The DUMBEST Chest Exercise Ever (WARNING!!)

JEFF: Jesse, Jesse! What the f%#$ are you doing now? And what is up with that hair? JESSE: Oh, I copied it. JEFF: I don’t care what you – what are
you doing, most importantly? JESSE: All right, so you remember that really
stupid, really bad, dumb chest exercise that I came up with? JEFF: Right. JESSE: Yeah, the one where I didn’t copy. I used my own brain. JEFF: You mean the one that has 17 concussions? JESSE: 18, but yes. That one. JEFF: Right. JESSE: I made it better. JEFF: You made that piece of shit better? JESSE: As a matter of fact, yes I did. Okay. So you remember how the problem was standing
here, and then I turned into it? JEFF: Right. JESSE: That was bad. JEFF: Worthless. JESSE: Worthless. I figured it out. I’ve got to stand out here, and then turn. JEFF: Mm-hmm. JESSE: Watch. Adduction. JEFF: Yep. JESSE: Isometric. JEFF: Hmm. JESSE: Isometric adduction. JEFF: Wow. JESSE: And- JEFF: What? Not full adduction. Don’t understand strength curves. And no active adduction. So basically, still a piece of shit. JESSE: Is it really? JEFF: Yeah. Jesse, will you leave the exercises to me? Just keep copying what I do. That’s what I said. JESSE: Fine. JEFF: All right? Can I go show everybody what they’re really
supposed to do? JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. Okay, this is for more than just Jesse. We have to fix Jesse, but we have to fix anybody
that has been using any of those variations of a chest fly because there are some fundamental
things that are wrong here. I want to make sure I cover them so we do
make this worthwhile and educational. Most of all, I want to show you what to do
instead, if this was your original intent. Originally, Jesse said he came up with this
idea where he would actually do this. He would keep this cable here, and then he
would isometrically contract his chest, and then turn into it for this really intense
contraction. I went on to correct him and say “Jesse,
this is probably the dumbest exercise you’ve ever come up with” because I said “you’re
actually using no chest here.” Basically, this line here of this cable is
parallel to your arm. Meaning, there’s really no force being directed
onto your chest. So by You spinning like a top here, you’re
doing nothing for your chest. So Jesse said “I’ve got it! I’ve watched enough of Jeff’s videos. I know how to copy what he does. I know how to make my own stuff up. I’m going to do something different. I’m going to make it better because I watched
your video, and I understand it has to be perpendicular. So I can do that. Jeff, watch. I learned how to spell perpendicular, and
I know what it means. It means that this line now has to be forming
a right angle to the arm. So I go here, now if I spin like that, look! Now I’ve got adduction. And look, now I’ve got tension on my chest
because I started with tension, and now I finished with tension.” And obviously, as you saw, I proceeded to
tell Jesse he still doesn’t’ know what the hell he’s talking about, and this is
why, once again. First of all, we don’t have – in this
position here – we don’t have full horizontal adduction of the chest. Not at all. What we’ve done is, we’ve brought ourselves
back up to the point where our arms are straight out, in front of our body. But we’re certainly capable of bringing
the arm much more across the body to engage the chest much more, and to create that much
more of a full chest contraction. So there’s strike one. Second thing: we know that we still don’t
have active adduction at the shoulder, affecting the chest because all we’re doing is, once
again, spinning like a top while we’re holding this one, isometric contraction. So that’s strike two. The third thing, kind of where this whole
damn thing falls apart is, if I have my arm in this position to start the exercise, and
I’m claiming it’s going to be such a great exercise for getting a peak chest contraction,
I’ve just completely thrown all reason out with that. The weight that we’re using for this exercise
is going to be determined by our strength in the weakest position of the exercise. Meaning, if I have to be out here to start
the exercise and hold it, yes, by the time I get to the peak contraction of the chest
I’m able to handle a lot more here. I’m able to handle a lot more because I
had to start with a super light weight in order to be able to start the exercise in
the first place. I’ll show you why. If I were to put 10 plates here I can’t
even get it off the stack. But I could hold it out here because I’m
a lot stronger in that peak contracted position. But I’m dictating that the weight that I
have to use is light because I have to start from here. So it’s completely flawed, based on that. What we can do instead is actually take advantage
of a better knowledge of where we’re strong, and where we’re weak, and have a better
exercise in the process. So I’m going to show you what that’s going
to look like. So if we’re going to break out the cable
machine in the first place, we might as well train our chest the way we’re actually attempting
to in the first place. That is: you can grab cables like this, come
down to the bottom position here, and perform a fly – if that’s what you’re going
for – and get a better resistance that matches what it is you’re trying to accomplish. If we wanted to max out the resistance in
our peak contracted state, right off the bat we’d use cables like this. With the cables, what that provides us is,
at the top of the fly – or even this crossover, if you want to call it that – number one,
note that we’re actually getting across the chest. Number two: note that we still have peak contraction
here, and peak tension coinciding, and overlapping because the cables allow us to still have
tension at the top that dumbbells might not, and certainly that exercise minimized. Here, we’ve got that. Now we can take advantage of the eccentric
here, by actually allowing ourselves to go down, and resist, and resist, and resist. And if you want to, you can hold the isometric
here, down in that position if you were trying to strengthen that. Remember, the goal of the isometric training
is to take advantage of the fact that you’re stronger isometrically than you are concentrically. So you want to take advantage of heavier loads. Even if the – the good thing about this
variation, you guys know I’m not a big fan of the fly, is that I have a safe bottom here. I’m not going to overstretch my shoulders
and jeopardize the health of my shoulders in this position. If we wanted to do that we could, but then
we have the benefit of saying “In the hardest position here, I’m not limited to my strength.” That means I could use heavier weights because
all I have to do is shorten that moment arm by bringing my hands in, and no I get the
benefits of the full adduction by going up, and across. So now I’m up and across, I’ve got a heavier
weight matching my ability to hold heavier weights here, in a peak contracted state,
and I still have the eccentric overload here. I have the optional isometric hold at the
bottom – if that’s what you were going for, and trying to include that, that’s
fine – but then I can still get another rep out by shortening that moment arm, and
coming here. As opposed to taking a weight that I could
only use, and control here, and saying “All right, use that.” Then when I get to the top it’s where I’m
limited, and it’s going to be too light, and too weak for me. It’s not just bad exercise selection by
Jesse, and hopefully keeping him behind the camera from now on what we really need to
do is figure out what we should be doing. Guys, I hope that I just demonstrated to you
why you need to be doing it the way I’m showing you here. Of course, there are lots of other options. If you’re looking to actually train your
chest there are many more ways to train it the right way. If you’re looking for those, guys, we have
a whole channel full of them here. You can get them in a program over at,
in our ATHLEANX training system. I hope you’ve found the video helpful. Make sure you leave your comments and thumbs
up below. Let me know what you want me to cover here
– not Jesse – what you want me to cover, and I’ll do my best to do that for you in
the days, and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon.

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