The Big Guy At The Gym

Yes Mike! Cam, that’s what we like to see! Harry, great form! Dave, straighten up that back! Alright mate? Hey, we got a new guy back there No worries, I’ll show him the ropes Hey bro, how’s it going? Oi, who the hell is that? Who Gabe? He just joined yesterday Well he’s using my weights Well why don’t you go and speak to him? Alright yeah, fine. I will Excuse me Yeah, you alright? Can I have a go on the bar when you’ve finished
with them please? Yeah no problem OK, thank you Hey hey hey, what’s up mate? Nothing. It’s just that I used to be the biggest guy
in the gym and now you’ve joined, and you’re bigger than
me and I’m not the biggest guy in the gym any
more Hey come on, it’s not what’s here that counts it’s about what’s in here. Oh my god you’re right. All this time I’ve been so focussed on my
appearance I lost sight of the fact that true beauty
comes from within. Nah mate, it’s your pecks. They’re pathetic.

100 Replies to “The Big Guy At The Gym”

  1. was waiting for a video worth watching…or i would say was waiting for the notification….. did not let down….. original..and awesome … 🙂

  2. Not sure why you guys popped up in my recommendations but I'm glad you did. Love your brand of humor and how sweet and concise your skits are. Subbed.

  3. Gabe smile when he says "Hey Bro" LOL, this was fucking funny…We need another Gym video with these two LMAO..the ending doe AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  4. Hahaha, I was expecting an entirely different punchline, but that's what you get for naming the channel Third Leg. 😉

  5. Alternate ending: omg you're right…. cardio runs off to the treadmill, biggest guy shakes his head after his wholesome message is ignored

  6. I have a guy like that at my gym! And he thinks hes the biggest.
    Walks in addressing everyone and makes the biggest scene.
    He sings really loud while working out too

  7. I find it hilarious that the “ Big guy” Isn’t even that big. And that he is completely lifting that wrong using momentum and not strength. Makes you wonder how guys like that even build muscle?

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