The Ellen Staff’s ‘Bachelor’ Recap Exclusive: Krystal Tells All!

Hey, guys. I’m Tracy. And I’m Andy. And I’m Corey. And I’ve never been more
excited for this guest– Me too. She’s popping. But I really, really
meant it this time. Because we have the
most talked about person from this season
of The Bachelor. Cannot wait. Cannot wait. She’s here with us today. Please welcome the glitter
girl herself, Krystal. [APPLAUSE AND DRUM ROLL] Yeah, Krystal. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Welcome to the cubicle. Oh my god. This is the best day ever. OK, have a seat on
my filing cabinet. Oh, thank you. It’s very classy
here in the cubicle. Cheers. [LAUGHTER] Cheers. Cheers. Signature. Have people just been coming
up to you and going, Glitter. It’s kind of your move, right? No. No? Is that your thing? So, it’s something
I do in my classes, like in my fitness classes. Oh, yeah. It’s always glitter. It’s glitter. Like you’re never
going to be like, left hand out and
throw some glitter. Oh, I think we have
been doing it wrong. Actually, two hands up. Oh. Double fist. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Can you do it in
the cube right now? Just like, for the
cube, a glitter. An exclusive. All right, ready? Glitter. Oh, my God. Love it so much. I love it. Krystal, you are in the cubicle. Welcome. We have so many
questions to ask you. OK. So my first question is–
and I just have to go there. OK. Did you actually like Arie? You know, I was really
pleasantly surprised. OK. I mean, I was really hoping
it was going to be Peter. OK. I wanted to give
him a fair shot. You know, and he’s so different. Arie is so different in a
group setting verse one on one. How so? In a group, he’s– and he jokes about
being like awkward and a little goofy and
uncomfortable in a group setting. I agree. [INTERPOSING VOICES] One on one, Arie is
completely different. He’s there for you. He’s very present. By the time when you went home,
which we’ll talk about later, did you really have
feelings for him? At that moment. In Fort Lauderdale– The great Fort Lauderdale. Uh-huh. [INTERPOSING VOICES] –Fort Lauderdale. I would say, like the thing
with the bowling alley was just kind of,
like, my tipping point. I was just like, I’ve been
putting so much effort into him and dealing with so much
[BLEEP] in the house. And I was just there for Arie. And like when he
changed his mind, and some people might
think it’s an overreaction, I only had his word. I was pretty much done. I packed my bags. I packed my bags that night. Oh wow. What happened on the bus? What did you say on the bus? What happened on the bus? We’ve been wondering
what happened on the bus? I want to. Legally I can’t. – Because they didn’t show– Because it was a
big [BLEEP] deal. Oh, that’s it good. That’s enough. And it was in the media,
but it was not shown on TV. So– Oh, my gosh. You give good tease, girl. You give good tease. Was there like one
person that was like the problem on the bus? Or can you not say that? Oh, I was. I was– [LAUGHTER] She’s here, she’s
here right now. More like, now that I’m
talking to you, I feel like, truthfully watching it, I
was like, what is she doing? Like I don’t know. She might be
jeopardizing something. But hearing you, it’s like
you were just defending– I was defending team blue. Team blue. I was. Team player. And the girls agreed. Other girls agreed. [INTERPOSING VOICES] And that’s what bothered me. When I went down– when I went downstairs,
took off my microphone. I was like– I was like, I packed my bags. I was like, I’m done. I’m done with this relationship. That’s it. I’ve put so much trust
in Arie, and that’s how he’s going to do– that’s how he is going to do me? I don’t think so. So some of the girls agreed And some of the girls agreed– But then they abandoned you. And they abandoned me. And then– They kept going, looking
for more time with Arie. Uh-huh. And then I went downstairs. And even like some girls who
agreed with me, just totally– in a group, it’s a
group think mentality. So like, if you
wanted to name names. [INTERPOSING VOICES] That person doesn’t like me,
so no one wants to be with me. No one wants to go
against the grain. And that was really hurtful. One thing, you know,
you are being called– though now meeting you,
I completely disagree. But people are labeling you
as the villain of the season. Your portrayal. Your edit, so to speak. Yeah. Did you feel that
way in the moment? No. I think that– it’s such
an interesting dynamic that was really hard for me
to navigate through. Because it’s like–
I’m there for Arie. I gave up so much of my life for
this guy and this relationship. And that’s where my focus is. It’s not summer camp, braiding
hair, making girlfriends. Right. That’s not what I signed up for. That’s not the show
I signed up for. And so, like, that really
separated me instantly. So then in watching
it back, do you feel like you were
fairly portrayed? You know, no. I feel like throughout
the whole season, and while I was there,
and even on the show, I just felt really
misunderstood. And even while
filming in the house. And so that was really hard,
especially living that and then seeing it played back. Yeah. I’m just like, especially
seeing it played back. I’m like, I remember things
a little differently. But– so that was
really challenging. Did you see my post? I did a post because there
were all these articles. All these bloggers were
writing about the cyberbullying that was going on on my page. Everyone was like,
you need to delete. And people were
writing articles. Like, you need to delete. Here’s how you delete comments. And I’m just, like, OK,
I have to address this. So I did a post, a
black-and-white photo– Incredibly beautiful. Actually got me. That’s amazing. Oh, thank you guys. That was awesome. So [INAUDIBLE] this. OK, I have a question. So my question for you is,
watching this, a lot of people started to impersonate you
and do impressions of you. Which, by the way, I feel
like meeting you now, you don’t even sound like that. Yeah, you sound totally
different on the show than you do right now. So, the whole thing is, I lost
my voice going in to the show. And like you see– if you
go back and watch my intro package, you see my vocal– my vocals are totally fried. So what did you think
of the impressions? Bekah M– I enjoyed them. You did? Bekah M was on point. I know. And the whole
whispering thing, too. Like a big thing–
everyone is like, I remember like, Dean posted
a photo or something like, we can all hear you, Krystal. And I’m like, well,
Dean, if you remember– if you remember what it’s like. It’s like, are you there? And then 30 people filming
and editing and producers and everything. No one sees behind. Yes, and they are far away. And so when we are whispering,
they can’t hear me. Right. It really is an
intimate moment for us. And you just hear it all,
because the microphone has been turned up. Like, all my sighs. And– Yes, that dinner. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I was peaking. Like the audio was like peaking. It was turned up so loud. The dinner– the dinner
was like, with you, before you didn’t get the rose. You were like, mmm. And then Arie was like, ummm. Are there any of the women
that you considered friends? Oh, yeah. A lot of them. Well, I just FaceTimed
with Bekah M. Oh wow. More questions to come. [INTERPOSING VOICES] And Kendall and I chatted
on the phone two days ago. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Did you hear about what
came out about Bekah M, that she was missing her–
she was on missing persons. Please weigh in. I thought her family knew. It’s so weird. And then I came back,
and I saw when we finally were able to get back
on social media– Oh, right, right, right. She had posted like a photo
of her like a missing person. And like, Mom. I was like, is that joke? I thought it was a joke. And then a [BLEEP] milk carton
came out, and I was like, what? [INTERPOSING VOICES] She never let on,
like, she never referenced any of that
at all during the show. Did she just talk
about her family as if it was a normal thing? Yeah. I thought her
family was on board. So do you think that her and
Arie had a good connection? Legitimate or was– Well, God, I didn’t know
until like watching it back? I’m like, the soundtrack
to their kisses. Oh, man. Oh, I know. He’s a moaner. I’m just like, wow. Everyone says that
he has pillowy lips. Yeah. Does he? And what does that mean? What does it mean? No. Like I– I mean,
he’s a good kisser, but honestly, I think
I’m a better kiss. Well, you said you were
talking to Kendall. Yeah, tell us about that. Yeah, tell us about that. Yeah, so talk about
Kendall, because you were the infamous two on one. Wait, did you see that episode? No. You didn’t see that episode? You haven’t watched
that episode yet? Mmm-mm. I’ve got another question. I love it. Because he had you guys
there, and he goes, but, I’m not ready to make
that decision just yet. What happened in that timeline? What happened? So I went back and took a nap. No, you did not. I was just like,
I’m so over this. I almost didn’t even go. I was just like– I’m done. I’m done. My back. Like, I’m so over this. This is so good. [INTERPOSING VOICES] You had a few moments where you
were like I’m done, I’m out. [INTERPOSING VOICES] It was my birthday
the day before. How did you celebrate? So I had gone out. So I went out in Paris. And my birthday. And so I get home, and I
had really been enjoying it. You were hung over. She was hung over. I was hung over. That’s amazing. Like, I just need acetaminophen
because I can’t do ibuprofen. And they had nothing for me. Like that whole day was
so long and drawn out. And you were so hung over. I have two questions. One, who are you
calling as the winner. Two, who are you
calling as bachelorette? So I’m going to
say that Lauren B– Is going to win? [SNORES] I know, but they connected. They connected on that date. So here’s the deal. Arie has a thing for
like young blondes. You know, that’s his type. Lauren for the win. And who is next bachelorette? And you know, I would say
between Bekah K and Kendall. I didn’t think Kendall. I really wasn’t
considering Kendall until– Really? Until our two-on-one. You’d go to paradise, right? Yeah. What’s the next
chapter of this book? We don’t know. We can’t tell. Oh, my God. Would you be interested? You’re already in. She’s already in. Hang on. Oh, OK. You almost heard it here first. You almost heard it. Blink twice if like the beach. Oh. OK. That’s not 100%. She just likes the beach. That doesn’t necessarily
mean she’s going to be there. I love the beach. But if you were to
go to paradise– this is so up in the air. But if you were, who would
you, in Bachelor Nation, hope was there? It would have to be
someone who was definitely works for themselves. OK. Entrepreneurial. Well, that’s Peter. Definitely health and fitness. That’s Peter. I think we are really
narrowing it down here. That’s also– It has to be dog
person, because my dog– That’s Peter. Krystal, I have to ask,
what is next for you? Right now, I just– I really love
pouring in to people, is really what makes me happy. What we couldn’t show
is I actually going in and teach with an organization
called Yoga for Homeless. Interesting. And so, I teach yoga
to homeless children in a women and children’s
emergency shelter. Using this platform now
that I have with Bachelor, even as like, the villain, just
to shed light on homelessness. Like with my little brother. Getting him off the streets. Getting him in treatment. Which he is officially,
as of like a week ago, off the streets. [APPLAUSE] Oh my god. That’s amazing. Good job. Yay. Thank you so much. Oh, my god. I love that. Krystal is the best. Yeah, thank you, Krystal. Yeah, Krystal. Krystal, everybody. Krystal. Thank you, guys. She’s the best. And go donate to
whatever it is that she wants because I love her. Glitter. Krystal. Whoo. Glitter. Glitter.

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