The Box Rock Drill

So this is going to be like a set-up for what you’d use for like a box handstand push-up. Feet on the box. Hands on the ground. I call this kind of a box rocks drill, alright? Not only is it good to just kind of help open up shoulder angle to get this toward 180 degrees, but it’s also just another additional exercise to help understand the importance of what shoulders play toward stability of a handstand. Just as a quick comment with stability, the gross movement as it pertains to stability comes from your shoulders. So when you need to make a drastic movement to save a handstand, it comes from your shoulders being able to find that weight distribution. The subtle stability–the subtle kind of adjustments with stability come with your fingertip engagement. Alright? So the shoulders, gross movement; fingertip, with subtle adjustments. Alright? So this is all about trying to get the shoulder angle open and work on a wide range. Feet will be on box. Hands will be on ground. You’re going to try to create a stacked shape. Hips over–uh, shoulders over hands. Okay, so what you’re going to do–that’s a great position, right? She’s in that one complete line. So what I want you to do here is actually lean your shoulders in front of your hands. So create an angle. Keep leaning, leaning, leaning. That’ll be part one. So she’s working on the front part of that stability. And now, part two, she’s going to be driving her shoulders or armpits towards the box, so towards the box, the other direction. Shoulders towards the box. Keep going, going, going, going, going. And now I’m going to put a little additional pressure to help open up that angle a little bit beyond 180 degrees. Basically cupping around her shoulder, holding it for five seconds, then allowing her to rock back forward again. And then again, one more time. Opening up that angle. You can duck that head a little bit. And come down. Good. How’d that feel? Okay? Was that too much pressure. Okay, communicate with your partner in terms of the amount of pressure that they want and that they’re capable of handling. I want to see three reps with a five-second hold on each end position. And just the end position when your shoulder’s closer to the box. Very nice. So your shoulders are pretty flexible, right? Your shoulders are capable of going pretty far. What we need to be aware of is that we have to build a stability with your shoulders. People who are hyper mobile within positions have a tendency to be a little bit overly loose, so we have to continue to be at those hold positions, those static holds, and those controlled movements are going to go a long way in building stability as well, alright? That’s a good one for you. Just make sure you hold that end position. I’m just going to show you guys what this works towards. Eventually you can start doing the same thing in a full inverted position. This’ll be a handstand rock. So instead of using the box as a guide, a little bit lower towards, you know, a horizontal position with your legs. You would do the same thing in a handstand, wall-facing. And you could kind of dictate it according to what your flexibility level is. So starting position would be nice and hollow. You can rock forward, and then press shoulders all the way to the wall. The intention is to stay hollow the whole time, and eventually you can start moving further and further away. So–what was that? So it’s just incremental gains, right? So little by little you start working towards being able to handle a wider range, alright? So starting close to the wall you don’t have to go very far. This is the starting point, and then to that.

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  1. I like the drills and opening/closing the shoulder angle, just wonder what it's leading to. Or is that just it, gaining mobility and ROM in the shoulders?

  2. David Durante always has good stuff, and I like the way he's able to articulate his instruction. Simple to the point. Good video!!

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