The Betty & AJ Show – Episode 3, Freedom Barre

Hi welcome to episode 3 of the Betty and AJ show! So far we have done Pilates and Freedom bang, so what’s up this week for week 3? So week number three, we’re going to be taking a Freedom Barre class. Okay, so we’ve really don’t know anything about this Do you have any experience with barre classes? Not with Barre classes, but I did ballet for a long time as a kids. So maybe I’ll be good, probably not though. So she might have a little bit of an idea what to expect. I don’t really know what to expect at all I have no idea of what the intensity level will be in this class I don’t know if it’s going to be more like a yoga/pilates or more like dancing. I think it will fit somewhere on that spectrum. Barre is very popular right now. It is a growing trend. Yeah, but is there an actual barre, don’t know I guess, we’ll find out right? Yes And like pilates, are there special shoes that we have to have? I think I’ve seen people be barefoot in this class. So, I mean my questions to this are similar to Pilates But I feel like I know a little bit before going into it now that we’ve done pilates. Just that I feel like it’ll be very similar to that, we will see. Not sure about music pilates had some music set to it. I think it will be fun. I think it will be too, so we’ll let you know how it goes! So this is Heidi and we just finished taking Freedom Barre, and it was really awesome, so we are going to ask her a couple of questions. So Heidi, give me a quick description about what happens in a barre class? Sure, Freedom Barre is strength, flexibility and balance Not a ballet class so you don’t have to have any ballet experience required But it’s about aesthetic and there’s some ballet terms and things thrown out but you don’t have to be familiar with those to be successful and we have a lot of fun! It’s not your typical barre class. It was awesome! So, what’s your favorite thing about teaching barre class? I love strengthening through using low weight and high repetitions. I feel like I can really tone each muscle group that we’re working with. Like we’re talking about before, your stabilizing muscles. Your core, your quads and your glutes, that really transfers into everyday life. So, what would you say to somebody brand new who has never been to a bar class? Oh, just come! It’s so much fun, it’s such a party. And it’s so fun to share, and we’ll meet you at every level. I usually show three levels of intensity, or difficulty. Everyone’s needs can be met in Freedom Barre. Alright, so Barre! And the interesting thing about this Barre class, is there is no Barre. Right, which is okay. I mean yeah, that’s how the class is designed. It’s mostly standing, in front of the mat There’s a little bit of exercise on the mat and then there was a little bit against the wall, which is cool. It was cool because it went through so many different phases. We did a lot of balance work, we did some strength training but like this is what we used, 2 pounds, so it’s not like intimidating strength training. It wasn’t what I expected I really thought it would be more ballet-ish dancing. Which we did a little bit of that but you didn’t have to have any prior knowledge or skills coming in. I don’t know, I really liked it. I would kind of compare it to a more intense yoga or pilates class but with really fun music. Yes, the music is really fun. It keeps it exciting, you know. There were some things that it is a tough workout that my shoulders are yes, so we’re you know, it’s it’s a good workout, but at the same time it’s a good workout for everyone. And Heidi did an awesome job of engaging everybody and making it simple and basic but yet an excellent workout. So I would encourage everyone to come out and try a Freedom Barre class. Yes!

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