovery. Does someone know some special exercises to boost my shoulder? Thanks a lot! By the way great work CHRIS you are a real inspiration, keep that great job going!

  16. After doig all of this I eat tinola ei chris if you visit philippines dont miss eating tinola hahaa and use kalamansi patis chilli

  17. My problem is i watch so many of your videos that i end up doing these work out 2 3 times a day and I'm really dead at that point 😂😂 fitness is the real shit in life

  18. Im only 13 and can only do a few push ups, not sure if i can pull up correctly, and made up of a bit of body fat, but you gotta start somewhere

  19. Hey, I want to know, If I can not find a high enough bar to allow my legs to be straight while hanging, doing pull ups etc, what should I be doing with my knees? Is there a right or wrong way to position the knees / legs in this kind of scenario?

  20. You're an animal. This is by no means for beginners haha. A well versed pro would feel this long before the 4th set. That aside, thank you for helping me trainer run me into the ground haha. All love. Much appreciated!

  21. Hey Chris can I switch off between this workout and the morning workout everyone should do to get shredded or should I just stick to this one? How many times a week should I do this workout?

  22. I'm 33. 5ft 9. 183 lbs. I'm now one month sober and I want to get into shape. My job has me pushing, pulling 100lbs and lifting roughly 50lbs. I walk around 9 miles a day while pushing or pulling said weight. I'm not fat, but I'm definitely not tone or in shape. I have a beer gut. I'm determined to get in shape for my physical and mental health. I need to focus on something healthy rather then wondering if I can have "just one more" drink.

    Thank you Chris. This is a great video to get me started. Sub'd on YT and following on Spotify. Love your jams.


  23. Chris, I've watched a ton of your videos, and I'm having a hard time trying to figure where to start with things. Newbie here… wanting to lose weight and build muscle, but with so many different exercises, I never fully know what to start with. I have small living space and 2 dumb bells. Is there a video I can follow that's for Beginner's that specializes in specific core groups? Ex: Stomach exercises one day, chest another day, leg, full body workout, cardio, etc. I'm looking for a weekly routine that will get my body going and won't get used to it, so that I'm always pushing myself.

    Thanks for taking the time to read! Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  24. Well you say I need nothing, but I got nothing to hang/pull up on, nothing to dip on, nothing to L-sit on. Guess I'm all set

  25. My left wrist hurts when on the front leaning rest. I whip my wrist for slight relief. Why does it hurt and what can i do to permenantly fix this issue.

  26. so i have to master the basic's basic before i can even do the basic and subsequently progress to the advance's basic….fuck

  27. Hi Chris Sir, please tell me how to do these exercises I mean to say
    If I start the pull ups and after 10 to15 reps can I switch to push ups and do reps and than return to pull ups and do 3 to 4 sets alternately
    And than do the same cycle with other 2 exercises

  28. Chris,i need help.. i weight around 100kg,i dont have much power,and im just home,so i cant do much things you are showing there,and we dont even have gym or whatever there,where i live..
    PS: i really cant do even 5 push-ups

  29. I've got a question about classical push ups, so I've read on multiple sites and few books that while doing those push ups, my palms should be directly under my shoulders, but Chris didn't do them like that, so just wondering is there any difference in doing push ups with palms under shoulders, or it's all the same?

  30. Do we have to do all the exercises daily or is there a routine for it because muscles need proper recovery time?? Plz someone help me with this..

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